Thursday, March 14, 2019

West coast beach

Hello Blog Pals,
As my readers may know I decided to visit Florida to get away from the cold winter weather.  Any good trip to Florida includes a trip to the beach. I'm back from Florida and it's spring so I decided to explore a local beach.
I am at a Cannon Beach.  This area used to be called Elk Beach but in 1922  a cannon washed ashore from the USS Shark and locals began calling it Cannon Beach and apparently the name stuck. 
If you ever saw the movie called "The Goonies" you might have seen this scene.  This is Haystack Rock.  In the movie it was where the kids were rescued.  It's a migrating bird habitat and a tide pool area so it's protected. 
The beach has all sorts of little rivers flowing from the hills to the ocean.

My favorite beach waterfall.  It's called Little Fox Falls.  I named it in honor of myself being that it has a nice little bench and viewing area for me.
As you can see it's quite an elaborate waterfall. 

Time to head back home.  The sun is setting and this fox needs dinner!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Happy Birthday Little Fox

Hello Blog Pals,
Happy Birthday to me!  Today is January 19th my birthday.  Yipee.  What do my roommates have planned? 

First, we went to the airport.  You can see there are lots of layovers scheduled here today at Canadian Geese Airways.  We went to the parcel shipping department and retrieved my gift.
Once we got home I opened my gift up.  What is it you ask?  Fresh cooked chicken.  Ahh, they know what I like.  Thanks roommates.  
My roommates hinted that there was a special dinner too.I chopped some of my chicken up and my roommates got some pizza crusts, cheese, and sauce.  Looks like I am getting homemade pizza for my birthday dinner.  Do I have to share?  
Now that the pizzas are cooked just waiting for them to cool.  
Actually there were three pizzas all for me.  Now, who is going to cut them into manageable fox sized slices? 
Of course no birthday would be complete without a mail call. 
First up is a card from Ajdin, Parker, Ms. Feathers, Ooogie, and Uncle Tibbs.  
Droopy and his pals sent a nice card (homemade?).  
No hiking this birthday but it was a great one none-the-less.  Thanks for the cards and wishes. 

Finally, a card from Sandy.  He mentioned I should have a chicken dinner for my birthday and then a Canadian holiday.  Sounds like a plan for me. 

A certain mouse who lives in England might recognize this postcard.  It's an amazing postcard of a cool watercolor (I think)  that Beanie's human did of Paris.   My pal Wolfy is getting into art so he wanted to be part of this post as well.

Thank you everyone for the great cards.  I really appreciate it.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

LL Stub Stewart Hike

Hello Blog Pals,
What a nice day for a hike.  It's I, Little Fox and my hiking companion Sequoia waiting for my roommate to get things set up for our hike.  It's a nice day (cold) but sunny and you can see I am soaking up lots of vitamin D. 

I am at LL Stub Stewart State Park.  LL was a lumber company owner (he was the shortest person in his high school and college classes hence the nickname "stub"). and a representative to Oregon's legislature and volunteered on the Oregon State Parks board for over 40 years.   
I wonder if LL Stub Stewart was ever confused with another famous LL?  LL Cool J. 
Enough talk.  Sequoia is ready to go. 
This sign could offer more detail.  It just says "Trail".  
Looks like I am heading to a place called "Unfit Settlement" I wonder why it's unfit?
Well, this is it. Unfit Settlement certainly seems unfit for this fox.  There wasn't much online about who claimed it as a settlement, why they felt it was unfit, and what was it unfit for? 
A nice little view of the coast range from unfit settlement. 
Ah, back on the trail and to my final destination.....lunch. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019's cold in Florida.

Who gets cold in Florida?  No one I know except for little stuffies that make a conscious choice to visit an Ice exhibit. 
The exhibit is at the Gaylord Palms hotel, a fancy (i.e. expensive) place to stay in Orlando.  They do an ice sculpture show every year.  This years theme is based on the movie called "A Christmas Story".

This is the family car (all out of ice).
Massive bears out of ice. 
A nice Christmas village.  Yep, all out of ice. 
Ice dogs. 
This is a very popular attraction for stuffies.  Look at all of these friends I met.  I wonder if they have blogs too?
Time to go out of the ice into the warmer parts of the hotel.  This looks like a nice area. 
This stature is a fountain.  A fox could really reflect and relax here. 
Looks like other stuffies come here too. 
Besides the relaxing area and the ice sculpture they also have a Christmas tree trail. 
Found one:
Here's another.
Found the big tree!  Now it's time to relax. Perhaps this fancy hotel has an ice cream shop?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

A familiar friend?

On my trip around Florida I think I saw Ooogie.
Ooogie, were you hanging out at SeaWorld anytime recently?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tour: Local History at the Manatee Country Historical Park

Hi Gang.  Little Fox here.  I have woken up from my Christmas sugar coma and today I am off on an adventure.  I am at a local history center which is a hodgepodge of local history.

  First up is the Cracker Trail.  The Cracker Trail is named after the sound of the whip that cowboys used to move cattle.  Apparently, Florida supplied lots of cattle back in the day and often cowboys needed to move the cattle from inland to the ports on the gulf coast. 
Next, is a locomotive engine that was used for the Manatee Crate Company.  Florida grows lots of citrus and in the 1900s the Manatee Crate made crates for the citrus growers to transport their fruits to the world.  Old #2 (the name of this engine) was in service for the Manatee Crate Company from about 1900-1950. Now it's retired at the Manatee County Historical Park.

Next up:  The old boarding house. The five flags represent the five countries that have been flown under Florida.  Spain, Great Britain, France, The Confederacy, and the United States.   
Throughout the park the Chick-Fil A mascot is hiding.  Similar to a scavenger hunt but you don't get a free piece of chicken at the end, just the satisfaction of knowing you found all of the cows.
Do you see the cow in the blacksmith shop? 
What about now?  Do you see the cow on the old piano?
This is a great picture (I think).
Time to explore the old courthouse. 
A cow is on the jury? 
The courthouse is in great shape.  I like the old wood.  Very rustic. 
Next stop:  The old house.  These homes are called Cracker Homes as they are essentially built on a raised foundation for airflow in the summer.  They also have 3 sided porches to keep residents cool during the summer.  This is the kitchen.  It is in really good shape and I bet I could cook up a good meal for my humans. 
A well stocked pantry.  
My roommates told me I am not allowed to use the pioneer kitchen....their loss.  Perhaps we can stop by a chick fil a on the way home?