Monday, July 25, 2016

This could be interesting....

Hello Blog Pals ~
I have to admit it's kind-of hot this week and I have been enjoying relaxing with Sequoia on the tile (the coolest place in the house). I hope you are staying cool as well.

As you can probably tell I was minding my own business while hanging out with the dog.  All of a sudden a letter "presented" itself to me.  I have never received mail in quite this mysterious manner. 

This letter is a tad mysterious.  No stamp, no return address and the only thing in the envelope I see are the words "Little Fox".  

I took the letter to my desk to examine it further and make sure I didn't get rid of any clues. 
 Gil Grisham from CSI would always say, "preserve the evidence" which is what I am attempting to do.
It seems that there is some sort of writing on the message in the letter.  It seems to be in Spanish.  Let's see: Oceano Pacifico, Playa, Avenue "U" and the word tesoro.  I know that playa means beach, oceano pacifico is probably pacific ocean, and courtesy of Google tesoro means treasure.  
Oh my goodness, a treasure map!!!!!!  I wonder what the treasure is?   Could it be gold?  Silver?  Starbucks gift cards?  I need to wrangle my trusty sidekick Sequoia to go with me on this treasure hunt.  Dare, I say might there be another episode of Little Fox, Archaeologist coming up soon?????
**Note** if any stuffy friends might know where I can start searching for treasure or have any hints please share.
Thanks ~
Little Fox, Archeaologist

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Ever Episode of "Little Fox, Archaeologist"

Hello Blog Pals ~ I have dabbled in the exciting world of Archaeology in the past but today I decided to make it official.  Ajdin has his astrobear dream, Droopy has taken on crime fighting, Jerry is into gardening (or so I hear), Ben has his cooking, Sandy is interested in solving mysteries, and Beanie is into art.

For my first exploration I will need to collect my supplies.  Let's see, I will need someone to do holes for me.  I know, I will enlist Sequoia to do that but he is at Day Camp today so it's just me. Besides someone to dig holes I will need supplies to mark what I find.  I know I will use the flag Ajdin made for me a while back.
This should work. 
My first area to excavate today is an exotic locate known for it's riches.
The jungle is dense here, isn't it?

It's a long hike to the excavation site.  Man, the jungle is thick. 

It's warm today.  I think I need to get some more supplies for my new career.  I will need a good water bottle, an Indiana Jones style hat, and a satchel to carry my finds. 
I wish I could find something.  Oh, wait....
Do you see my find?  Looks like some sort of ancient money.  No....wait....upon further exploration it looks like modern day money from the Czech Republic.  
A-ha!  I know where the money came from....MY ROOMMATES......they took a trip without me! *****Gast*****  This is beary UNACCEPTABLE!  

Let's recap today:  
1) As an archaeologist I found a rare coin  
2) My roommates took a  trip w/o me (I am not even going to do an evaluation this year - they automatically failed and will not be getting their raise).  
3) Sequoia gets to go to camp and I have to stay at home
4) I need to get an Archaeology outfit.  An Indiana Jones hat, an Indiana Jones style satchel, and a water bottle (if Indiana Jones carried a water bottle I want one like that).  

Time for me to go shopping, now let me try and find my roommates credit card.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bears, Bears, Bears....and a game of find Little Fox

After a relaxing day hanging out in the National Scenic Area I decided to wander around town.  Oh my, I could not believe how many bears live in this town - they are out their winter hibernation location (Bear Hotel) and on the streets.  Hopefully they are not causing trouble or bothering others.  Let's see.

Do you see me?  I love these bears - I bet they are going on a hike. 
Sequoia is a little skeptical of this adventure.  He is not really sure what's going on. 

 Do you see me?
I better try a little harder at hiding.  Do you see me now?
That's right, this upcoming bear is named Barry Potter.  Can you spot me? 
These two bears lucked out in a prime location by a coffee shop.  Do you think the employees bring these bears hot chocolate on cold mornings?  Do you see me?

Meet Bar Back Bear

Say hello to the Ringmaster Bear.

I call this bear "Ben"

I call this one "Jerry"
Being in the Northwest we need to celebrate our logging heritage. Can you spot me?
Front row seat. 
Do you think this rafting company does tours for Stuffies?  Ajdin, maybe you can arrange a tour for all of us?
Can anyone say dinner?  Ok, I have to admit I did a better job of hiding in this statue.  Can you see me?

A much needed break.  This bear knows how to relax. 
Ok, so might have noticed a theme in this post.  Pictures of bears and me.  Now, if you can find me in this last picture - send me an email with the location and if you are the lucky winner of my random drawing a prize is on your way. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Big Bear and I were sitting around talking about how we should celebrate Independence Day.  We missed Canadian Independence Day and we are early for Bastille Day.  Big Bear suggested putting out the flag for our countries Independence Day.  
I dug the flag bracket out of the garage and inspected it. It looks like it's in great shape.  In fact the screws are still in the plastic.  Of course you need a flag to attach.  Let's see if I can find that. 
The first part of the project went smoothly.  Now, I realize the downfall of being a smaller sized fox.  Big Bear is helpful but I think I need a bigger bear than him to help with the heavy lifting and placement of the flag.  I know, I will text Uncle Tibbs and see if he can come over and lend a paw.  

In the meantime; Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Garden tour

Hello Blog Pals,
Happy Canada Day Sandy!  Have a Tim's Bits for me.
The day before Canada Day I decided to take Sequoia out for a small hike.  We hiked up to this nice house in town.  Apparently, the previous owner made a lot of money in newspapers back in the day when people read newspapers.  The mansion is a museum now but it was occupied until about 1958 when it was vacant for about 8 years until the city stepped in and bought it for about $220K.  

I wonder if there are any cookies in the kitchen?
Since I am hiking with Sequoia we can't go inside the mansion (ugh, it's not dog friendly) but the grounds are.  As you can see Sequoia is trying to be on his best behavior - perhaps he thinks he might get a treat from the gardening staff if he behaves well in front of them.
The flowers planted onsite are blooming - they look great. 
Jerry what kind of plants are these?

I am not sure what kind of plants these are but they look really good right now. 
My favorite plant is this spikey one - I think I need to plant these in my garden.  If only I knew what they are.  Jerry?  Any help?
Alas our garden adventure was over.  Sequoia was excited because that meant we were able to continue our hike which interested him more than the flowers - sigh.