Thursday, October 30, 2014


As if we didn't know this already but my stuffy friends are beary smart.  Last weekend we headed out to Seattle for a long weekend visit.  Most of my friends saw my Monorail video, if you haven't ridden it yet I highly recommend it. 

If you haven’t been to Pike Place Market lately I highly recommend it.  For my salmon loving bear friends they had so much seafood to choose from.  Lots of Salmon, it was overwhelming for such a little fox.  Ben would have loved the fresh ingredients for his cooking and Jerry would have loved the bakeries and chocolate shops I saw.  My mouth is watering (not foaming) just thinking about it.

Next stop, to calm my nerves was the original Starbucks!  The line was beary long, I wanted to go explore and see what merchandise they had inside but I didn’t feel like waiting 15 minutes just to walk in the door.  I decided to go to one of the other hundred or so Starbucks in the vicinity.

After checking out the outside of the market we ventured indoors.  They had some great views of the Puget Sound (beyond the Ferris Whee).   I could even see the Olympic Mountains.....I wonder if Sandy can see those same mountains from his home?

Besides Pike Place and Starbucks we went to Pioneer Square. This is where most of the adventurers who went up to the Klondike Gold rush left from.  The government of Canada said that any prospector who went up to the gold fields in Klondike had to have at least one year of food with them before they could go.  The merchants who supplied miners in Seattle were some of the few people who actually got “rich” from the gold rush.

This pergola leads down to a beary mysterious place.  According to my tour book it used to be a magnificent bathroom with marble and fancy lights.  The city boarded the bathroom up but luckily left the pergola. 

For those who can't get enough history see the following link.

I wonder what day two and three are going to be like?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guess where

Hello Gang,
Can anyone take a guess on where this swell video of yours truly was taken?

Hint #1: Their city has some sort of large needle in the sky or err space.

Hint #2: Their football team did well last year, they played in some sort of "super bowl"

Hint #3:  Starbucks was founded in this city.

Any guesses?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cleaning up the garden...

It was a quiet Saturday morning.  I was looking at my calendar from last year thinking about all the neat adventures I have had and all the friends I have made.  I decided to seek out my roommates and found them lounging around the sofa.  I asked them what adventure we had planned for today; my response was “Taking down the garden.”

I think I better act as a supervisor on this project.  As you can see our tomatoes plants have been harvested and cut down. The other raised bed has been taken down too.  No more basil.  No more onions. No more peppers.   

Because I am a fox, the environment is important to me.  I instructed my roommates to take the clippings to the compost area at the back of the yard.  If you look closely you can see some rose clippings as well.  I hear roses can grow from the cuttings, I wonder what will happen next year?
After I instructed my roommates to take salvageable vegetables inside I decided to have a look.  The basil looks plentiful, who wants pesto?  The tomatoes look good, I see a few peppers in there as well.  A pear also sneaked in the bowl (not from our garden but the grocery store). 

Not a bad haul this year.  How did everyone else’s garden do?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Passport Adventures Part Two

Today was a nice fall day there wasn't too much rain and the sun was out.  My roommates decided to drive out to the country to the Hotel Oregon.  We have been working on our Mcmenamin's pawsport, once we get all the stamps we win neat prizes.  

The Hotel Oregon is an old hotel from 1902.  It fell into disrepair many years ago but McMenamins bought it about 15 years ago and remodeled it.

The entrance has this nice sitting room.  I love this couch.

This long table is perfect for me to host a party for my stuffie friends and I.

We started off on a scavenger hunt looking for a piece of art where there was more than wine on the mind.  Hmm this seems like a challenge for Beanie.

Is this it?  No, this squirrel wearing a nut as a hard hat.

Is this it?  No, this is a skyline view of the Hotel Oregon.
Here I am relaxing at a table on the rooftop bar.  Oh no!  It's starting to rain.
Back to the scavenger hunt.  Is this it?  No, this is the name of the old coffee shop from years ago.  I do admit I like the bear.  I wonder if he is drinking coffee or hot chocolate?

Ahhh, here we go.  I think I found it.  Looks like this guy has more than wine on the mind.  Hey, why am I out of this picture?
Now that I have found my art work I think I am going to relax with a  few sips of my roommates beer.  Last time I had beer I got awfully “tired” and had a hard time sitting up straight. 

Apparently, little foxes don’t have the tolerance for beer that humans do.  I think I will just take a little nap until my roommates are ready to go out again and explore.