Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring ???

I woke up this morning hopeful for an adventure.  Nothing too exciting yet but it looks like Spring is officially here.  This is our almond tree blooming nicely.  I hope Spring comes soon for all of my blog pals.
 Speaking of nice, thanks to Jerry and Ben for the awesome starbucks card.  I love the fox.  I tried to get my roommates to take me there today to load the card but they denied my constant requests.

Thanks Jerry and Ben

Sunday, February 22, 2015


A nice “spring” day.   What?  Spring you say?  How can that be?  I am no fox-meteorologist but I know good weather when I see it and we are off to explore. 

This flowering tree is doing well, I wonder if it’s a rhododendron? I like this old house near the tree as well.  Perhaps they give behind the scene tours?

 Look what store is across the street.  Can we stop? Pleasssssssssseee……………?  I'll buy.........

 This train was revving up and getting ready to depart.  It looks like it’s going north, I wonder if it’s going to Canada and if they will take me along to visit Sandy eh?  After visiting Sandy, maybe I can catch a train east to visit Jerry, Ben, and Ajdin.  I think Hammie is onto something when he mentioned the stuffy get-together….I am anxiously awaiting Jerry's response to that question.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day weekend exploration

I hope everyone had a beary relaxing Valentine’s Day weekend.  I got to take a training trip (my roommates wanted to see how Sequoia would act in a motel overnight) so we went about four hours south to find a place to stay.  Update:  Sequoia did well, but we stayed on the bottom floor and the footsteps upstairs aggravated him so we learned that we might want to stay on the top floor instead of the bottom.  I see a lot of traveling in his future…

Our first stop was at a winery and sheep pasture.  The farm had lots of cute sheep hanging around and eating the weeds near the grapes.  The wine was beary good and the sheep were beary cute as well.   
There were some black sheep playing but being typical black sheep they didn't pose for any pictures with me. 

Next stop was a short hike to stretch Sequoia’s legs.  We went on a river trail around a large park.  The winter has been beary mild, in fact the wildflowers were starting to peek out (daffodils are already blooming).  I hope my friends on the East Coast and the Midwest have lots of hot chocolate stashed away for the cold weather you often get.
After a relaxing hike, my roommates wanted to see another winery.  This one had lots of land (you know for grapes) and they decided to get a glass to enjoy outside in the sun.  Sequoia got a chance to get out of the car and explore the winery (on leash of course) but he was very intrigued by the pack of turkeys wandering through the grapes.  I am just going to sip, relax, and repeat. 
Hmm, I might need a straw.

After the winery, on our way back we came across this little restaurant.  I put my paw down and made sure my roommates stopped so I could explore.  I got my picture taken, they didn’t even let me go in.  Hmph!

Looks like a fun place and the hours are great!

Come on.....can't we PLEAAAAAAAAAASE go in?

Day two: 
Time to head back home but my roommates must have been feeling bad for not letting me explore the Fox Den so I got to go on a nice hike.  I am excited because I feel I have some good pictures for Julie Jane’s contest (have you sent your pictures in?). 

Which way are we going?  Tough call.

Our hike started out in the fog as we went through a clearing with some old oak trees. 
Should I send this one in?

The uphill section of the hike was nicely forested.  It was foggy when we started the hike but we figured it was early in the day that the fog might lift.
Made it to the top. 
It's like I am floating on air. 
Relaxing at the top.  Who brought the snacks?.

Three Sisters (the mountains....not people)  in background.  

Sequoia made it up without problems and we got this shot before he turned away or I fell down from the wind.
Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day weekend, stuffies and seKrebearies alike.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mail Call....

Ah, finally the weekend and my roommates got around to opening my mail.  Paws don't make it easy to open mail so I am often at the mercy of my roommates and their kindness.

I had lots of mail to sift through.  First, I see the signature mark of two little bears.  But wait, two cards?   Why is that?
 Aha, one is for Valentine's Day and the other must be.....oh wait??? Yes, it's for my birthday.
The card on the left is my Valentine's Day card and the one on the right is my bearday card.  Thanks guys.  I was afraid that maybe Jerry and Ben would be sending me snow in the mail  It was 60 degrees yesterday, beary warm for a Northwest Winter.  
Nest up is a package from Ajdin.  This magnet is going on my fridge and the business card is beary professional Ajdin.  Nicely done.  I am so excited about the magnet, this is the first thing I have ever won.
Last but not least I (Ok, all of us stuffies and Sequoia) got a nice Valentine's Day card from my Grandmother.  I also got a great bookmark so I can keep track of the pages I read in my travel books.  Thanks everyone!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Little Fox, Construction Supervisor

A few weeks ago my roommates decided to put some new lights in their house.  Of course, I was hired to act as the supervisor, because, well let's face it without me nothing would get done.  The weather is supposed to be wet this weekend, according to the newscaster beary wet.  I imagine it will be wet for Sandy too, which makes it hard for me to get my snow picture for Julie Jane's contest.

My roommates got a good deal on some fixtures that are nice looking compared to our ugly flowery ones.  

Any good supervisor should read the instructions.  These look well written.  Hmm, let's see, what's first?
The old flowerly ones came down without any problems.  So far so good.  
I am inspecting the hole and the wires.  Always remember to shut off the power.  Beary, beary important. 
The new fixture is set up properly, I think it's ready to go up.
For the most part things went smoothly, I could use some help from Sequoia though.  I wonder where he is?  Aha, sleeping on the job. 
You know, I think Sequoia is onto something.  After installing two lights today I think I deserve this break.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Thanks everyone for the bearday wishes.  From left to right we have Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, and Ooogie's cards card, Julie Jane and Elsie Elanies New Years Card, a card from my grandmother, a birthday card from Hammie, and a Beanie Card from Sandy.  I am a beary lucky fox.