Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Little Fox visits National Scenic Area

I hope all of my blog pals and sekrebearies are doing well.  I was lucky enough to get a trip to the Rogue River Scenic Area.  Let's see how scenic it is.

When the hike started I saw a ton of these Madrona trees.  The bark is a very fetching color of reddish orange.  I think they rename these trees "Fox tree".  Perhaps it's another time for Mr. Fox to go lobby our governor in Salem?

Trees aren't all the scenic but the river sure was.  The Rogue River is very popular for white water rafting and hikers.  The bridge is the background is really impressive.
The hike along the river not only provides good scenery but also lots of opportunities to see what water rafters.  

Where are the rafters?

This waterfall is just my size.  I wish I had a canteen to bring some of this fresh water home with me.  I bet it would make excellent lemonade. 

Any good adventure needs refreshments.  After our hike I suggested my roommates take Sequoia and I to a winery to relax.  Wineries work well for dog owners in that most are dog friendly.  
Wow, is this whole bottle of wine for me?  I bet Ben could make an excellent coq au vin with this wine.

Sequoia happily relaxing after a long days hike. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A cooking lesson with Sequoia

Hello Blog Pals,
I was put in charge of Spring cleaning today and I was in charge of cleaning the kitchen.  I found an old jar of cookie mix way in the back and secretly called Sequoia over to guard the kitchen while I examined it more closely.
He seems like a pretty competent guard dog. 
The jar looked in good so we decided to make the cookies.  As you can see the dough mixed well in the bowl.  In fact there isn't much dough left. 

A little parchment paper and some handiwork with a couple of teaspoons made it easy to prepare my cookies.  Perhaps I can get gig on Cooking with Ben.
I decided to take a break from the cookies to make a snack.  Chicken-a-la-Little Fox. 
As I took my break my roommates found the cookies and put them in a plastic bag.  Opening the bag was harder than I thought so I decided ask my friend Reindeer to help me out.  
Once we figure out this puzzle the cookies will be ours!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

A beary special treat

After our hike my roommates informed me we would not be staying at a ranch.  Phoeey.  Also, we were not staying at a five or even four star hotel.  Rats, this isn't fairing well for me.  We ended up at a nice little house.  Sequoia and I went our separate ways to explore and I found the stuffy ambassador for the house.  
I met this nice bear and apparently he said he was going to be my guide this weekend.  He was a pretty old bear but could sure get around the house.  We followed Sequoia to the kitchen.  I decided to look around and see what beverages were available for me.
Hmm, do any of my stuffy friends have a guess what might be in this container?  
 Yep, it's hot chocolate!  Yipee, this is turning out beary well for me (and there is a bear on the tin to boot).
Sequoia kept barking and barking which is unusual since he doesn't bark much.  The bear went back to the room to relax so I decided to follow Sequoia outside.
Oh my, do you see that?  Chickens, fresh yummy chickens just wandering around waiting for me.  I can't believe how cool this place is.  Let's review: Bear tour guide, hot chocolate ready to go and fresh chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!  
More chickens.  I can't believe how lucky I am.
The owners of the house are really nice.  I am almost having second thoughts of trying to get into the chicken coop....almost having second thoughts.......Let's see, this latch looks hard to open. I better get a different view. 
Man, this is hard.  I can't seem to get it open and I better hurry before Sequoia barks too much and my roommates come and find what I am up to.
I got through gate #1 but there was another fence.  Rats, foiled again.  This friendly chicken informed me, matter-of-factly that they were not for consumption.  It was at that time my roommates, Sequoia, and my bear tour guide came out to the chicken coop to "escort' me away from the coop - which is good because it might mean we are going to take a hike.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Secret Adventure Day 1

I took my stuffy friends advice and snuck into my roommates bag so I could get a vacation.  I had to keep this a secret from my roommates since I didn't really ask permission to come along - as you can tell I am trying to hide behind this set of flowers.
As you can see I am hiding in the shadows here as well.  The scenery is really nice and the lake looks beary peaceful.  
I knew I was in trouble when my roommates started opening the snacks.  What?  Sequoia gets a piece of cheese for his snack?!?  I started grumbling and mumbling and my roommates found me out.  They were surprised to be sure but glad to see me (who isn't glad to see me???).  Well, now that I am out in the open, time to continue the blog.   My roommates said we were going to do this hike, Tam-A-Lau but before hand we needed to give Sequoia some exercise.  Let's do it!
The scenery is really nice.  Wide open spaces. 
 What mountain is that in the background?  Hmm, where is the flag Ajdin made for me.  I think I need to claim this land for stuffy recreation.

 Oh, it's Mt. Jefferson.  To get a good picture of the mountain you sacrifice a picture of the lake.  Ahh, the problems I face.
 Now that our hike is done, where are we going to stay?  This looks like cattle country, maybe we are staying at a ranch?  Perhaps a luxury hotel?  I hope our accommodations are fox friendly.