Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beach, Ice Cream, and Cheese

Well that title basically sums up my after Thanksgiving hike today.  I was antsy yesterday after shopping so I convinced my roommates to take me to the beach today.  I was afraid I might get wet but it was worth a gamble.

Here is my first picture, I figured I would have my roommates take a picture of me before I started.  I think it might rain today, I hope I don't get wet.

We hiked a couple of miles and it was time to rest.  It's nice for them to give me a big stump to think about my day and rest my little fox feet.  "Hmmm, I wonder what I am going to have for dinner tonight?"

Finally, I made it to the beach.  My roommates are not thrilled with me hanging onto the fence.  The beach is so neat I just want to get closer (right now I am on a cliff that is about 500 feet above the beach).  I saw an old boat, lots of seagulls, and a ton of sand (no whales today).

  "Oooh look a friend, I think he is a chipmunk."   My roommate was lucky and caught a quick picture of him as he was running from a rock to the bench.  I hope he is not after my lunch.

Time to head back to the car so we can go to the cheese factory.

Don't worry, I am observing from a safe distance.  The cheese makers are packaging 20 pounds of cheddar.  I wonder if I can take a behind the scenes tour of the cheese factory?  Maybe I can just sneak into the factory, if I get a hairnet and a blue uniform I might just fit in.

 I was a good fox and never sneaked into the factory.  I decided to visit the gift shop instead. I got some cheese curds and saw someone buy some candied salmon (sorry Sandy, I didn't find the part of the store where they bought the candied salmon).  My roommates and I went for Ice Cream in the end, it was a tough choice between flavors: mudslide, huckleberry, or salmon flavored?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving preparations.

As you animals from the USA know Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I decided I wanted to help out with the preparations. I wanted to clean the oven. I did a great job. When I tried to put the door up and close the oven the door didn't go up.

 Yikes!!!! We have turkey to cook tomorrow and no working oven. I called a repair company, they are sending a person out tonight. I told my roommates I would take another look and try to fix it on my own.
No luck, I will have to wait for the repair company. 

Look at all this chopping I have to do.  Where should I start?
Hmmm not sure what to do. I will work on the onions first. They don't make anything my sized. I tried handling the knife, it's really big and took me a long time to cut all those onions. 
Next is the bread. I figured I would use an electric knife to help me out. 
It is too powerful for me. I know, I will ask my friend Drunk Fox (he is in rehab and been sober for 4 years) to help me out. He is much bigger than me but his arms are small, it might be tough to hold the knife. 
"Drunk Fox, can you come and help me."  "Sure Little Fox, I am on it. By the way, what happened to the oven?"  

See he looks similar to me, just bigger and a little drunk looking (although he is completely sober). He is a puzzle master, spends most of his time in a cafe drinking coffee and working on crossword puzzles. Once he got done with the electric knife he went back to working on his puzzles.  Since the cafe is  closed today for Thanksgiving preparations he had to work on the puzzles at home.

   Man, I hope the repairman comes soon......

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nice sunny day

It has been sunny all week. I encouraged my owners to take me on a nice fall walk. 

It was a steep hike but lots of places for a little fox to rest. 
Someone was nice enough to build stairs to make it an easier hike.  I wish the stairs were more my sized. 

Made it to the top.  I think I better snuggle into my jacket for a while since my owners rolled their eyes when I asked them to bring a thermos of hot chocolate along. 

I decided to explore while my friends ate lunch. Here is a fence I climbed.  Hmmmm, I think I am looking north to Canada.  If I wave I wonder if Sandy can see me?  "Hello Sandy!"
It's back down for us. It sure feels like Summer but it still looks like Winter at some parts. 
Thankfully my friends drove so I could sleep in the car. It's nice they drive but they never let me try it, I wonder how I can convince them I would be a good motorist?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My friend Little Bear

I wanted to take some time to introduce everyone to some of my friends. This is Little Bear, he is interested in all things coffee.  I think he might be a distant relative to Sandy, Jerry, and Ben.  Little Bear has some ideas of where the other bears are...
Hmm, Sandy you asked a  beary interesting question. I asked my friend little bear (he lives with us, and now that I think about it he might even be a distant relative of yours) for some help. I thought I would post a picture of us on my blog so you could see the resemblance. 

He was reluctant to speak at first but eventually after bribing him with some brownies he gave me some ideas to share of where the bears might be.... 

