Friday, November 17, 2017

Journey of a Little Fox part 2

"Not all who wander are lost" ~ Tolkien (and many bumper stickers).

Day two of my journey involves a trip to historic Timberline Lodge.  Timberline is a mountain lodge that was constructed from 1936 to 1938 as part of the works progress administration. Skilled laborers who worked on the project earned $0.90 and hour and unskilled labor earned $0.55 an hour.  How much did supervisory stuffies earn?

Stuffies are pretty smart animals, many of the rugs, draperies, bedspreads, and other linens were actually made from old strips of Civilian Conservation Corps blankets.  If a stuffie was around during that time who knows what could have happened.

Besides recycling blankets they also re purposed cedar poles, used timber from the forest, and the foundation was but from rocks quarried off the mountain.

It was dedicated in September by President F. D. Roosevelt and he and Mrs. Roosevelt enjoyed a lunch of fresh salmon and huckleberry pie.  Those presidents really knew how to live it up.
Here I am hanging out at the same spot as FDR.  Now, he did a lot for us in Oregon and around the USA during the depression (lots of campgrounds, hiking trails, and roads to travel, yeah) but I am more of a Hoover fan.  Any president that promised a chicken in every pot gets my vote.
 Enjoying the same view that FDR had way back in the day.  My lunch DID NOT consist of salmon and huckleberry pie, instead it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 
Let's go inside. 
Always a good sign when you are greeted by Smokey the Bear. 
The ironwork is pretty amazing. Makes sense that you would have a fancy fireplace in a mountain lodge. 
Nice view from the inside looking out.  Mt. Hood decided to show itself today. 
They have all of these comfy Adirondack (Muskoka in Canada as I learned from Sandy) out in the back for relaxing.  Now, how do I summon a waiter for a drink?
I need to talk to Sandy about getting a chair that is my size.  

Walking around the lodge is almost as exciting as walking in it.  The lodge is dramatic from the front.  Now, we just need to move all of these cars out of my picture. 

Back inside.  I found the pool.  I am not a historian but I guess the pool wasn't there when Roosevelt dedicated the lodge. 
I recognize some of those flags.  Let's see, Canada.  France (right Ben?).  US Forest Service.  United States of America.  Switzerland, and possibly Mexico in the background?
All of this adventuring is making me tired.  Luckily, the have some nice picnic tables outside.  The ski lift in the background ins't working since it's Summer but that mountain in the background looks like a cool place to hike.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Journey of a Little Fox.

"Sometimes you have to get lost before you find yourself." ~ Author Unknown.

My journey started out as a vision to take a tour of the Grand Lodges of the Northwest, then it expanded to California being that there are not that many Grand Lodges of the Northwest.  I  expanded my tour to include Fancy/Nice Hotels being that I could not find as many Grand Lodges as I wanted to.

My first stop was down the road (relatively speaking) at the Columbia Gorge Hotel. This place looks fancy.

Listed on teh National Register of Historic Places.  Seems right up my alley. 
For a region of the United States that built it's fortune around lumber products it's interesting that they made this place out of stucco.   
This place has everything!  Gardens, views.
 It's own bridge.
It even has it's own waterfall. 
Goodbye Columbia Gorge.  Next stop: Mt. Hood.
Along the way, a fox gets hungry.  I know of a bakery up on the mountain that has free samples of cookies (yes, free cookies), pie, and jams.  Perfect place for a fox to refuel.

I started heading up toward Mt. Hood.  Along the way I found a little lodge.  It has a nice view of Mt. Adams in the background.  
Apparently this lodge is open only in the winter.  Looks nice doesn't it?

Hmm, a closed gate.....I wonder what's on the other side?
Apparently there is a mountain lodge way back there from the 1800s that is still standing.  It's a 10 to 15 mile drive on a rutted, potholed dirt road and only open to guided tours that fill up fast and are only offered by lottery.  It looks like it's a pretty cool place
Whew, that's a lot of adventure for one day.  Now I just need to find a place to sleep, perhaps by that bakery with the free samples.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'm back.

Little Fox here and I am back home.  Drunk Fox did a great job but t's good to be back blogging.  

Some of you might remember that I left in July to find myself and on my soul searching journey I took some different modes of transportation than I am used to. 

I started with a plane ride in a propeller plane down to California.

Whose flying? 
Then I headed up to Washington State to travel by ferry. 
When you travel by ferry you often wait.
And Wait. 

After taking the ferry and eating a modest meal on the boat my money ran out.  Before I got off the ferry I talked to a deckhand to see if I could earn some extra money.  He said that if I unloaded the cars I could earn enough for bus fare to downtown Seattle.
"Hey pal, can I earn a few bucks?"
Turns out I am pretty efficient at unloading cars from a ferry.  Just proves my point, when you put a stuffy in charge you get stuff done. 
Now with some money back in my pocket I decided I need to take the bus to downtown Seattle.  At the docks I met a nefarious person and he said that he could book me on a freighter to Portland. 
I have a feeling I might be working on this boat.

