Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Fox's Recipe Contest 2016

 Reindeer has been busy lately working on his memoir and cookbook.  Being a vegetarian Reindeer in a non-vegetarian house is difficult for my friend.  Here is a sneak peak of the cover.  I am sure he will have some great vegetarian recipes.

The basis of Reindeer's title is what he says everytime my roommates add meat to a meal.  They made fish chowder recently and Reindeer was beary excited until they added the fish.  Once they made spaghetti and he was super happy until they added the meatballs.  Now, he will always hang around the table, watch the cooking preparations and then say in an exasperated tone,  "Another good meal ruined" when the meat, fish, or chicken is added.

Me, I am a carnivore and will happily eat anything.  I have decided to create a recipe contest to solicit ideas for my upcoming cookbook.  Food by Fox.

Rules for the contest:
1) Recipe submissions due on February 25th.  You can use your own recipe, one from a magazine, one from the Internet, whatever you want is fine with me.
2) Recipes can be for anything you want.  Fish, meat, vegetarian, you get the idea.
3) Any meal is open game.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Midnight snacks; anything is fair game.
4) More than one stuffy may submit.  For example, Droopy can submit a recipe and then Spunky might submit a "little" something as well.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories.
Easiest Preparation
Coolest Named Dish
Honorable Mention
Regional Favorite
Judges Favorite
Easiest Cleanup
Budget Meal
****Note: A recipe can win in more than one category.

Speaking of the judges let me introduce you to everyone.

There's me, Little Fox.  Friend to all cooks, a self proclaimed expert on trail food and always happy to jump in and do the dishes.

Who brought the trail mix?
Drunk Fox.  An expert in bar food, drinks, and always knows the best happy hour in town.
Does anyone have any mixers handy?

Kermit the Frog: An all around good guy who can keep the peace at the dinner table (and keep the guests entertained at any dinner party).

Sequoia: Not the most discriminating palate out there.  His food philosophy is "If it's on the ground, I'll eat it".  Hmm, maybe I will use that as the title in my next cookbook.

To round out the group we must include Little Bear.  Now, Little Bear wants all the bears to know that just because he might be a long lost cousin doesn't mean he will give any favors.  Although, he is partial to salmon, anything from Starbucks, and the "finer" things in life.
Little Bear is curious if anyone knows any of the items on Starbucks secret menu.

Each judge has sworn to uphold the rules of the contest and impartially judge each recipe.  My roommates have been kind enough to help me make all the recipes and purchase the ingredients.

Ok, I am excited to see your submissions!  Send them off to by February 25th!

 Thanks for reading ---
Little Fox, et. al.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Early Birthday for Little Fox

Hello Blog Pals, this is Drunk Fox at the helm today.  My roommates gave me $5.00 for Little Fox's birthday gift.  I know exactly what to get him, a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks.  On the way to Starbucks I stopped by the grocery store and found an even better gift for him  (and I saved my roommates $.33 to boot).  
How do you wrap a whole chicken?  Of course, it''s got to be a gift bag. 
Now that the gift is wrapped I am going to give it to Little Fox early to really surprise him.  

Little Fox seemed to have some trouble getting into the gift.  Luckily his friends were nearby to shout encouragement.  

Little Fox can't stop gushing about how much he loves his gift, now it's time to start carving this chicken up.  Happy Birthday Little Fox.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

No stuffy pals this isn't a picture of my mountain explorer great grandfather Lil' Foxxe but yours truly out for a hike.  Looks like the camera is on the frtiz.  Let me change a few settings, ah yes this looks better.
There, that's a more vivid picture.  Hmm, I do look good in this scarf. 

It was a beautiful day on the mountain, it could have only been better topped off with a Grande Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate (it's on the secret menu at Starbucks, if you ask for it and they give you a strange look just tell them "Little Fox sent you" and they'll know what to do).

I wish I could post a longer adventure but I am going to try to change my profile picture from the one with my friend Monkey and I at Lake Moraine in Alberta.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snow Mystery Part 2

As my readers remember there was some snow a few days ago.  I saw some mysterious prints and I think I have figured out one set.  Let's see, I was trying to figure out this set of prints.
A good detective has to be observant.  It didn't take long to see a certain dog exploring in the snow.  My deduction is that this print belongs to Sequoia. 
Sequoia's print is certainly different than the other one.   Definitely a smaller animal, could be a stuffy.  
I looked to my right and then my left and think I found the owner.  It's reindeer (another reindeer, there are a handful that hang around our house this time of the year).  This reindeer has the perfect fur for an outing in the snow.  Let's see where we are going.
Looks like the snow hit the spider web perfectly. 
Final stop is the garden.  I think reindeer is done with ferrying me around the garden.     
I am no meteorologist but it seems that the snow might be done for the day.  That's good, I am a fair weather fox and I believe it's time for cookies and hot chocolate.  Adjo, (Swedish for goodbye). 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Snow Mystery

I can't believe it Reindeer, look it snowed today!  Do you want to go out and explore?

Reindeer is certainly dressed for the occasion but after years of living in our moderate climate he has lost his desire to deal with any temperature under 35 degrees.  Looks like I might be the only one exploring today. 
Looks like someone (or something) has gone outside to explore.  I wonder whose prints these might be?
Another set of prints.  
Who (or what) could these prints belong to?  Maybe this is a case for Sherlock Sandy?  Nah, he probably doesn't do cases in the states (you know taxes and customs) looks like I am on this case myself.  Blog pals, any ideas whose prints these could be?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been beary cold lately (Ok, not as cold as Jerry and Ben's home town) but cold for me.  As you can see even the statues in downtown are bundling up.
There was even snow along the side of the road.
Even though it's beary cold we decided to head out to the beach today to enjoy the sun.  This hike seems perfect, I hope I am experienced enough for the trip.

The hike started out fine.  There were a couple of trees to climb over and a few obstacles but nothing that Sequoia and I couldn't handle.  Eventually I got my first glimpse of the beach.
This tree looks cozy. 
Back on the trail.  Looks like there is a river to cross, I wonder if there is a waterfall at the end of the trail?
Aah, another view of the beach.  I think I am going to see if I can take a quick video.  My goodness, look how windy it is.  My scarf is flying outward.

Finally, I made it to the beach! 
If you look in the back of the picture you can see a small ship.  I wonder if the ship is searching for salmon?

I look good in my scarf, don't I?
I bet this waterfall is from the stream I crossed earlier.
If you look way off in the distance you can see the old lighthouse.  You know it would be easier to see if they turned on the light.
I had a great time directing and filming the first video I decided to try another one.