Monday, February 27, 2017

A proper adventure, part 2.0

Little Fox: Sandy and I are waiting to see the famous woodsmen from the midwest.  We decided to wait and saw these 4 blue "hooves" lying around. I wonder if they are related to whom we are about to see?
Little Fox: The district of Historic Kenton has a 31 foot tall statue of Paul and four blue hooves for Babe the Ox. 
Sandy: Paul is pretty tall, although it seems he could use a new coat of paint.
Little Fox: Yes, Sandy he was last spruced up in 1999 and he has been around town since 1959.  Paul was built along the main road into town before the interstate arrived.   According to the internet, the style of architecture for this statue is considered "Novelty".
Little Fox: Sandy, are you ready for lunch, I know a great brew pub?
Sandy: Brew Pub? You bet I'm in.
Sandy: Mama, look I am drinking water. I noticed you have been commenting that I have been drinking too much beer but I wanted to show you I have been good and drinking water too. 
Little Fox: Good thing we drank all of this water since splitting a rueben sandwich is probably beary unhealthy (but tasty) for a little bear and a little fox. 
Little Fox: Now that we are fortified up with some good food it's time to take Sandy to a place that is brand new to me as well.  The Oregon Railway Heritage Center. 
Sandy: Wow, this train simulator is beary authentic
Little Fox: The volunteers were great.  Even though the signs said keep off they let us stuffies take pictures on the trains. 
Little Fox: These trains are sure big up close.
Sandy taking a turn in the engineer's chair.  He looks good in the conductor's seat, doesn't he?
Little Fox: Let's go outside and see what's out there.  
Sandy: Mama, do you see us in this picture?
Sandy: Mama do you see us here? 
Little Fox: Wasn't the rail heritage center cool?  Let's see what else is around here.  I hear there is a special bridge nearby.
Sandy: What is so special about this bridge?
Little Fox: Glad you asked Sandy.  Tillikum Crossing (bridge of the people) carries light rail trains, city busses, bikes, pedestrians, and street cars but no  automobile traffic is allowed.  Tillikum Crossing, crosses with Willamette river and is the first major bridge built in the area since 1973 and the first bridge in the US dedicated all modes of transportation except personal vehicles. 
Sandy: Can we get closer?
Little Fox: What a great view!
Sandy: I agree.
Little Fox: Thanks Sandy for coming out with me today on our adventure.  I hope you had a good time, where do you want to go next?

Friday, February 24, 2017

A proper adventure and a mystery guest.

Hello Friends,  it's I, Little Fox. I have put my archeology gear aside today because Sandy and I are off on an adventure.  Before we get started on our adventure, I want to point out that Spring has begun. I hope my friends Jerry and Ben's Spring is starting soon.
Sandy and I are relaxing today at Cathedral Park in Portland. They say the gothicy supports that support this bridge remind people of gothic supports in cathedrals. 
Cathedral park is more visible here. 
Let's check out the top of the bridge.   I bet we can get closer to the arches of the bridge. 
Sandy: This bridge is beary big. It makes me look small. 
On a clear day you can see four mountains from the bridge: Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.  Today was not that clear but you could kind of see downtown Portland.
On the way back from the center of the bridge we could see the police station. Do you see the bell on top of that building?  
Little Fox: Our next stop is to visit a famous woodsmen from the Midwest (although there is research, yes research that this famous person was actually of French Canadien descent).  It doesn't matter to me, one thing I know for sure is that his likeliness is often seen in the towns of Brainerd MN, Bemidji MN, Bangor ME, and yes Portland OR.

Any ideas whom we might visit?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Road trip 2.0

Little Fox: Sandy and I are well rested and we have both been warmed up from the sun and cocoa.  Being that we are in the Columbia River Gorge we should check out the river.  The Columbia goes all the way up to Canada.  We are at a fishing dock but the salmon aren't running yet.
Little Fox: The river is really peaceful today.
Sandy: Is it always this calm?
Little Fox: No, just a lucky day for us. Perhaps we should get off this rock before we fall in.
Sandy: What is a treaty access fishing site?
Little Fox: Well, when the built The Dalles Dam in the 50s they dammed up a waterfall that the Native Americans used to fish salmon at.
Sandy: Salmon? You have my attention.
Little Fox: Well, so after the waterfall was covered up from the dam the Native American's got special treaty rights to fish in certain areas when the salmon come up.  Sometimes the Native American's sell there fish at roadside stands.  Hopefully we can find someone selling fish today.
Little Fox: Sandy, I know a place just up the hill from here with some great wine.  Do you want to see if they are open?
Sandy: I'm in.
Little Fox: Look at this bottle for Sandy and I.  This is going to be good.
Little Fox: Sandy and I need a little rest.  Probably should have not finished the entire bottle between us.
Little Fox: Well we slept through the salmon sale.  They didn't have any fresh salmon but my roommates bought some smoked salmon and Sandy and I are being super nice to see if we can get some later.  We did wake up to get a great view of the gorge.
Sandy: My green jacket goes well with the green of these trees.   

