Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter or for my friends learning French Joyeuses Pâques

Easter is today! is my Easter basket, thanks Grandma.
It looks like I am hosting an Easter party for my stuffy friends.  Argggg so much to do.  I think the first thing I should do is colour the eggs.  So I learned something, the stores sell out of Easter egg dye when you go shopping for Easter egg dye the night before.  Luckily we have some food colouring that will do.

Do you see the fox colored ones?

Next I need to unload the dishwasher and set the table.
 My stuffie friends must be hungry, they are just hanging out at their designated spots at the table.

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a way to indicate which part of the ham is for stuffies and which part is for humans? I know, I will get the flag Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, and Ooogie gave me and claim a part of the ham for the stuffies and  another part for the humans. Now who gets the big ham and who gets the smaller one??? Maybe, just maybe we can share the that I think about it that seems like a good thing to do this Easter.

Happy Easter blog pals!!

A pre Easter Trip

My roommates wanted to get out of town for the day and guess who got to come along? Me! Maybe we can find some of those California Poppies I have been looking for, it's been a week since I went last looking.
We headed toward Hood River to see the blooming trees. I think they are pear trees blooming
but I am not sure.

This is strange looking honey, why is it white? Does it taste like regular honey? It's a beary big
jar....bear size. I wonder if I can get some shipped to my bear friends to have them taste test it to see if it tastes as good as the honey they are used too?  This store also had Huckleberry Jam (my favorite berry), I wonder if a group of certain humans will buy it for a certain fox?

More blooming trees. I think I look fetching in this orchard. When does the fruit come in? I
should see if my roommates will buy me a huckleberry pie????

No poppies out today, rats!  Maybe my roommates will appease me and stop here for a quick refreshment before the long drive home.......I have this crazy feeling that this is going to be a great place to stop.......

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Search for the elusive California Poppy

After a tough day of gardening and walking back and forth through the tall grass (sheez, wouldn't it be nice is someone *hint hint* mowed the lawn so a certain Fox could get back and forth easier to the garden)?  My roommates decided to take a hike to see all of the wildflowers.  I hope I get to see some California Poppies today, my favorite flower besides Foxglove and Bear Grass but they are not out in season yet....

I think this one is Balonroot, I wish it would grow in my garden, the yellow is a beary  cool color but it's no poppy. 
What a big field of flowers.  Nope, no poppies yet....

I am not sure what this flower is, it's definately not Foxglove, Bear Grass or a California Poppy.  It's definately picture worthy though.

The mountain looks great today....Hey, why am I not in this picture???????  This is not how this blog works!!!!! 

Sigh, all of this hiking and no California Poppies.  Ooooh, wait I saw some as we were driving home........"stopppppppp thhhhhhhe carrrrrrrrrrr".  Phoey, they drove by but said we might be able to go out again this weekend searching for some poppies.

HMMM, why is blogger being so difficult with this strange background>??????

Friday, April 11, 2014

Garden time

Time to start planting some seeds today..... Wow this grass is sure tall how am I going to make it to the garden?    I think I may be lost in my own back yard.   Sheesh my roommates really need to mow. 

Ahhhh finally made it to the garden bed. This raised bed is beary big. So much space to plant. 

 Now, let me see where I want to plant my seeds. Arugula, lettuce my favorite. I hope the rabbits Sandy saw today don't come down to eat the lettuce.  Onions and Cilantro....yipee maybe we can make some Mexican food when they come in.  

What?  I can't plant the peas in the garden? I need to plant them in a pot....I wonder what Jerry thinks I should do?  Gardening is such hard but rewarding when the vegetables are ready for harvest.  What to do while I wait for them to grow, hmmmmm  maybe take a hike?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shopping at the beach

My roommates took yesterday off from hiking (how could they?) and went shopping at Ikea instead.  I think they felt bad about leaving me at home during prime wildflower season so as a token of forgiveness they took me to the beach today.  We went browsing all of the little beach stores and found a store with some interesting stuff.
These bears look beary nice, I bet they know which stores sell fresh salmon and honey.

What kind of polite, kind, neat, personalable, friendly, sly,  overall cool animal is this????? Oh wait, it’s a fox (and some nice looking raccoons in the back).   I wonder if my roommates will secretely buy this fox and take it home to my garden.  It’s made of concrete so he is beary heavy, I will have to supervise delivery and placement in the house (or garden) if they buy him.

They didn’t buy the fox (drat) nor these gnomes but they are still beray colorful. 

After shopping and fish and chips for lunch we went to hike along the bay near the beach.  The Scotch broom was out in force and then looking at the Bay we were walking along I saw this strange setup of material in a row on the bay.  There were no clues as to what they were, my roommates think they were some sort of fishing devices but the mystery remains. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Off to the beach.............

Ahhh a sunny day (no blizzard in Oregon....sorry Jerry), what to do?  What… roommate wants to go to the beach today; count me in!  Look at all the things to do at this park.  We can camp, hike, beach comb, and fish.  Today we decided to go for a hike and to try to find wildflowers.
Looks like some sort of lily; perhaps it is a similar species to Lily Sandyenis.  MMMM smells good.  Jerry, do you have any plants like this in your garden?

This stump looks like the perfect place to relax with some lemonade.  What, you didn’t bring any???  I think I need to look into hiring a more responsible Sekrebeary.
These rocks on the trail are OK sized for humans but beary difficult for Little Foxes.  Looks like it’s back in the backpack for me or we’ll never get up these rocks in time.

The wildflowers are out in force today, I think these ones are wild roses, and the other ones might be trilliums...not sure though.

Finally made it to the beach viewpoint.  You can look out to the ocean as I am in this little video but I prefer staring back at the beach.  This seems like the perfect place for a snack.  I had my roommate stop at Starbucks and pick me up a package of honey for my snack (lemonade would go perfect with this honey….just saying).

On my way back saw lots more flowers and this boat in the distance.  I wonder if they are salmon fishermen?  Oh, that would be great, fresh salmon right off the boat.  If I play my cards right maybe I can convince my roommate to take me to a certain cheese factory I like......