Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garden update.

Hello blog pals,
I thought I would share an update on my garden.  Remember those packets of wild flower seeds I planted a while back; let’s see how they are doing.  Five planters of wild flower seeds and these are the only blooms I have…..that doesn’t seem right. I wonder what I am doing wrong????  Jerry....any suggestions?
Let’s continue and take a look at the sweet onions.  They are coming along much better than the wild flower seeds.  One roommate likes to cut off the stalks and use those in cooking for a light oniony flavor.
A trip to the jungle?  No, just examining my tomato plants.  It seems that they are growing well….if I carefully look through the branches I can even see some tomatoes.  My roommates tell me to be patient a few more months and the tomatoes should be ready to harvest.

How is your garden coming along?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Long awaited adventure

It’s been a long time since my last adventure luckily my roommates thought the same thing and decided to head to the beach today.  It’s supposed to be partly cloudy and partly sunny, we’ll see about that.   
Monkey decided to come along today, I am glad that she is always up for an adventure as well.  This bridge was beary scary to cross it moved a lot when my roommates walked across it. 
I asked for an adventure and it looks like I got one.  The trail is covered in greenery.  I can kind of see the trail but not really.  Luckily there were not many thorny branches to scrape up my fur. Hmm, this was supposed to be an easy hike….

It’s springtime at the coast the flowers are blooming and one of my personal favorites is in full bloom, that’s right Fox Glove is out.  I know it can be poisonous but I can’t help but love the flower just because of the name.         

The trees grow strange around here.
My roommates deduced that we hiked up into a cloud.  Monkey and I got wet (not pleased about that) but it was cool looking at the trees through the mist.  I wonder if we are going to see the beach from our viewpoint at the top of the mountain?
Ahhh, made it to the top.  What?  Where is the view?  Phoie, I guess we better sit down and have some lunch and maybe it will clear up so we can see the view.

This is about as clear as it got.  You can kind of see the beach if you look hard. 

A pleasant surprise on the mountain lots of wild flowers which I did not really know lived here at the beach.  That and the abundance of Fox Glove certainly makes up for the lack of view at the top of the mountain.

Coming down I convinced my roommates to walk us to the beach for one quick picture lucky for us they agreed….now if I could only convince them to stop and get some hot chocolate on the way home but I heard them saying there isn’t enough time because they have some gardening to do……



Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Double?

I have heard everyone has a "double" out there in the world, that is someone who looks just like them.  I couldn't help but notice that Jerry and Ben's double might be Sandy and Sebastain.  My roommates probably have doubles but I wanted to introduce my double instead of bore everyone with information about my roommates (although I am getting strange looks as I dictate this post to my roommate right now....hmm)

It seems my double has a job in TV.  This shot is of him on Grey's Anatomy a show I really need to start watching more of.....

This shot is from Castle (apparently Foxes do more work for shows on ABC than other networks).  Here Drunk Foxes double and my double are hanging out on set with a bunch of other stuffies.  I know it's not the most flattering picture of Drunk Fox and I but I hear that is how showbiz sometimes goes.

Do you think that we need an agent?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thanks Beanie!

Thanks for the bus!  I hope I get a chance to see London for myself!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Garden tour.....

I put a sign up at the mailbox offering behind the scenes garden tours today at noon. I had no takers, hard to imagine but it is there lost. I decided to take a walk and visit the garden myself.  What do we have hear? Looks like the trees are growing well. This one is my plum tree. 
Next stop, the wildflower seeds. We planted these seeds about a month ago. I am hoping for abundant wildflowers, right now they look like weeds. 
Time to visit the tomatoes. They look good, I can't wait for them to be ready to eat. Should I have a basil, tomato, mozzarella salad or a BLT?  Why not both.  Hmmm, I need to get some basil ASAP. 
This one could use some help. It's a green zebra tomato. I really like the name I better supervise my roommates watering schedule to make sure this one gets healthier soon. I lost two tomatoes on my watch last year, it was a sad day to be a garden supervisor. 
Final stop on my garden tour, the roses. I don't know how they do so well. I never have my roommates water them, they only clip them back in March. I guess it's a mystery to be solved another day.