Thursday, March 22, 2018

Help! AKA a recipe contest for Stuffies

Hello Friends!
Little Fox here.   I am in a quandary. Please help!!!!!

My new friends Wolfy and Red are coming over and I have no idea what to serve them.  Red and Wolfy are new to the house and I want to be hospitable to them.  I asked around and Drunk Fox was no help.  He suggested making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I think I will pass on that.
Little Bear suggested serving hot chocolate.  I think I need something more complex than hot chocolate.

My first guest is Wolfy.  Being a wolf he eats ANYTHING.   Wolfy spent most of his life exploring his two passions.  Wandering the woods of Oregon with his pack and working for the WWF (not the wrestling organization from the 80s and 90s) but the World Wildlife Foundation.   He has decided to slow down and heard that he could retire at my roommates place and he is excited to start this new chapter in his life.
My other friend is named Red and Red is a Black Rabbit.  He is one of the few meat eating rabbits I know.  

Red is from a winery in Oregon and has his own wine (it's called Black Rabbit Red).
Besides a winery at McMenamins Edgefield they also have a fancy restaurant there called Black Rabbit.   It has two $$ on yelp so it’s fancy and expensive,
I think I need to step up my game in the kitchen if Red is coming over.

Little Bear and Drunk Fox really want this dinner to be successful so they have offered prizes and told me to make it a contest.  So, what are the rules?  Well, there are no rules (except one recipe per stuffy).   The last contest my roommates were cooking for months (but were well fed).

Argh!  I need some help.  Stuffy friends can you send me your favorite recipe my way for my dinner.  

Thanks for submitting a recipe.  Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for your recipe cooked by me for my friends Wolfy and Red (OK, Little Bear and Drunk Fox will be joining us as well).  

Oh, by the way there is an extra prize category if any stuffy can find a decent recipe that involves the Diet Hot Chocolate that Little Bear brought with hm.

The last day for submission is April 25 .  Feel free to post the recipes in the comments or send them to me at

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mail Call

Us little animals (plus Reindeer and Sequoia) were hanging out for a couple of hours.  We were discussing all of the important things related to animals like snacks, toys, chores for the humans etc.
Sequoia decided to head off to his spot on the carpet for a well deserved rest.  Reindeer thought this would be a good time to share some of the mail we received.  Kudos to the post office for they delivered all of this mail on time and whatever the opposite of kudos is to my roommates for not blogging about in a timely manner.
Enough blame, let's see what I got.  Reindeer suggests I open this card first.  The return address says Jerry and Ben but I don't see their signature drawing of two bears waving.  Could this be an inposter?
I don't think so. I opened the card and it was a nice valentines day greeting from my friends in the Midwest.  Stay warm you two. 
Lightning the sea otter suggested we open a card from Droopy and gang.  Surprise!  It was a birthday card.  Thanks Droopy.  Lightning likes the homemade touch of the card, beary creative.  Speaking of birthdays Sandy sent a nice message on my birthday too. Thanks Droopy and Sandy.
Let me get a better look at that card. 
Speaking of Droopy, did you know it's the year of the dog? It only happens once every 12 years (thanks for sharing that in your blog a few weeks ago Droopy).  Red is a lucky color and I can't wait to see what is in our red envelope this year.  Perhaps it's a plane ticker on Canadian Goose Airlines to visit Droopy?  Could it be cash?    
Awesome, it's a starbucks gift card.  I am very excited to take my friends out to starbucks courtesy of Droopy and Gang.  Thanks guys!!!!!
There was one more valentines day card from Nana up in Washington.  Oh look, it's a handmade card too.  That's beary cool.
Thank you everyone for the awesome cards.  Getting mail is high on my list.  Speaking of that I should probably send a few letters out too. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Little Fox Archeologist

Hello Gang, it is I, Little Fox Archeologist here.  I got a message from the museum to look for a buried treasure near a pink flag on the Oregon Coast.  No other clues.  I will see what I can do.

