Sunday, March 30, 2014

Casino Trip

It was a rainy day yesterday.  Every once in a while the sun would shine through and we would see a rainbow.  I decided to treat my roommates to a little adventure today.  I told them to drive west until we finally found some sun. 

These hyacinths were beary fragrant, I wonder if Jerry has any planted in his garden?  Seemed like my luck was turning good, so I figured we should all explore the casino (of course I left my wallet at home, hmm I wonder if I can borrow some money from my roommates?)

Look at all of these games.  I wish I brought my pocketbook, my roommates both commented on how “convenient” it was that I forgot my money. All these animal themed games sure look like fun.  Do they have a fox themed game?  I bet I would do well with a  fox themed game.  No bear themed games either.  Ugh, humans. 

My roommates dragged me along and rolled their eyes when I asked to sit in the driver’s seat and rev the engine of the car.  Security would only let me sit on the rail, but I still got a good picture.  Red is a nice color, I would prefer an orange one instead.

Lots more adventuring happened and I was getting tired and we were ready to go home.  I had to get one more picture by this little waterfall and smell the  hyacinths one more time before the long wet drive home.  I need to get some of those plants for my garden. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A meal fit for a mouse

I wasn't really up for cooking last night so I decided to have some Goat cheese and some sort of  French cheese for dinner.  I couldn't help but think of Beanie Mouse as I made this meal.  I wish I could package some of this cheese and send it over to you Beanie, but I don't know how to keep it refridgerated for such a long flight.

By the way Beanie I really enjoyed getting the handmade postcard card.  It's always a treat to get snail mail.
Thank you again!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Surprise Hike

My roommates woke me up early today to share the good news “Wake up Little Fox, we’re hiking today.”  I jumped out of bed and got my backpack packed.  It’s sunny and about 55 so I figured I would bring some huckleberry lemonade.  I was surprised because a Moose joined me on the hike.  This Moose REALLY likes Christmas, it's almost April and he is still wearing his Santa hat.  

These trees are Oaks, I think?  Am I right?  Do you see the old corral?  I think this used to be a ranch. 
Thankgoodness I am not a Dog.  Nothing was mentioned about leashes for a Little Fox or Moose.  We are in the clear, now “How do I get down from here?”

The view of the Columbia River Gorge was amazing.  I hear if you follow the river North it goes into Canada.  It’s a beary long way from here to Canada – but it would be a cool boat trip and fun to see Sandy. 

If you look carefully I think you can see the flowers and Mt. Hood in this picture.  A beary nice day, after all this gardening yesterday (sorry Jerry) and hiking today, I need a break. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What, no foxglove?

 It's the weekend.  I better get my backpack ready for a hike. My roommates told me that there would be no hiking today. Instead you have to do some gardening and work on our raised bed. I think this is a good job for me to supervise. Where is my huckleberry lemonade?

Time for a break, my roommates wanted to sit down too.  No breaks for them, back to work.
Ok, I think they are done. Now, we have to build the bed. What? We are not doing it today?  Humans, hmmmmphhhh. 

I think we should plant some foxglove and beargrass to accent the yard.  My roommates said the garden is for basil, tomatoes and onions only; no foxglove and beargrass in this garden. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quick Adventure

Spring is here.  Yes, we had lots and lots of rain today but I think Spring has officially arrived.  What better way to enjoy the day then go for a walk.  This heather plant was so pretty, I begged my owners to take a few pictures of me (they settled for one picture, hmph).

Off on our adventure.  We went to the beach area.  If you look closely you can see a ferry in the background.  I wonder if there are any stuffies on that ferry?

I heard this strange loud barking sound.  We decided check it out and I think we saw a sea lion pup.  He was my kind of sea lion, just hanging out on a bench near the water.

He barked and barked, my roommates decided to continue on the hike.  We saw all sorts of boats; sailboats, motor boats, row boats and I begged my roommates to take me out on a ride.  Of course, they don't own a boat but they could have tried to talk to a boat captain and asked for a ride.

No luck, we just decided to sit and enjoy the Spring flowers.  Hmmm, I wonder if there is a Starbucks nearby?  I could send my roommates to pick up some huckleberry hot chocolate.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yipee, a hike!

It was scheduled to rain today luckily my roomates noticed that it wasn't supposed to rain till later in the day.  That means they caved into my persistent badgering and took me for a hike.  This is the area we went to but we never made it to the top of the mountain.
The first stop was at the lake. It was so green.  I kept starting at it for a long time.  Ahh, it was good to get out today. 
I took the flag Ajdin made and claimed this hill and lakes for Stuffies Around the World. My roommate told me the lake and hill already had a name, I reminided him that once the flag was planted in the ground the land now belongs to stuffies (I think I read that stuffies could do that in a law book or something).
We did some more hiking and I decided to rest on this bridge.  The water looks beary cold, I wonder if Salmon swim upstream in this river?  I will have to ask my bear friends if they know.  I decided to have a cup of hot chocoloate with extra marshmallows (fox size, not human size) and relaxed at the bridge for a while.
Back on the trail, we got to our stop.  I was fiddling in the backpack and claimed this spot for stuffies worldwide as well.  I think my roommates think my claiming land phase is going to my head.  Hmph, humans, what do they know??? 

One more glance at the lake.  I wish I brought a fishing pole, canoe, or at least some sort of floating device.  The lake looks so peaceful, perfect place for a little fox to learn how to fish or relax with a bucket of honey.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dinner for a friend

The weather is kind of rainy this weekend and my roommates have hinted that we are not going hiking. I haven't been hiking for almost a month....ugh the things a Little Fox has to put up with.  My roommates said I could invite a friend over. Since Little Bear was at Starbucks, I called Reindeer over. 
We chatted about food and I found out he is a vegetarian. My roommates offered to cook us dinner. Yipee. 
I checked out our magazines. Hmmm, I am am more of a carnivore, what do you feed a vegetarian?  
Something French?  Yes, a French strata, that will do the trick. 
Since I am in a French mood, how about French Onion soup as well?  Hmm, how do I convince my roommates to cut all those onions for the soup.  I know, I will guilt them into it.  I should remind them that I haven't been adventuring or hiking for a while.  That should do it. 

Dinner time. The strata and soup and looks great. 
Reindeer says it's best to have soup first. 
The French know to cook (now I know why Ben likes everything French, the food is sooooo good). A good dinner indeed. Maybe we can go hiking next weekend?