Thursday, April 19, 2018

Out and about with Little Fox

Hello Blog Friends.
It is I, Little Fox here today excited to share with you a recent adventure.

This is going to blow some of your minds but I am in the woods getting ready for a hike.  Today, I am in the Applegate Valley (this is Applegate Lake in the background) waiting for my roommates to lace up their boots for a hike.
It's Spring and the lake is a little dry.  There was some snow recently but nothing major.  I hope the valley that relies on this lake has enough water.  This is forest fire country down here so this lake is a pretty important water source.
The woods are beary nice right now.  The trail is dry, the trees are in good shape and there is a ton of There are a lot of Manzanita trees  in this part of the state.  They are a red bark tree that almost seems as if it sheds it bark.
After sufficient rest and relaxation I was off on another hike. This one was on an old Bureau of Land Management (BLM) road.  This trail was called Enchanted Forest - sounds perfect for me. 
Some sort of flowering bush (I am no botanist, I'm an archeologist). 
An amazing meadow.  It was only a mile or so into the hike, too bad it would be perfect for lunch. 
A side hike in the enchanted forest was to a memorial.  The memorial is for a helicopter crew who crashed near here in the 90s.  I could not find any info about the pilots.  Were they loggers scouting land? Firefighters? Tourists?  The mystery remains. 
Along the way I came across an old truck.  This is farm and ranch country so there were lots of old machinery in the area. 
Sequoia says "hi"
Whew, made it to the viewpoint on the Enchanted Forest Trail.  Any further on the trail is private property so I am going to enjoy my PB&J sandwich at this viewpoint. 
Now, my roommates hinted that we are also in wine country. Maybe I can convince them to take me to a vineyard??????

Monday, April 16, 2018

Recipe Contest in progress.....still accepting recipe submissions!!!!!!

Hi Blog Pals,
Thank you for the recipe submissions for my recipe contest.  I have enjoyed all the meals I have made. 

If there are still stuffies out there who want to submit a recipe you still have time.  The contest is over April 25th.

 Feel free to post your recipes in the comments or send them via email at

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

McMenamins Tacoma Elk's Club Tripster Party 2018

This line is long....I wonder what they (my roommates) are thinking.  They have wrist bands (I don't) and everyone in line is gitty with excitement.  All I can see if this vacant lot and wonder what is going on.
*Cue dramatic music, the line is moving* Hmm, this is going to be interesting. My roommates showed their wristbands to the doorman and he let us into a construction zone.  Huh.

My roommates informed me it was the Tacoma Elks lodge.  Built between 1915 and 1916 it is a beaux arts style building that the city of Tacoma had to sue the Elks to sell to them because it was in disrepair.  The city won the lawsuit, bought the building from the Elks,  then sold the building to a developer in Portland.  This building was built into the hillside and offers some amazing views of the waterways and Mt. Rainier. 

Right now I am at the top of the building, the 6th floor balcony looking down at the 6th floor. Man, I wish I had a hardhat. 
6th floor proper:  I was never one to follow rules. 
Looking up, the millwork and molding is in pretty good shape.  
Lots of areas with these makeshift fences.  Apparently, while the building was vacant and falling apart local graffiti artists went inside to practice their craft. 
More graffiti.  There is supposed to be a band playing on this stage soon. 
Quite a turnout.
So, the party I attended was called the Cosmic Tripster party. As a reward for visiting all of these Mcmenmains restaurants in the Northwest you got to go to the tripster party.  It was quite a party as you can see. 

 They had free wine, beer, mixed drinks, games, music, and lunch.  Being that this building wasn't quite ready for full food service they brought in food carts.  I decided to get the burger but they had a couple different choices. 

 Lots of places to play hide and seek. 
 All the construction equipment was roped off and most of the windows were boarded up.  I wonder if they need a stuffie supervisor up here? 

It was an exciting day - the weather was great, a behind the scenes party and lots of good food and drink.  When is the next party? 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A spring day with a twist. Part 1.

What a beautiful day.   No, I am not in Sienna Italy (although that would be cool) but I am in an equally cool place, Tacoma, Washington!
This is the old city hall bell tower.  If you look hard you can see a bald eagle hanging out on top.  Back in the day this was hub of activity in Tacoma.  Now, there are lots of cool bars, restaurants, and shops in the area. 
A nice springtime tree. Is this a cherry tree? 
 A nice park along the waterway. 
Mt. Rainier in the background. 
Well, that was a nice trip to Tacoma.  A little odd for my roommates to take me up here for a quick visit. My roommates wanted to take me one more place.  There was a big line of people already in line and I have to admit the view reminds me of one of Sandy's back alley deals. 
What have they gotten me into?????