All good archeology adventures start with a hike.  My question is which way do you think I should go?  I don't have much to work on except for the pink flag clues.
Unfortunately, this sign has no information on it.  I guess I will go right. 
These little yellow flowers are a good sign.  I am not sure what they are but it's a signal that Spring is near. 
I have a nice view of Lincoln City and Devils Lake.  No pink flags yet so I guess I should continue.
The trail is in great condition.
There are a couple of meadows but no pink flags. 
I found one.  Yes!  You have to look hard.
Shoot, another one.  This could be trickier than I thought. 
I found a total of 8 pink flags.  I wonder if should do some more research before I bring a crew in here to dig. 

Well, the weather is great today so let's continue the hike.  This area is the salmon river, yes salmon river.  I wonder how to get there?
I need a break.  This place looks good for lunch. 
So much to explore. 
The area on top of the hill is called God's Thumb.  That is the destination. 
It's steep on God's Thumb.
Time to head back home.  
Let's recap: I found 8 pink flags and have a good idea of where the treasure might be.  We'll have to explore this area further before I report back to the museum staff. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Little Fox visits the Olympic Club.

Little Fox here:  I am hanging out in a railway hotel called the Olympic Club.  It's in Centralia Washington and I am patiently waiting for my roommates to finish talking to the clerk so we can start the scavenger hunt. 
King of Bootleggers? This could be interesting, I wish Drunk Fox was here he might know who the king of the bootleggers was. 
The hotel is where the scavenger hunt took place.  The first room I saw was Roy Gardener's.  He was  considered the Last American Outlaw.  During the 1920s and throughout his robbed and took over $350,000 and escaped federal custody numerous times.  Roy ended up in Centralia when he escaped a train near Centralia by having an associate hide a gun in the bathroom.  He went to the bathroom, got the gun and told the marshals guarding him to unlock him and then he hopped onto another train.  To hide his identity he bandaged his face and told anyone who asked that he was burned in an industrial accident in Tacoma.  Roy's plan didn't work, he got another 25 years.  Eventually Roy spent time in Alcatraz.
An employment agency and card room?  Interesting combination. 
While looking for the scavenger hunt picture I did find an old menu.  Fried salmon is only $.45.  I wonder if they will honor the price now?
This looks promising. 

I see a royal flush and the guy in the king's picture is the famous local bootlegger (and one time owner of the Olympic Club) Jack Scuitto.

Now that I found the scavenger hunt photo my roommates decided to treat me to a game of pool.  I am hoping they are going to help me shoot the balls around.
It was time to head home.  As I walked by the historic Fox theater I saw this marquee that seemed perfect for me.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A day at at the beach.

Sometimes Winter plays mean tricks on you like keeping the temperature below freezing and adding a wind chill.  Brr.  Sometimes Winter is beary nice to you and for some odd reason the weather gets up in the 50s on a weekend.
My goal is to get to this beach.
Before I begin my journey I decided to wander around the parking lot.  The weather was amazing and some great views from the parking lot.
The sound of the beach.  Such a calming sound for a little fox.  
Enough chit chat, let's get hiking. The trail is  muddy.    
There are some good resting stops along the route. 
Ah, I am getting closer. 
The rocks in the ocean are really cool. 
Getting closer.
I made it to the beach! Yes!!!!
My roommates said that the waterfall was our lunch spot. Looks like a great spot. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Jerry, I don't know how many times I need to tell you but PLEASE keep your snow in your state.
Your Friend, Little Fox

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Head West my friend

The Olympic Peninsula is a great place.  One of the things that's cool about the Peninsula is that you can drive to the westernmost part of the continental United States.  Sounds like an adventure for a little fox. 

Ah, to get to the westernmost point you must take a trail to Cape Flattery.  I'm in. 
What nice weather. 
Boardwalks are always helpful.  They help keep fur clean. 
I am getting close.  They had lots of viewpoints along the way. 
Do you recognize those mountains Sandy?  It's Canada!
More secret coves. 
The view at the cape is amazing.
 Looks like there is an island out there with a lighthouse.  I wonder if they offer tours?
Lunch with a view. 
Now that I am refueled I think there might be more areas to explore on the peninsula.  Lake Crescent Lodge (on Lake Crescent) is a cool looking place.  They have all sorts of rooms, cabins, and places to hang out. 
Wow, this lake is really cool. 
Sequoia loves playing in the water. 
What a day.  I think it's time for this fox to relax.  Who wants a drink?