Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

The postal carrier has been busy this holiday season.  Between Sequoia sending out his dog treats and my roommates ordering me lots of hiking gear and other gifts online the postal carrier sure has been swamped.

The mail has been stacking up lately, it's about time I saw what has arrived.  Jerry and Ben were on top of it this year.  This card came in early December.  The snow is beautiful, great pictures, and looks like Boo even got in the shot.  I bet you they had a big mug of hot chocolate after the photo shoot. 
Droopy, Spunky, and Patch sent this great card.  It's a got a nice family photo in it and it's one of my favorite colors.  It even looks like Droopy took off his hat for this photo. 
Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, Oogie, Ms. Feathers, and Parker sent an awesome card and they all signed it!  These signatures are going to be worth lots of money some day. 

I opened Ajdin and crews gift and one of my Christmas stuffies came to visit. Let's call him "Bear". I wonder why Bear showed up at this moment?  Aha!  He must have smelled the honey in the air. 

Looks like a package came from Canada.  I wonder who it could be from?
Ah, it's from Sandy!  Sandy sent this awesome Santa Hat.  It's a perfect fit.  The gifts keep coming it seems I have a little package to open up as well. 
Fun, scrabble tiles!  Let's see what I can spell.  Hmm, this might be harder than I thought.  I better wrangle Bear away from the honey and see if he can help. 
I insisted he wash his paws before touching the tiles.  It appears that Bear is quite the puzzle solver.
 After some mulled wine and extra chocolaty hot chocolate Bear and I think we solved the puzzle. 
The word with the missing tile is supposed to be "neat".

Thanks everyone!  Hope your have a happy holiday filled with lots of cookies and extra chcolately starbucks hot chocolate (it's on the secret menu).  
Little Fox ~

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Preparations

I can't believe it's time to prepare for the holidays.  I have so much to do to prepare but before I get started I better "fuel up" at Starbucks.  Has anyone tried one of their Ugly Sweater Cookies yet?  I better get one just to make sure it's up to Starbucks Quality.
Before I get started I better make sure the oven is cleaned.  I can check that chore off my list. 

My stuffy guests are very particular.  Good thing I got extra strong and durable plates.  The blue plates are for cookies and desserts.  Hmm, maybe I should use the big plates for cookies and desserts instead?
 Salt, Pepper and Bread.  Got that taken care of.
Lucky for me my "friend" Sara Lee decided to help me with the baking.
You know, if I put the rolls on this holiday plate I bet you my guests will think they are homemade. 
Time to make the cookies.  Hooray! My roommates got white  chocolate baking chips, now I can make my famous cookies.  Good luck with your holiday preparations fellow stuffies. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Year - End Sekrebeary Evaluation Results

After lots of hard work on the computer I have finally completed my Sekrebeary's year end evaluation.  Let's see how they did.

I have added a few new categories this time and I have changed my evaluation form to be a little easier to fill out.  I hope my new form is fairer to my Sekrebeary's, it's best to be fair and thorough when you are dealing with Sekrebeary's and their wages. 

Updated Sekrebeary Evaluation Winter 2015

Provides an equal size Christmas stocking compared to the dog.

Not even close. 

Pays all contractor bills to stuffy on time and in full amount no matter what the price is (supervision doesn’t come free you know).

Hmm, still waiting on that receiving payment for this bill.

Providing a proper Cinco de Mayo celebration (i.e. no frozen burritos)

 Well, that didn’t happen this year.

Hosts at least two contests for stuffy and stuffy pals.

Didn’t host two contests but we did host one.  Partial Credit.
Provides snacks  (promptly and without eye rolling) when requested from stuffy

 Snacks are provided....but not necessarily promptly or w/o eye rolling.  Usually at the end of an adventure not throughout the adventure.
Provides outings as requested by stuffy

 Outings are provided, again not at immediate request of the stuffy.
Takes stuffy to Starbucks for hot chocolate (without argument from Sekrebeary).

 Takes stuffy NEAR a Starbucks but often not inside.

Brings all gear on adventures (flags, scarfs, snacks etc.)

 Occassionally.  Gear seems to get lost, perhaps stuffy needs a specific closest.
Takes an appropriate amount of overnight and/or day trips each year
Always has cookies on hand

 Yes, but stuffy could always take MORE overnight trips.

Well it seems that my Sekrebeary’s could use some remediation.  I better enroll them back in Sekrebeary school.  Sandy seems to have his sekrebeary trained well maybe I should send them to Canada for Sekrebeary school?  Ooogie can you process that paperwork for me?  Droopy can you research if we are allowed to bring Bacon over the border (I want to make sure they are well fed).  Jerry and Ben can you send me a care package while my Sekrebearies are in school?      

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Welcome Christmas Stuffies!

Hello Blog Pals,

I hope everything is going well, I am trying to stay above water as we have gotten lots of rain lately.  Don't worry, I am a resilient stuffy. 
Note: Stock footage from the local news my street is nothing like this.  Thank goodness.

A couple of things are happening at the house.  Most importantly, it's time to start decorating the house for Christmas.  

This box is cavernous.  Man, I just want to find the ornaments and the Christmas stuffies.

Ah, Reindeer has been found!  He is going to help me wrangle up the Christmas stuffies.

Hey look, the whole gang is here.  

Looks like the nut crackers have taken on a new responsibility this year, it seems they have decided to guard the liquor.  That's a beary important job.  I might hang around here and "supervise" to make sure it's done right.
Let's see; Tequila, Sour Apple, Wine, Vodka.  Looks like a good party to me. 

With the stuffies comes the stockings.  Can you guess whose stocking is Sequoia’s and whose stocking is for all of the stuffies?

