Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thanks Droopy

Today was such a beautiful day my roommates and I decided to take a walk.  Check out these tulips - I love Spring.  Jerry, are tulips blooming in your neck of the woods?
I was in charge of navigating my roommates walk so guess where we ended up at?
Yep, Starbucks.  
I can see why they call this cup tall, it's almost as tall as me! 

After our walk I lead my roommates back home.   There was a package from Droopy in the mail, it was the winnings from my pawesome entry into Droopy's K-9 comedy contest. 

This knife ought to be a good letter opener for this package. 
OK, let's see what we have here.  Oh, fox stickers, my favorite!  Yipee!
A fun noisemaker - yes Sequoia and I will have lots of fun with this.  Oh, I can't forget the award certificate from Droopy.  I will have to make a trip to the frame show to get my award certificate framed.
An adventure, a trip to starbucks, and gifts from Droopy.  What a day!
Thanks Droopy.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Castle Valley, Corona Arch, and Petroglyphs. Oh my, I am a busy fox.

I wanted to see the famous Corona Arch but my roommates told me that we were going to Castle Valley, then to look at some petroglyphs and if time, take a hike to Corona Arch. I didn't like the "if time" comment and I am  a little worried.

 Before we left Arches National Park we had to stop at a place called Balanced Rock. I hope it doesn't fall.
Next stop was lunch then to a place called Castle Valley.  Many famous movies were filmed in this area:
Thelma and Louise
Lone Ranger 2013
And my personal favorite, MacGyver.  
This area of Castle Valley is called the Priest and the Nuns. Hmm, not a great picture of the rocks (but a smashing one of me if you ask). 
Do you see it now?
Ah, here is a better (i.e. professional photograph) of the formation. 
Off to Corona Arch. 
Hiking in the desert is different than hiking in the Northwest.  The trails down here aren't as easily marked but they do have cairns (trail markers) to follow. 
Some humans went overboard on marking the trail here. 
Ok got it.  Enough cairns already. 
I found it!  Coronoa Arch.  Excellent.
Wow, that arch is big.  I hope to get closer.
I have crossed the arch and I am on the other side.  My gosh it's a big arch.
Utah was great. I hope to go back and maybe lead a tour with Stuffie Tours. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arches National Park Visit

We left our readers off with me catching up with the stuffies that lived in and around Moab, Utah. I wanted to get some insider tips on where to go.  Unanimously, all the stuffies said go to Arches National Park, so that's where I am headed. 
The Utah state license plate has a famous arch on it called Delicate Arch. 

I am hoping to find it today.
Is this the famous arch on the Utah State License Plate?  Nope, this is a non-named arch.  Perhaps I could name it Little Fox's Arch. 
What about this one? 
This isn't Delicate Arch but it's called Double Arch. I have a feeling I am closer to finding the famous arch. 
They call this one Turret Arch. 
A quick rest on the trail. 
Do you see it?  It's I, Little Fox at Delicate Arch.  Yipee! I made it. Now what?
My stuffie friends gave me some more suggestions on where to go. 
I need to find some places called Corona Arch and Castle Valley. 
PS- Happy Easter Blog Pals. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny and I are enjoying a relaxing morning.
Happy Easter Everyone.  Now when are we going to break into the candy in the basket? 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day two: Moab Utah

Hello Blog Pals ~
It's me, Little Fox, back on vacation (or holiday for my Canadian and English stuffy friends).
I convinced my roommates to take me back to Canyonlands National Park.  Today, we left the flat top mesa area to go to the Needles District.

The Needles District was less populated but I am looking at the Islands in the Sky district about 60 miles away.

Ooh, there is a hike nearby.  Let's go!
It's more of a climb then a hike but I am doing great.
The desert flowers were somewhat in bloom.  I did see that the Indian Paintbrush is blooming.  
Ouch!  This looks spiky.

One thing the Needles area is known for is the petroglyphs made by the Anasazi Indians about 4000 years ago. I am still studying archeology at the University but I have to admit my classes have focused more on secret meetings with operatives and treasure hunting versus trying to figure out what ancient people were saying.  However, I best explore.
This petroglyph looks important. I wish I brought my archaeology books. 
 This petroglyph was called newspaper rock. 

Time to head back to Moab after a long day of exploring. When I got home I found a group of stuffies waiting to welcome me to their clan. I hope they have some good travel suggestions. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Welcome to Utah!

Hello Blog Pals ~
Welcome to Utah where Life is Elevated!
After a smooth flight from my hometown to Salt Lake City my roommates put me in a car and we headed to south central Utah.
Our first destination, after lunch that is, was Goblins Valley State Park.  This parks claim to fame is the huge amount of hoodoos rock formations all concentrated in one place.
I should have brought a color scarf or my sombrero to stand out among these fox colored rocks. 
Little Fox on red rocks (Ok, hoodoos to be more exact but it doesn't rhyme).
Lots of places for a fox to hide. 

Time to move on, looks like the rain is coming. 
After a good nights sleep and a big meal including homemade bread this little fox is ready to explore.
Time to explore Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. Our first stop is at a park of the park called Islands in the sky.  A flat top mesa where you can enjoy many panoramic views.  There is no concession services in the park.  Don't worry Jerry and Ben I brought snacks,  lunch, and a lot of water.
It's a long way down. 
Lots of little caves and arches for a stuffy to hide in. 
There are mountains behind me, can you see them? 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Let's Go!

In 2013 the Portland Airport announced it was going to replace it's carpet and social media went crazy.  The carpet has been in circulation since 1987 and when announcements were made that a new carpet was to be installed in 2015 enterprising business people started selling items made with the old carpet.  Hats, socks, sections of the carpet, t-shirts with the carpet design, you name it they probably made it.  Now that the new carpet has been in use for about two years people in Portland often take pictures of their feet against the new carpet before they go on a trip.  Here is my contribution to this art form. 
Now let's get down to business.  This fox is off on vacation.  Of course I will need identification.  Check. 
A big cup of hot chocoalte teh fortify me through the flight.  Check. 
A spot in my traveling backpack (versus my hiking backpack).  Check.  

Now friends, where am I off too? 
On a side note if you are interested in the carpet and it's history check out this article. 
If you want to buy something made from the old carpet or based on the design (yes, they sell actual pieces of the old carpet too - I saw it on etsy for $28.00) check out this link