Thursday, December 6, 2018

A proper adventure and a proper lunch.

Hello Blog Pals,
Happy December.  This blog is a tad late as this adventure was in October.  The day looks great.  Lots of fall colors and you can even see something in the background.  What is it?

The trail is looking good.  Many trees and the sun decided to show itself as well. 
Ah, the mighty Columbia River.  If I followed this upstream I would end up in Canada.  
Should I rent a boat and head up there?  I wonder if there is a Timmy's at the mouth of the Columbia? 
Such decisions.  Best I sit and think about it for a while. 
Sorry Sandy.  No impromptu trip to Canada for me.  Instead I decided on some lunch.
Fish and Chips sound good.  Sigh, waiting in line at the Food Cart Fish and Chips stand is not this foxes favorite thing to do.  My roommates gave me a bit of dog treat to tie me over till it was our turn to order.

Ah, this is better.  A proper meal.  What?  This was meant to share?  I thought it was all for me. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Little Fox, waterfall hunter

It is I, Little Fox, waterfall hunter.  I am at the Jones Creek Day Use Area waiting for my roommates to get ready for a hike.  We are supposed to see two waterfalls today.  Extra bonus:  This waterfall area is near a cheese factory and an ice cream shop.  Keeping paws crossed that there will be time to stop.
The river looks great this September day.  September you say?  Well, ugh, my roommate is a little behind on the blogs. 
Enough chit chat.  I am hiking the Wilson River Trail today to see the waterfalls. 
The sun reflecting in the woods and on the river made everything look pretty. 
I found a stuffy size waterfall.  It's called "Wilson Falls" and it is pretty high up but some storm damage has altered the course of the waterfall.  This one is just my size though.

My hiking companion Sequoia is hinting that we should stop taking pictures and keep hiking.  
I found another waterfall.  Bridge Creek Falls is pretty amazing. 
Success!  Now, let's celebrate with lunch.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

When can we break into this pie?

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the United States and to my friends abroad Happy Thursday.

Your pals:
Little Bear, Big Bear, Little Fox, Reindeer, Kermit the Frog, Wolfy, Lighting, and Drunk Fox.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pup creek falls

After all of that great food from the recipe contest this fox needs to do some hiking to stay in shape.  This trail looks cool.  It's the Clackamas River Trail  and I am going to pup falls.  Sounds  perfect.  Do you think I can navigate with a map and compass using this map?
The river looks great today.  Salmon spawn in this river as well.  
I hope you can hear the river.  It was beary peaceful. 
Along the trail there were lots of little streams.  This one had a nice perch for me to relax and have a snack.  What was my snack you asked?  String cheese.  I did share some with my hiking companion Sequoia.  He gobbled his down beary fast. 
Ooh, signage.  Yes, I am getting close. 
Not a bad waterfall.  Lots of tiers to the falls and good waterflow.  A good picture. 
A much better picture. 
Now, the big question. When is lunch?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cooking Contest, final entry. B. Mouse

Hello Blog Pals ~
It's Little Fox reporting with a special guest on our final recipe from our April recipe contest.  Good help is VERY hard to find.

This recipe comes to me from across the pond as they say.  Beanie and crew sent a very nice recipe for a homemade soup.

Step 1: Chop onions.  This knife is a little big for me.  I hope I can get some help.
Humans to the rescue:  My roommates helped me chop the onions.  Not to bad either.  The smell of fresh chopped onion s brought out my new pal Wolfy.  He heard this recipe is vegetarian friendly and being one of the few vegetarian wolf's around he was up for a tasting.

Wolfy helped with the carrot and celery too.  
Next step:  Add broth, tomatoes, and let everything simmer for about 40 minutes. 
Sequoia is ready for some soup too.  Sadly, it has onions and garlic which aren't good for dogs.  
When finished, ladle soup into bowls and storage containers.  Beanie says serve with some crunchy bread and cheese.  That mouse knows his food.
Thanks for the recipe Beanie.  We all enjoyed the soup.  Readers keep tuned for the recipe contest awards. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fox Mail

My posting is a little off.  I actually received this card from Jerry and Ben in August.  Yes, I know it's November but as we can all attest too finding good sekrebeary help is hard to find.

Jerry and Ben are enjoying some walley, honey, and donuts.  What more can you ask for?

Thanks for the card guys.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A few treats for Jerry and Ben

Hello Blog Pals,
Little Fox here.  I was thinking about my friend Jerry and how he offers to taste everything yet nothing ever gets sent his way (or stuff does get sent his way and he scarfs it down before he can post about it).  
I thought he might like from brownies.  I know that chef Ben probably makes all sorts of treats for Jerry but I hope this boxed mix is acceptable for Jerry.
My roommates did the heavy lifting and mixed the brownies (and prepped the pan) while I worked on the post.  Now, the hardest part.....waiting for the brownies to be done.

 I always stick a knife in the brownies to see if it comes out clean.  Yep, looks good to me.
Tom Petty said "The waiting is the hardest part".  He was so right.  Just waiting for them to cool so I can have one.....umm I mean so I can pack them up for Jerry.
My packing material is ready. Just need to fill it with brownies. 
Hmm, these brownies didn't come out as clean as I wanted them but I am sending them off anyway.  I hope Jerry (and Ben) enjoy them.