I have to take a small break from blogging to sit down and work on my Sekrebeary's evaluation since they keep hinting at a Christmas Bonus.  Do you think they will get it?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Secret Waterfalls

It's been forever since I have gone hiking, what a crime!  So, just to update everyone it's been beary rainy the last two weeks.  Hmm, let's take a look at the forecast.  Doesn't look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon.  Phoey!

The one good thing about all this rain is that there are some secret waterfalls along the trail that might not regularly be there.  I don't see any waterfalls here, just mud. Although, I must say I look fetching in my scarf. 

If you can see in the back there is a little waterfall.  The little waterfall is beary clear but the pool it's draining into is a tad muddy. 
There is a little greenery still left near this raging river but I wouldn't classify it as a waterfall. 

Finally, the last waterfall on the hike.  Ok, a waterfall might be an exaggeration but certainly a fast moving stream. 

Who knows what these secret waterfalls might be like after another week of rain (sigh) .  Maybe Sandy can lend me his rain gear?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Manzanita Beach Adventure

Hello Blog Pals - I don't know about where you live but the weather has been beary sunny this Thanksgiving weekend.  There was no black Friday shopping for this Fox this year (although I saw a cool tin with a fox on it at the Dollar Tree today, sigh it was dented and my roommate wouldn't buy it for me).  Anyway, I digress, the weather has been great.

Our first stop was lunch at this overlook.  You can see that this gull is interested in lunch as well.  Not today my friend - not today.

 I decided to lead my roommates to the beach town on Manzanita (in Spanish it means little apple) but the town was named for the Manzanita plants that grow in the area (thank you Wikipedia).

Looks like there are some mountains to research in the background.  Maybe there are hiking trails up there?

What a perfect day at the coast.  
No, I am not at some secret ruin in Mesa Verde National Park.  I am just hanging out in a hole that a certain dog dug. 
Sequoia looks a little confused as to why I am in his hole.  I am curious why he dug this hole.  So many mysteries.
After playing with Sequoia I thought it best I relax before the long walk home.
Of course no adventure to the beach would be complete without a stop for some ice cream.  Hmm, I think I know of a place that happens to sell some. Now the only question is what kind should I get.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving (or Happy Thursday)

Drunk Fox and I wanted to wish our blog pals a happy Thanksgiving (or happy Thursday to Sandy, Beanie, and Hammie).

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This blog has gone to the dogs.

I was happily reflecting on my trip to Colorado today.  I wonder if the mountain I was observing in this picture has more snow on it now?
My, that fox looks familiar...

Sequoia begged me to help him package some of the treats we made earlier in the year to send to his dog friends in the Midwest.
Who can resist this dog?

Blog pals meet Dylan (or Stella, I get them confused).  Anyway these two Greyhounds are getting a Christmas package from Sequoia this week. 
Hello World, meet Stella (or Dylan).  

Maebe is also getting a care package. 
Maybe I should get her a ball for Christmas as well?

Sequoia promised to reward me with a cold frosty beer.  Seems like fair payment to me.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

An "amusing" adventure

Drunk Fox was helping me with my chores today.  We were cleaning a cupboard in the kitchen and made quite a mess.  My roommates kept hinting that if we got this cleaned up they would take me on an adventure today.  It's been a long time since I have had a proper adventure so I was immediately up for the trip.

Being a good fox I got the cupboard organized quickly.  Off for my adventure.  Our hike starts off at a Nature center.  The have an amphitheater and some displays.  Apparently, where we are hiking to today was once an amusement park.  I wonder if they have any cotton candy at the top of the trail?  Let's go!

My roommates showed me a picture of the amusement park.  It looks like Disney has some competition.
This looks like a great park, can't wait to go.

Whew, after a grueling session up the hill we made it to the top.  Hmm, I don't see an amusement park up here.  No cotton candy, no coffee stand, no nothing!

 The only thing I see (besides the view) is the neat water fountain.  It works perfectly, which is good because we all know little foxes need hydration.

Even though there wasn't the amusement park at the top of the hike it was still good to get out.

My roommates treated me to lunch and told me I could get anything I wanted.  I negotiated two meals; one for me and one to take home for Drunk Fox since he helped me with the cupboard organization.  Maybe I should add negotiator to my resume?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Collection Place Settings

What are the chances my roommates will surprise me with this plate (full of food, of course) this Thanksgiving?
Apparently, scarves are in season fashion accessories for today's modern fox.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mail Call

This Halloween weekend we are getting buckets and buckets of rain.  It's supposed to get about 2 inches of rain over the next couple of days.  Of course, this is not great adventuring weather, as you can see Sequoia and I are hoping the weather clears up.

The weather hasn't cleared up outside so  I decided to look at my mail and I  got this package from two little bears.  Do you recognize their signature stamp?
Let's see what's inside.  Candy, mints, pencils, stickers, and a great certificate.  I wonder if I should frame this?
Next up is a post card from my friend Ajdin. He went to Elvis' house, got a first class tour, and sent this post card my way.  It almost looks as if I am taller than Elvis. 
Hammy sent a post card from a recent trip. 
Droopy sent a card from San Antonio.  The post card mentions a folk hero named Doggy Crockett.  I will have to do some more research to learn more about this Doggy Crockett.

Finally, Sandy sent me a card from Berendon Glacier in Canada.  He mentions that he didn't travel there recently but from looking at the card it looks like an amazing place to visit. 

Thanks everyone for the mail.  Not only has it entertained me on a beary rainy day but it's given me some ideas of places to visit. 

On an unrelated note, Happy Halloween everyone!