Here is what he said:

There are a lot of little bears working in the back of an international coffee house that shall not be named.  Little bear said that there are about five bears working in the back of each coffee house moving boxes, making drinks, and making sure us animal customers are taken care of.  He says that the animals have their own room with amenities that the regular customers don't get.  He wouldn't elaborate. I did the math - with 20,000 stores and a couple of bears working in the back that equals almost 100,000 bears.

2.   Little bear said that there is a secret lab near Seattle, home of the same coffee store where        there is a team of little bears developing new coffee drinks in the lab.  Since it's a secret lab I wonder if the bears are sneaking around late at night? I hope they make something  with huckleberries soon. 

3. Also, there is a bear hall, a social club for stuffed animals, in most cities where the bears are hanging out.  It's a place to get away from their owners and relax with other stuffies.  I've been going to the bear hall with little bear for years, and most social activities there happen after midnight, so maybe they are catching up on sleep during the day?  I know bears like to sleep.  Foxes seem a little more resilient.....

4. Of course you might want to take a road trip to sleuth around in Big Bear Ca, Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan (maybe Jerry and Ben can check that out for you), or Black Bear, Idaho to find the answers you are looking for.

Wishing you good luck in solving the mystery. 
Little Fox

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A brisk fall walk

This morning the weather was pretty good so we decided to take a walk around the city.

So many walks to choose from we all had to share our two cents. I wanted The one through the Hollywood district but lost out on a vote. Everyone else wanted to go somewhere else. 

Off to SE Portland.  Lots of leaves still on the ground (and the ground was wet for a little fox) and even a few roses left on the rose bushes. 

Lots of cool old houses along the way. This one looks like something we would see in California, not Oregon. "Quick, take my picture before anyone comes out to shoo us away". 
Time to hit the local grocery store and get some coffee to warm up. Saw 
This neat rain collection statue thing in front of the store and begged them to take my picture. 
Now that my brisk fall city hike is over, i think i will relax with some warm hot chocolate. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waterfall day hike.

This was a great Fall weekend.  I adventured off to Silver Falls park for a long hike.  My owners took me to see the different waterfalls and the historical area.  The park was built during the depression and the lodge is pretty old.  I think the lodge was built by the CCC, I wonder what other projects they have built?  Maybe that's a good research project for a little fox like me.
Along the trail there were a ton of mushrooms.  We didn't eat any because we didn't know which ones were OK and which ones would make us sick.  We figured it was better to play it safe than be sorry.
Next stop was the waterfalls.  Here I am enjoying the sights at South Falls, the biggest/longest one we saw this weekend. I was pretty tired in this picture, I am definately not demonstrating good fox posture.

The next stop was behind SouthFalls, boy it was wet.  My fur  was drenched, but it was worth it.

After lots of hiking we stopped at North Falls (not very creative in the naming huh?).  This was big too but definately the LOUDEST of the waterfalls.  I tried to sneak over the fence, I got almost all the way to the top but my hiking friends stopped me.  Even though they stopped me, I still got a great view of the falls.

The hike was good the only rain I felt was under the waterfall, which was probably my fault. I enjoyed spending the rest of my day on the couch planning my next adventure.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

National men cook dinner night.

Today is national men make dinner day so i thought i would help out with dinner.  
Hmmm, what should I make? These cookbooks never really have anything geared toward the foxes pallet.  Should I go with the super quick salmon stir fry or the skillet chicken pot pie? 

I decided to reheat some rice we made a while back. Step 1). Boil water. Step 2). Put rice in water. Step 3). Bask in my owners affection for making them dinner tonight.  I wonder if they want dessert?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hike in forest park

Hello Friends,
Thanks for checking.  Today we had a change of plans because the weather was so good.  Originally we thought we would go Christmas shopping but changed our minds this morning for a hike in Forest Park. This was from someones front wall, wasn't it nice for them to build me a seat?

The leaves were orange just like me.  I was very happy not to get wet, little foxes don't do well in the rain.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good news

My team, University of Montana Grizzlies won their game in overtime tonight!  ( I always follow animal teams, especially Bears)   Go Griz!

I think I need the weather to improve. I haven't been hiking in weeks. Uncle Brian wants to go Christmas shopping tomorrow instead of hiking. I wonder what he will buy me?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for checking out my blog.  My name is Little Fox and I love adventures, traveling, hiking, camping, picking huckleberries, and eating rice crackers. I think I better do research on how to write a blog.