The freighter I took was pretty good to me.  They dropped me off in Astoria, Oregon with a sack lunch, some money in my wallet and a voucher for a free piece of pie at the local restaurant.
There goes my boat.  Oh, off to the left if the restaurant with the free pie. 
Still not home yet. As luck would have it I found a small boat that could take me to Portland.  Now, in the boat business nothing happens for free so  I spoke to the captain and explained at how good of a supervisor I was and I was hired on the spot.  Now all I need to do is wait till we depart.  

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Prepping the house for LF's return.

Well, it's official.  Little Fox sent me a text (yes, he texts) and he is on his way back home. I am so excited that my friend is coming back.  The humans said that I better vacuum the carpet for Little Fox's arrival.  I don't know, this seems like a trick from the humans to get me to vacuum.
I have started to learn how to supervise better. See, I have decided to tell the humans they need to do chores like vacuuming and I will point out things to vacuum.  Aren't I helpful?
Humans, clean this up. 
I know what Little Fox would really like when he gets back.  That's right, fresh chocolate chip cookies.  I have all the ingredients: flour, chippos, butter, sugar and vanilla extract.
These cookies ought to cook up well. 
Ah, fresh cookies out of the oven.  It would be perfect if LF came home right now.  You know, fresh cookies, that freshly baked cookie smell, and a clean house. 
Now, I just need to supervise my humans to clean these dishes. 
Little Fox, were ready for you to come back.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

LF is alive and kicking

Hi Blog Pals,
I was checking up on LF's email today per his instructions.

Let's see, an email from  the Oregon Humane Society.  Looks like they are trying to end petlessness.  That seems like a good cause.  I will pay this bill.

An email from the ASPCA.  Well with such a cute cat on their website I better send them some money too (and it's only $.63 a day).
Something from the IRS.  I better forward that one onto LF's accountant.  Best to let a pro deal with the IRS.
An email from Starbucks.  Looks like a deal and since I have LF's credit card out I might as well visit Starbucks.

Oh, before I forget LF sent a video postcard.  I wonder what he is up to?

Seems like LF is getting a tad philosophical. I guess that's what happens when one finds oneself.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blog Lightning

Unnamed Sea Otter:  Hurry Drunk Fox, we need to get this post up ASAP.
Drunk Fox: I'm working as fast as my paws will let me.

Unnamed Sea Otter: We need to get this post up by today, September 30th.
Drunk Fox: I know, I know.
Unnamed Sea Otter: Today is Sea Otter Awareness Day.  You know, it's the capstone event of Sea Otter Awareness week.  Did you know that Sea Otters were hunted into near extinction for their furs from 1741 to  1911 when hunting our fur was banned.  The recovery of the sea otter is one of the most successful marine conservation efforts in the world.
Drunk Fox: Yes, yes, I know Otter.......I read Wikipedia too.

Unnamed Sea Otter:  Now, let's get down to business.  In honor of this day I have decided to tell the world my new name.
Drunk Fox: Um, OK.  Let me get Reindeer for this ceremonious event. 
Unnamed Sea Otter:  Yes, good idea.  Get ready for it.  Drumroll new name is Lightning the Sea Otter or Lightning for short.  Thank you for all of Little Fox's stuffy friends for helping me decide a name and I appreciate your suggestions.

Drunk Fox: Whew, good thing we announced your new name today on Sea Otter Day.
Lightning:  Thanks Drunk Fox.  You have been a great helper today.
Drunk Fox: Anytime Unnamed Sea Ott.....oh I mean Lightning.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Air Show Party

Hi Friends,
Drunk Fox here.  The airshow is in town and I live on the flightpath so my backyard has a front row seat.  I decided to throw a party together at the last minute.  Let's see what I have in the kitchen.  Uh, yes, Droopy be aware this post should have a Drool Alert posted.

What a great day for the air show.  The sun is out, the table is clear, what more could a fox ask for?
Sequoia wanted to come out.  He sniffed around then decided to rest.
Every good party has to have food.  Let's see what I have in my kitchen.  Ah yes, Peanut Butter and Jelly - that will do.
Hmm, I better get some chips too.  Just in case my stuffy friends want something else. 
I was reading a Martha Stewart blog earlier today about how to throw a good party and she said drinks are important at any party. 

Let's see: Coffee, Sparkling Cider, and Ginger Beer (don't worry gang, it's Non-Alcoholic). 

Little Bear and unnamed Otter are my first guests. Looks like Little Bear is going to double fist the coffee and ginger beer.  That's an odd combination.
Big Bear decided to show up.  Big Bear is taking flying lessons so he was beary interested in attending my party.
Perhaps a little pre-airshow entertainment.  The Martha Stewart Blog said to have some entertainment lined up.  I was able to book Kermit the Frog.  I hope that is acceptable. 
You know, it's odd.  I don't see Reindeer here and I was hoping that he would come. I know he wants me to be a better cook but I tell you I like my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.  I hope he comes to enjoy the party.
Ah yes, he made it!  Now we wait for the show to start. 
The Blue Angels didn't come this year but you have to admit they are pretty cool to watch.  Years ago the Canadian Snow Birds (the airplane group, not the Rver's coming to vacation) came to the show as well.

The F/A 18 did graze our cul-de-sac today as they were getting ready for their maneuvers at the air show.