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lfox, citizen archeologist part 2

Another beautiful day at the beach.   I had to give up my mission of digging for archeological treasures near the pink flags I was searching for last time.  Instead I took a walk on the beach with Sequoia and did some exploring.
Sequoia loves the beach!  He comes from Baja California and I assume he spent lots of time on the beach as a stray before coming up north. 
As I explored the beach with Sequoia I noticed something different this time. 
I kept finding these painted rocks.  As an archeologist I had to explore more.
What an odd place for a painted rock. I best ponder what these rocks symbolize.
Here's another one.  As  you can see Sequoia is less than thrilled to learn about the painted rocks.  Interesting that this ancient painted rock is situated on a water fountain.  
Another one on the bench.  How did these stand the test of time?
So many questions about the painted rocks - off to my study at home to conduct further research.
Little Fox, citizen archaeologist signing out. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Help! AKA a recipe contest for Stuffies

Hello Friends!
Little Fox here.   I am in a quandary. Please help!!!!!

My new friends Wolfy and Red are coming over and I have no idea what to serve them.  Red and Wolfy are new to the house and I want to be hospitable to them.  I asked around and Drunk Fox was no help.  He suggested making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I think I will pass on that.
Little Bear suggested serving hot chocolate.  I think I need something more complex than hot chocolate.

My first guest is Wolfy.  Being a wolf he eats ANYTHING.   Wolfy spent most of his life exploring his two passions.  Wandering the woods of Oregon with his pack and working for the WWF (not the wrestling organization from the 80s and 90s) but the World Wildlife Foundation.   He has decided to slow down and heard that he could retire at my roommates place and he is excited to start this new chapter in his life.
My other friend is named Red and Red is a Black Rabbit.  He is one of the few meat eating rabbits I know.  

Red is from a winery in Oregon and has his own wine (it's called Black Rabbit Red).
Besides a winery at McMenamins Edgefield they also have a fancy restaurant there called Black Rabbit.   It has two $$ on yelp so it’s fancy and expensive,
I think I need to step up my game in the kitchen if Red is coming over.

Little Bear and Drunk Fox really want this dinner to be successful so they have offered prizes and told me to make it a contest.  So, what are the rules?  Well, there are no rules (except one recipe per stuffy).   The last contest my roommates were cooking for months (but were well fed).

Argh!  I need some help.  Stuffy friends can you send me your favorite recipe my way for my dinner.  

Thanks for submitting a recipe.  Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for your recipe cooked by me for my friends Wolfy and Red (OK, Little Bear and Drunk Fox will be joining us as well).  

Oh, by the way there is an extra prize category if any stuffy can find a decent recipe that involves the Diet Hot Chocolate that Little Bear brought with hm.

The last day for submission is April 25 .  Feel free to post the recipes in the comments or send them to me at

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mail Call

Us little animals (plus Reindeer and Sequoia) were hanging out for a couple of hours.  We were discussing all of the important things related to animals like snacks, toys, chores for the humans etc.
Sequoia decided to head off to his spot on the carpet for a well deserved rest.  Reindeer thought this would be a good time to share some of the mail we received.  Kudos to the post office for they delivered all of this mail on time and whatever the opposite of kudos is to my roommates for not blogging about in a timely manner.
Enough blame, let's see what I got.  Reindeer suggests I open this card first.  The return address says Jerry and Ben but I don't see their signature drawing of two bears waving.  Could this be an inposter?
I don't think so. I opened the card and it was a nice valentines day greeting from my friends in the Midwest.  Stay warm you two. 
Lightning the sea otter suggested we open a card from Droopy and gang.  Surprise!  It was a birthday card.  Thanks Droopy.  Lightning likes the homemade touch of the card, beary creative.  Speaking of birthdays Sandy sent a nice message on my birthday too. Thanks Droopy and Sandy.
Let me get a better look at that card. 
Speaking of Droopy, did you know it's the year of the dog? It only happens once every 12 years (thanks for sharing that in your blog a few weeks ago Droopy).  Red is a lucky color and I can't wait to see what is in our red envelope this year.  Perhaps it's a plane ticker on Canadian Goose Airlines to visit Droopy?  Could it be cash?    
Awesome, it's a starbucks gift card.  I am very excited to take my friends out to starbucks courtesy of Droopy and Gang.  Thanks guys!!!!!
There was one more valentines day card from Nana up in Washington.  Oh look, it's a handmade card too.  That's beary cool.
Thank you everyone for the awesome cards.  Getting mail is high on my list.  Speaking of that I should probably send a few letters out too.