Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day parts two and three

Let’s see, oh yes I left off talking about lunch.  We did get a nice lunch of pork nachos and Sequoia got a little jealous of all of us eating and had to get this picture taken at the restaurant.
After the hike we went to work on our brewery passport program.  We visited another brewery, got our stamps and our prizes (t-shirts this time).  Also saw this interesting animal and this cool painting of a wolf sharing a campfire.  My roommate thought the guy on the right looked like a young and thinner Kenny Rogers.  What do you think blog pals?

...Day Two...
Day two was just as busy as day one.  Again, we started with a river hike (you can thank the fishing bear for the suggestion).

Off we went back to the Deschutes River.  Our goal was Dillon Falls about five miles downstream.  
If you look hard toward the back you can see Lava Is
 Lava Island was our first big landmark.  It was an island of lava (creative naming eh?). 

The water was rushing in some places and calm in others.  

 The river trail eventually led us to Dillon Falls.  All along the river we saw kayakers and white water rafters but interestingly we didn’t see anyone try navigating the falls. 
Dillon Falls was our destination and also our lunch spot.   What?  Only a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  What no chips?  No trail mix? No cheese?  I am going to have a serious talk with the chef of the house and make sure this injustice gets fixed.

Day three was just as busy as day one and two.  Sadly, we had to leave and start heading back home.  On the positive side we had a nice waterfall hike planned for midway home.  This hike, Shelburg Falls, is a new one for us.  I have to admit I am a sucker for foxglove (go figure?) and the foxglove is starting to bloom.  As you can see the invasive scotch broom is blooming too.


After a short jaunt up a hill through an open range we reached Shelburg Falls.  I decided to relax a little and enjoy the view.

We reached the falls pretty early in the hike and since it was sunny my roommates decided to continue on with the hike.  As you can see the sun is shining through the trail.  Aah what a relaxing weekend although I must admit I am tired and need a good nights rest.  Happy Memorial Day! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

I was lucky to celebrate this Memorial Day with a surprise road trip provided by my roommates and Sequoia. 

At our lodging I had the chance to meet a local.  This bear was beary intent of telling me all of the good places to hike.  Interestingly most of the places to go hiking involved being around water (I guess that’s what happens when you take advice from a bear in fishing gear).
Our first stop was at Newberry Crater.  6,200 years ago this mountain decided to erupt and a sea of lava spilled out.  
Lava everywhere.
 It was pretty interesting walking around.  There were some potential for great views but the sky was a little cloudy and covering all of the mountains.  
Apparently, it’s difficult for plants to grow in lava something to do with the soil (or lack of soil) I fathom.  There were a couple of sparse plants in the lava flow area and a few are even blooming. 
After exploring the lava flow we decided to take a short hike before lunch.  The Deschutes River flows right through town and there are some good hiking trails.  The sun started to come out and with the sun so did the people.

When is lunch?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A hike for a little fox.

Yesterday was all about Sequoia.  He got to participate in the doggie dash a walk/fundraiser for the Humane Society and pet food companies had all sorts of free samples for him to eat.  I tagged along but was placed in a less than desirable spot of the backpack and then was placed in the trunk of the car for the ride home. 

Today was more about me so that was good.  A long hike up a mountain was what was planned today.
This is a nice trail because it gives you lots of scenery to view before you reach the top. The first stop was Hardy Falls, it’s a nice small waterfall on the way up the mountain.

The wildflowers were out in full swing today.  

I wonder what kind of flower this is?
I should inspect it closer. 
As we climbed the views got better and better.
 I think this is Indian Paintbrush.  As you can see my roommates remembered my flag.  I conquer this plant for Stuffies everywhere.
Finally made it to the top of the mountain.  Time for lunch.  After lunch I got out the flag, found a good spot to plant it and now this mountain belongs to Stuffies.  
 So my stuffy friends, come on out and I will be happy to lead you on a tour of our mountain but as you can see it’s a little windy on top so be sure to bring a jacket.

Post Script:  My roommates really like this picture of Mt. Adams and the flowering trees in the foreground.  It’s OK, of course if I was in it then the picture would be spectacular.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I  plan to celebrate this special day in style. Now, where are my roommates to help me with the microwave?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A nice hike on a nice day.

What a nice day.  It’s about 70 degrees in the gorge and the wildflowers are supposed to be out.

Before I can start my hike I should double check the instructions and the map.  Yep, I got it figured out, now it’s time to hitch a ride in the backpack.
This trail passes an old pioneer cemetery.  Most of the graves were from people who died in the 1880s.  This town is right along the Oregon trail so we assume that these pioneers were actual, real life pioneers on the Oregon trail. 
Once we passed the pioneer cemetery we followed a small creek to waterfall.  The flowers were out in full bloom and the grass along the trail was similar to what we assume a National Grassland must be like.  Has any of my stuffy friends been to a National Grassland?
 Once we passed the pioneer cemetery we followed a small creek to waterfall. 

There was a beary large amount of grass along the trail.  We concluded that this Is this similar to what we a National Grassland must be like.  Has anyone ever been to a National Grassland?
 The trail had a couple of old Oak trees on it and lots of flowers enjoying the shade of the old Oak trees.
Then I came across this strange looking specimen.  It looks like it’s a flower and I think this is a Ponderosa Pine tree so I assume it’s what pine cones look like before they become pine cones.  I must run to the library to get a book on tree identification to find out what this is.

Made it to the top.  My favorite type of plans, California Poppies are out in full bloom. 

The Lupine is looking good.  
A couple of Balsam Roots are still out.  Not as many as a couple of weeks ago (must be getting close to Summer).
Wasn't it nice to have this fence for me to pose on.  I look quite dapper if I don’t say so myself.   Actually, it was a little windy on the top of the plateau so this had to be a quick picture so I don’t fall off.

Back to the car the same way we came up.  My roommates mentioned that lunch would be in a restaurant instead of on the trail.  I wonder what we’ll have.  Fish tacos?  Salmon burger?  Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich?