Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blank Performance Evaluation

Hello Blog Pals,
In case you need a blank performance review for your Sekrebearies I have attached a link at the bottom of the blog.

Evaluation Form

I hope the bribe from Jerry and Ben's Sekrebearies works well and that they get a good review.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Performance Review

Hello Blog Pals,
I know a lot of you were curious about what form I use to evaluate my Sekrebearies.  I use it over the year and when we have our annual performance review I break out the form.  At the bottom you can see how I determine if my staff gets a raise or not.  

100% in the “always” category – Sekrebeary gets raise.
75% in the “always” category – Sekrebeary maintains job
50% in the “always” category – Sekrebeary returns to school for a refresher course
Under 50% - Sekrebeary demoted to weed picker in Stuffy’s garden. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wildflower hike

After my day supervising my roommates and working on the garden I figured I deserved a hike today as reward.  We went out to the Columbia River and saw a ton of different flowers.  The sun was out and the temperature almost topped 80!

We started off at viewpoint along the river.  Apparently, the Indians in this area used to float their dead (on canoes) to islands.  Apparently, the islands were the final resting places and before the river was dammed there were many islands. If you look past me to the right you can see the island. 
Once we started on the trail the flowers showed themselves. The yellow sunflower looking flower is called Balsam Root.  It’s beary showy.

 The blue lupine was out as well.  Typically that is a later blooming flower in Oregon but this winter was so warm the timing on the flowers is off as well.
The Indian paintbrush is out today as well.  The picture does it no justice but it’s a light shade of Hammie Red.

There were lots of old stumps and logs to sit on and Sequoia even got into the pictures as well.

My plan was to have my roommates carry me to the top of the hill and claim the land for stuffy’s everywhere.  Of course to claim land one needs a flag.  Ajdin made me a cool flag last year and when I questioned my roommates about my flag and when I could claim this land for stuffy’s they just looked at me blankly.  Hmph, apparently they left the flag at home today!  This mistake is definitely going on their mid-year evaluation. 

To make up for leaving the flag at home my roommates stopped along the highway to let me look at some sculptures…’s a good start but they aren’t off the hook yet.  Hmm, maybe a stop at Starbucks for a nice iced drink might do the trick

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's garden time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello from the garden.  It’s time to start preparing the garden, my vegetarian friend Reindeer decided to come outside and help me supervise.

One of the first jobs is to spread some manure around the garden to give the soil some nutrients.  This bag looks hard to open, better have the roommates do it.

Next step is to work the manure into the ground.  Yep, you guessed it, another job for the humans.  Good thing we have 2 supervisors today. 

Now that things look good we better take a closer look.  It seems Sequoia showed some interest in gardening.  Actually, he has started to eat grass, perhaps Dogter Freud can help us figure out what is going on with Sequoia.  One thing for sure he hasn't really learned to pose yet. . 

We got some tomatoes and peppers along with a lot of seeds this year.  We hope our garden grows big this year.  Fellow gardeners….have you started planting your garden yet?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A fine festival

I wasn't sure anything was going to happen this weekend.  About 1:00pm this Saturday I was summoned by my roommates to the car.  Where could we be going?  Hiking?  The Park?  Starbucks?  No, we went to the Tulip Festival!!!!!

Rows and rows of tulips. As far as the eye can see. 
Who weeds all these plants?
I think they should name an official tulip color, Hammie Red.
Another bench, but not as comfy to sit on.
This bench looks comfy.   I might sit here for a while, I wonder if anyone is going to bring me Hot Chocolate?

The multi color tulips are my favorite.

 This is what I imagine Jerry's garden is like.  Does Ben do the weeding in Jerry's garden?

Friday, April 10, 2015

A package from a dog.....

The doorbell rang and who was at the door?  No one!  Except for a package from a Droopy D.  It was sent on April fools day.....should I open it, is it a trick?  I hope it's from Droopy and his pals. 

 The package was addressed to me and I can't just let a package sit unopened (character trait of all stuffies) so I decided to see what Droopy sent.
What a cool gift!  Cards with a fox on it and a stamp with a fox on it as well.  Now I can send cards to my stuffy friends with a little stamp on the outside so you for sure who sent the card.

