Monday, September 26, 2016

A visit to the Oregon State Fair

Hello Blog Pals,
Time to visit the Oregon State Fair.  When is your local fair?  Do they have Provincial fairs in Canada?  Enough questions, let's get down to business.

I demanded my roommates take me to this building first (I can be very demanding when I need to).  Man, this building is going to be great.

Sooooo, apparently the poultry are only in the poultry building during the first week of the fair - no the second week (when I visited). 
Llama Llama have you ever been to the Bahamas?  Is this even a Llama (I am a city fox, not a country fox).
I think I can drive this safely.  Ok, now that I visited the agriculture exhibits it's time to see the award winning food, prizes, table settings (yes, they still have competitive table setting in Oregon), and jams. 
This was my favorite setting of tables from the fair - I wish they had real food at this competitive table setting event.
Prize cookies.  I should have invited Jerry and Ben to the fair, what was I thinking????
These cookies must be real good since they are locked up.  Oh my goodness, I should have brought the key that Jerry and Ben sent me.  It probably opens up the cookie cabinet at the fair.   Darn it!!!!!
These preserved foods look great.  Jams, honey, and other preserved foods.   Who knew the fair had so much to do.  Earlier I a stand selling chicken cheesesteaks - I think it's time for me to find it, buy a big chicken cheesesteak and wash it down with a milkshake.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The treasure hunt.

Hello Blog Pals,
I bet some of you were wondering what happened to my alter ego Little Fox Archaeologist.   Don't worry I have had some interesting adventures lately.  You might remember I received a treasure map a few weeks ago.  I did some research and my digging partner Sequoia helped me search for the treasure.
First of all let me introduce my archaeology team.  We have me, Little Fox and my digging partner Sequoia.  Good thing he likes to dig and hang out at the beach because being an archaeologist digging partner only pays on commission.  He gets 2.5% of what he finds and a free lunch.

The map mentioned "Oceano Pacifico" and "Avenue U" which lead me to Seaside, Oregon.  The beach looks perfect for an archaeological dig.
This could be it.  Looks like an indentation in the sand from many years ago.  Probably the buried treasure I have been looking for.
Man, this digging is hard work.  Where is Sequoia?
More digging.  Where is my shovel?
Now that I got myself into this hole let's see if I can find the treasure.  I better call Sequoia to help me sniff out the treasure.
Still looking.  I don't think there is a treasure here.  Rats!
Could my treasure map be wrong?  Did I navigate incorrectly?  Was my compass off?  Did they change magnetic North?  So many questions to ponder on the ride home.  Now, I have to get out of this pit I dug.  
Whew.  Climbing out of the pit was hard work.  You might see Sequoia's tail in the background unfortunately he wasn't any help in extracting me from the pit.

 After our failed attempt at finding the treasure I did find this cool rock at the beach.  For some reason I don't think that it will bring much money on the secondary archaeology market but you never know.
Stay tuned readers who knows what adventures Little Fox Archaeologist (and digging partner Sequoia) will have in the future?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Thanks J & B

A package arrived for me a few days ago and it came from Jerry and Ben.  At first, I thought Jerry was sending recipes out to all of his friends in hopes that they would make the recipes and mail them back to him.  Hey, that's a good idea.

Of course before I open anything I look for the trademark Jerry and Ben picture, just to make sure it's an authentic gift from J & B.
Yup, it's authentic. 

I love this key.  It's perfect.  Does it open up a secret cookie jar at Jerry and Ben's house?  Maybe it is a key to a snazzy new car?  I best read the letter to find out what's going on.
 Jerry and Ben say that I should use this gift to open locks to the honey jar and/or the cookie jar.  
According to the card (love the stationary by the way) it says that I should have my sekrebeary take the key to the locksmith and get it to fit the cookie jar and honey jar.  I think that's a great idea.  Now let me find a locksmith and my sekrebearies credit card.

Jerry and Ben, thank you so much for the key.  I really appreciate it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Detroit. I made it.

Here I am in Detroit.  Huh, you would think that the great city of Detroit Michigan would have a more glamorous entrance.  Oh well, let's explore.
Good thing they have a lounge. 
Where is Hitsville USA?  Where do the Tigers play?  Where is the border crossing.  This Detroit looks much different than I thought it would be.
I better check out main street.  That's probably where all the action is.
OK this is just weird.  I don't know but this place just doesn't feel like Detroit Michigan.  I better try and find the fire station ask the fire fighter's what is going on with this city.
Aha! I figured it out, my roommates must have meant Detroit, Oregon, not Detroit, Michigan (man I wish they would be more clear about our adventures).  Sigh, no Hitsville USA museum, no day trip to Windsor, no trip to the Tuskgee Airmen museum.  Of course now that we are in Detroit, Oregon maybe we get to go hiking.