Little Fox: In the background you can see a place called the Vista House.  The Vista House was built as a rest stop along the route.  It's open in the summer.
Sandy: What a great view LF, you know someone should put a hotel here.
Little Fox: Funny that you mentioned that Sandy, when the Columbia Gorge highway was created there were all these rest stops along the way where a traveler could get a meal or spend the night. At our location here, there was an inn many years ago that burned down.
Sandy: Ah, that's too bad but what a great spot for an inn.
Little Fox: Yes, it was a good spot and the highway department took over the parking area and made it a nice rest stop.  
Sandy: What a great road trip, what is next Little Fox?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Road Trip

Sandy has been a great guest and I feel like I should treat him to a truly American adventure, that's right readers we are going on a road trip.
Little Fox:  Sandy, get your puffy green jacket we are taking a road trip.
Sandy: Yes!

Our first stop is to Multnomah Falls.   Multnomah falls is over 620 feet long and because of the recent rain it's flowing well.
Little Fox: It's a little misty near the falls but totally worth it.
Sandy:  Is that a bridge near the falls?  Can we go?
Little Fox: An adventure?  You bet, that's my middle name, let's go.
Sandy: Looks like the trail is closed.  Guess I will have to come back to Portland in the Summer to visit the trail.  Mama, did you get the hint?
Little Fox: Beary subtle hint Sandy, beary subtle indeed.
Multnomah Falls is a very popular attraction.  It used to be the most popular attraction in Oregon until they opened a casino about 20 years ago.  Now, Multnomah Falls is the number two attraction.
Sandy: An old lodge.  I hear they have good breakfasts there? 
Little Fox: They do have a good breakfast but no views of the falls. 
Sandy: Little Fox and I waited by this clear stream.  In the background is a train trestle and we are hoping one is going to speed by so we can get a picture of us with the train to send to Jerry and Ben. 
Little Fox: Sandy, we could wait here for a long time.  Let's see if we can find a train picture elsewhere for J & B.  I know a great place to explore. 
Little Fox: Sandy, welcome to Hood River, windsurfing capital of Oregon.
Sandy: I don't think anyone is wind surfing today.
Little Fox: Let's explore.
Little Fox: There is still snow on the ground in Hood River.  This park behind the library looks beary peaceful.
Sandy: Is that downtown?
Little Fox: Sandy, do you want some hot chocolate? There isn't a Starbucks in this part of town but lots of little independent coffee shops.
Sandy: Did you say hot chocolate? I am in.
Little Fox: As you can see Sandy got a big size of hot chocolate to fortify himself from the cold.  He is enjoying the sun and the warmth of the cocoa.  

Little Fox: Time for a rest.  This chair is perfect for Sandy and I.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hot Chocolate 101

Oh so rainy.  I hate it when it rains especially when I have a guest here who wants to explore and go on adventures like me.  Sigh.
Sandy and I decided to wander into the kitchen for a snack and we noticed the kettle was going.  Was my roommate going to make something?  What could it be?  Instant soup?  Hot tea? Hot chocolate?  
Out of nowhere a mug appeared.  This day is looking up for Sandy and I.
Let's see what kind of supplies we have in the cupboard.  I bet there is some hot chocolate up there.  "Let me check it out". 
Climbing up these cupboards is hard work. 
 Hmmm, looks like the humans could do a better job of organizing the cabinets but no time to supervise that project I see the hot chocolate mix.  "Get it Little Fox" Sandy said. I better not waste any time.
Ok, looks like our first hot chocolate today is Swiss Miss.  "I give it an 8 out of 10" Sandy said.
I think we should look at all the brands first. 
In the pink package we have diet hot chocolate.  Sandy and I just stared at each other in disgust.

Some chocolate nibs, good in salads but not so much cocoa. 
AHA! This cocoa will be great.  It's from Crate and Barrel and it's in a holiday tin.  I think we should try this brand Sandy.

The cocoa mix is in the cup. 
Some hot water placed in the cup and it looks like Sandy found some creamer to add into the cocoa. 
I think we should add some cream too. 
"Absolutely" Sandy says.
It was a lot of work to make this treat.  We had to decide which cocoa to make, I had to scale the cabinet wall, Sandy had to navigate the fridge and we had to wait patiently for the cocoa to cool down.  Sandy and I worked hard but our treat was definitely worth it and a good activity on a rainy day.  Now that we are fortified, we need an adventure!!!!