Thanks Droopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adios Mexico

After a well needed rest the next day I got my roommates up and took them on a tour I booked to a small mountain town, San Sebastian de Oeste.  It’s about a 1.5 drive from Nuevo Vallarta but well worth it.  
Our first stop was at a large bridge and a little restaurant.  I got out of the van and decided to relax on this swing.
Is it OK to swing after eating tortillas?
Along the way we stopped at a Tequila distillery.  The tour we took stopped and after listening to a speech about how they make it I felt it would be rude of me not to try a sample.  It was beary good, especially the coffee flavored (you will notice I restrained myself to just a little tequila since I am still standing up).
Orange flavored tequila.
Coffee flavored tequila, look at Starbucks.
After the distillery we went to an old Hacienda that is now a museum (about Hacienda's).  It was beary interesting.  According to the guide the building was over 300 years old and it was in good shape for such an old building
Beary clean for over 300 years old.


They also had lots of old weights and measures to help miners measure out the silver when they brought it to the hacienda for payment.
 The grounds were pretty and inside the hacienda there was a relaxing courtyard where all the flowers  were blooming.

This looks old....
 I love these old towns.  It was a long drive but it was worth it to see the country and the old adobe buildings.

If I buy this house I wonder if it has enough room for all of my stuffy friends?
Off to church.

After another good nights sleep were off to do more adventuring.   Today we’re off to the city center. 
According to trip advisor it’s beary important to visit the flea market.  We did, it was fun but I don’t think I would qualify it as “beary important” to visit.
We walked around the neighborhoods and checked out the nice houses.  This one has a great view, should I call a real estate agent?
Ate lunch in the trip advisor highly rated flea market.  Lunch wasn’t too bad they served chicken noodle soup and pork to put on homemade tortillas.  I wasn’t sure what we were really getting, my roommates had a hard time translating Spanish to English to Fox. 
Chicken noodle soup.

Tray of food to make little tacos out of

Saw another Starbucks.  Can we stop, please???????????????
This bread looks interesting.  I hope we can try some I see these trucks and this bear all over the city.  It must be good. Note:  Tried it and it tasted just like wheat bread does in the United States. 
Do they have Salmon in these waters?  Do you think the captain will take me out for a tour?

Relaxed on the beach in front of someone’s boat and then relaxed more with my sombrero.  It’s amazing, with my sombrero people still pegged me as a tourist.  

I don't think I look like a tourist, do you think I do?

It's my final day and I realized I am on vacation so I should probably do some relaxing.  What do you think?
This chair looks comfy.

Do they allow foxes in the pool?

 It’s time to go. I am staring out the window at the airport, not ready to leave but understanding that I must.

 Adios, Zorrito.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Off to Mexico I go…

Of course like any modern stuffy, I am a jet setter.  See I got my own window seat.  Now where is that flight attendant with my salmon pate?
Attention all stuffies, fasten your seat belt for takeoff.
We landed and breezed through customs and off to our lodging.  After a long day of traveling I decided to take a quick rest.  My roommates are tapping their feet and crossing their arms apparently they want to rest too….typical humans.
After a short rest we decided to go exploring.  The flowers are so nice and they are all blooming, hmm which one should I use for Sandy’s contest?  I wonder if Jerry can help me identify these flowers?

Day 2…

Ahh a full nights rest.  

This fox is ready to go.  We are off to a smaller beach town, Busceria’s.  This is a hot spot for Canadian tourists (not the geese that visit us in Fall but human tourists).  They have a Sunday flea market, a long section of beach, and lots of stores.

After a morning of exploring we decided to get some lunch.  We stopped at a little restaurant that had a chicken special (my favorite food).  The chicken special was 100 pesos (about $6.66 US dollars).  I got some rice, some sauce, a fruity drink and half of a chicken.  I didn't care about the rice but I sure liked the chicken.

Day 3….

Off to explore a small beach town called Yelapa. We had to wait a while at the marina and I saw this lucky dog with his own boat.

When we got to Yelapa we hiked along a short path and saw a cool waterfall.  We got back into the boat and headed across the bay to a beach for lunch.  So many restaurants to choose from and we found a good one right on the beach.
Hey, what happened?  Why am I not in this picture?

I sat back and enjoyed some of my roommates beer. 

Does anyone have a straw?

Maybe a bit too much beer. 

Day 4…

Just a relaxing day for me.  I saw this beary interesting coffee shop and guess what?  My roommates took me in, apparently they are thinking of taking a picture of me in front of this coffee shop on every trip we take.  That seems like a beary good idea to me.  Now I just have to get them to take more trips.  
Don’t worry they have all the goodies that our normal Starbucks offers but they also have cheesecake, that’s right, cheesecake. 

I came across this interesting sign; crocodiles don’t eat foxes right?  Right?

I guess I should take a rest on the beach.  Maybe sit down and catch up with my blog pals or read a book.  Does anyone have a copy of Fox in Socks I could borrow?

This looks comfy.