Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A trip to Detroit

Hello Blogger Pals,
My roommates told me we were taking a trip to Detroit soon.   I hope we get to see some cool sites:  Maybe we can start at the the Tuskgee Airman Museum.  I am a sucker for a historical museum.

No trip to Detroit would be complete without at visit to Hitsville USA, the Motown Museum.  Maybe Diana Ross will be my tour guide?

Being so close to Canada I think I am going to pop over the border and check out Windsor.

Of course no trip to Detroit would not be complete without a trip to Greektown for some dinner. Jerry, I will try and taste some Baklava for you.
I can't wait for my trip to Detroit.  My roommates told me it was time to start packing and getting ready I best take a nap so I am ready to see all the sites.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stuffie Olympics ~

I have to admit I haven't watched too much of the olympics but I am happy to report that the following countries have won their first gold medals ever.
*Puerto Rico

Way to go everyone.

Now onto my entry into the Olympics.  I am going for the gold medal in a beray competitive category.....Competitive Sightseeing.
Elko, NV.  I wonder if this casino gives better odds for stuffies? July 2015
Tiki Bar in San Francisco, CA. Fairmont Hotel. Used to be their pool but they changed it into a bar.  My kind of hotel.  August 2015
Is this my lunch?  Oh I hope so. ChinaTown San Francisco, CA. August 2015
Mt St. Helens (in case you could not read the sign).  Do you see me? I am in the left hand corner clearly monument hasn't made signs that are my size for posing yet.   September 2015
Fly in breakfast.  Newberg, OR.  October 2015.
Snowshoeing on Mt. Hood.  January 2016.
Did you meet my friends, they are lion driving instructors.  February 2016.
Making new hiking friends in Grants Pass. June 2016.
Stars in a foxes eyes.  Hollywood, CA. August 2016
Do you think this would be a good place for the stuffy convention? Getty Villa, August 2015.
Taking a well needed rest.

Whew I am tired.  The field of competitive sightseeing is beary competitive.  The Canadian's always put on a good show as do the Australian's but I am hoping that I might have an entry suitable for a gold medal. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's still hot.

A few days ago my dear friend Drunk Fox suggested having some gin to cool down. That suggestion didn't work as well as I would have liked and I haven't made any of the recipes that I posted in the blog (it's too hot to cook).

 As I was watching some TV I came across this "retro" commercial for Mt Hood and I knew I needed to take a trip to the mountains (and try and find some Old Milwaukee Light if I can).

 My hike took us along the Vista Ridge trail.  Throughout the hike I came across signs like this.  Whew, good think I left my hang glider at home.   I would not want to be in trouble with the forest service.
Along the trail you caught glimpses of Mt. Hood but at the end of the hike (and the lunch spot) Mt Hood really came out to shine. 
Just a fox relaxing on my backpack.  Where is my peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
My roommates decided that it was time  to start heading back down the trail.  My hike was a good respite from the heat, how do you stay cool without AC in the heat?  This little fox is looking for any suggestions. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's Hot

Hello Blog Pals,

I hope everyone is staying cool.  It's beary hot where I live and it's tough for a little fox to stay comfortable.  My roommates suggested I drink something so I rummaged around the cabinet and found a bottle that's just my size.
It looks like Sequoia wants in on my drink too.  Gin is perfectly acceptable for little foxes but NOT allowed for dogs (sorry Sequoia and Droopy).  

Excuse me when I shoo him away.  My roommates chimed in and said this was not the drink they were thinking of for me.  Apparently they thought some ice water might be more my style.  

I know what will take my mind off the heat, checking my mail.  This card arrived from Jerry and Ben today.  Looks like they are escaping the heat in San Francisco.  I love that town. Are you going to China Town?  Ghirardelli Square?  Fisherman's Wharf?  Renting bikes and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge?  So much to do and so many places to eat.  Chef Ben I found a good recipe for double ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies if you want to make some and send them my way.  He he.  
Hammie and his family sent a cool card a while back.  Hammie probably realizes that I am behind on my mail.  As always they visited some cool museums and saw some great art.  You know, I think Amsterdam is known for it's chocolate as well. Here is a nice recipe for Amsterdam Hot Chocolate.  I hope Hammie gets to try this soon and give us a report :)

Sandy has been busy keeping the post office busy.  The yellow card is titled "Happy Spring".  Oh my, I guess I better get on my roommates for a more timely post on my mail.  The card below is a nice picture of all of the animals in BC.    
I have seen most of these animals as well.  Let's see: Bear, Whale, Eagle.  I can't help but notice that there is no fox on this card.  
As I am trying to stay cool I looked at some of the other cards from Sandy.  One is from when Jerry and Ben visited.  It is their Chinese garden.  We have a Chinese garden in my town as well but I bet it's nothing like Vancouver's.  The other cards is also from Sandy.  This polar bear looks beary relaxed.  Perhaps he just feasted on one of these Canadian recipes featuring Yukon Gold Potatoes. 
Did you know the Yukon Gold potato was developed in Canada and that it turned 50 years old recently.  

Time to figure out how to stay cool. Oh wait, I forgot this card from Ajdin and his tour to the cherry festival. I heard that Washington DC has a great Ethiopian food scene.  Maybe Ajdin will offer a tour to that section of town but until that happens I might have to try this recipe 
Thanks everyone for the cards.
Little Fox. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A well needed vacation for a little fox

Hi Blog Pals,
I have been busy on the hunt for buried treasure lately and I feel that I need a well deserved break. I decided to hang out with my friend Zebra and Giraffe. 
They live in LA and gave me all sorts of places to visit in sunny California. Anyone knows the first place to go to LA is Disneyland. To get to Disneyland you might want to take the monorail.  There is a monorail in Seattle I took years ago and this one is just as cool. 
 Here I am enjoying the Autotopia ride.  I look good in a convertible don't I?
 Waiting my turn for at Pirates of the Caribbean.
Enjoying a break at Paradise Pier.
After a busy day at Disney I needed a break. Off to iconic Venice beach. 
 Venice Beach has lots of beach activities but also some interesting canals.
More canals 
After enjoying something called "fried chicken on a stick" I decided to get some sun.  You can see I have my sunscreen and a shovel to play with. 
After the beach and Disneyland I needed some relaxing from my vacation, off to the Getty Villa.  Check out these old artifacts from 400 BC. 
The villa is really nice. In fact it would be a great spot for the 2017 stuffy convention. 
 A nice statue garden.
 Due to the drought the water was not flowing in the pool but the fountain is running.  Interesting eh?

I better check in with the curator to make sure I can rent this for the stuffy convention.  In the meantime I feel that I need a hike.  I haven't been hiking for a long time (sigh) but I am off to see the Hollywood sign.  At this picture stop some nice people helped me pose for my picture.  
Do you see the Hollywood sign?
To round out my hike we decided to go to the Griffith Observatory. It was built in the 30s and just remodeled a few years ago.  There were a ton of exhibits at the observatory.  I should make sure Ajdin knows about this place, it might be part of his astrobear training. It's a long hike down but I am up for it. 
Ah, now I am closer.  It's a cool observatory as you can see by the hordes of people there. 
After all of my adventuring I need some more food.  Time for lunch.  Chicken, rice, veggies, tzatziki.  Yum. 

After a filling lunch it's time for me to go back and hang out with my friends.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where is Avenue "U"???

Hello Blog Pals ~
As you might remember I received a very unique treasure map a few days ago.  I can only imagine it was sent to me because of my recent interest in archaeology.

After watching clips from Indiana Jones online I decided the best strategy to start my adventure would be to examine the map I received in the mail.
I know it's near the pacific ocean but last time I checked Wikipedia I learned that the Pacific is the longest and largest ocean.  It seems I have some distance to cover.

Everything with this map makes sense except for the Avenue "U" notation.  I wonder if I can find Avenue "U" then I can start looking for my treasure.

The library is closed (does anyone remember those?) but I will try the next best thing,  Let's see what happens when I search Avenue "U".  Looks like this one is near a body of water but upon further review it's in New York State.  Ok, this one won't work.

I will try searching Avenue "U" and Pacific Ocean to see what comes up.  I didn't find much except this review of a brewpub.  It seems like a decent restaurant and it's on Avenue "U" in Seaside, Oregon which is a city on the Pacific Ocean.  Could this be the clue I need?  Perhaps it's time for me to gather my supplies and check out this area and if nothing else maybe I can get a chicken sandwich at the pub and it looks dog friendly so Indiana Fox's trusty sidekick Sequoia can come along on this adventure.