Sunday, February 23, 2014

New friend and new modes of transportation?

I met a new bear today. He is a big bear.  I asked him what his name was and he just stared at me blankly. I guess I will call him big bear. 
I was getting restless sitting around the house. I invited big bear to go adventuring with me but he just wanted to hang out on the couch. I decided to do some exploring today with my roommates.  Is that a ferry I see?  Maybe I can convince my roommates to take me for a ride on the boat. 
No luck, the ferry was unborarding, not loading.
 Maybe I can catch a ride on the train. It's either heading North to Canada (maybe I can catch the train and visit Sandy) or to points East (that way I can visit Jerry, Ben and Ajdin).  

Drat, the train did not stop for me (even after I waved politely).   I guess my method of transportation today will only involve my roommates carrying me around. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A little trip

It was time for me to take weekend trip.  We decided to head south to try and avoid the rain.  It was still raining so we decided to explore a few antique stores.  Look at this cool bench, perfect for a fox.
 The antique store had a couple of animals too.  This bear didn't have a name (I know how tough that can be) but his tag said Concrete Bear.  He was pretty nice and he let me hang out with him while my roommates wandered around the store.
It was still raining.  I convinced my roommates to take me for some hot chocolate at Starbucks.  Here I am posing for a picture with the Univ of Oregon duck (ok, he is in the picture behind me).  I think they should change the mascot to a fox.  But I guess a duck makes sense too since it rains so much here. 
More rain.  Sigh, off to a winery.  This winery was great, they gave a little fox like me a big people sized glass of wine.  I drank it all by myself (aren't you proud?)
I better take a walk and explore.
Next day.  No rain for a while.  We took a long hike through the park.  Then we decided to visit an estate winery.  They had a tour. This room is where they store all the wine, it is like a cave.
The winery was on a a hill (did I mention there was no rain today).  I was able to enjoy a few scenery shots of me and the countryside.
To celebrate the lack of rain today and my good behavior on the tour my roommates decided to treat me to a fox sized glass of wine.  Much smaller than a human sized glass.  After all of that wine, touring, and walking I decided to take a "nap"
I was woken up when it was time to head back home.  I begged my roommates for one proper picture of me at the winery.  
Overall not a bad weekend away. I always could use more hiking but I still got lots of exploring and adventuring done.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I was relaxing with my friend Little Bear. We just finished reading our favorite book, has anyone else read this story?
A knock at the door, who could it be? It was the mail bear bringing my mail.
I recognize this drawing.  I bet it's from Jerry and Ben
Then I saw another letter, who could that be from?  I think it's from Ajdin and Uncle Tibbs, yes it is!
I opened the package from Jerry and Ben and got this cool Valentines Day card.  Thanks, your scarfs look great in the picture. 
Then I opened Ajdin and Uncle Tibbs package and saw this neat picture in the card and a beary cool flag.  Look the flag has my initials LF.   I think I need to go hiking and take my new flag. Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mysterious Visitor

I woke up early today to see the fresh snow from last night.  My serene snow scene included tracks...I wonder if one of my friends is going to visit today? 
Then I heard a knock on the door.  Who could it be?  It was my friend "Little Bear".  I showed him the blogs of my friends and he seems to think there is a resemblance between him,  Jerry, Ben and Sandy....after further inspection I think I see it too. Either way I brewed up some hot chocolate so he could warm up even though he is dressed for the weather today.  

 We chatted for a while and then it started to snow again.  Use West Coast animals don't really do snow very well, but my roommates walked to to the store to pick up some more hot chocolate and marshmallows for Little Bear and I .

Thursday, February 6, 2014


We have had such a mild Winter that I was starting to think about what vegetables to plant in my garden this Spring.  Wait, what is this?  Is it snow?  Yipee it's snowing!

I think we have about 2 inches outside already and the forecaster said it's going to snow all night long.  I know for some of my blog pals this isn't much snow but for where I live it's a blizzard.  Will my roommates school be cancelled tomorrow?  Will he take me adventuring in the snow?  Can anyone see me, Little Fox, in this picture?

Sunday, February 2, 2014


My roommates woke me up early today and said "Get ready, were going to Stonehenge".  Now for a Little Fox who is afraid of flying internationally (I have heard horror stories of getting through customs) I was a little nervous.  Since my middle name is Adventure I figured it was worth a shot. I wonder what kind of things I should bring with me on a flight to Wiltshire England?  My roommates didn't seem too worried about packing (that's odd) and they hurried me in the car and started driving.  I started to get nervous when we drove past the airport and out toward to Columbia Gorge.  I soon realized they were talking about the OTHER Stonehenge, you know the one in Washington State, not the one in Wiltshire, England.

I haven't been to the real Stonehenge but somehow I think that you can't drive right up to it and for some reason I imagine the one in England busier...
 Recently (in the last 5 - 10 years) they started putting up wind turbines in the Gorge.  It's not too windy today.

Back in the car, where are we off to now?  It looks like the back of a winery.  What, I have to clean all of these barrels while my roommates taste wine?  No way!  I am going to explore instead. 

  Check out this old building with all of the cattle, I wonder if they tours of the ranch?

Finally, I found a place for a fox to relax.  It was beary sunny today and about 47 Fahrenheit (8.5 Celsius for my international friends).  Not bad for February 1st.  I was enjoying the view while my roommates were wine tasting.   It's no Starbucks but the view was pretty nice.
Just when I was getting restless to move on  I got a bearday surprise. My own bottle of wine to share with my roommates (I am confused since this is MY bearday gift and I am not sure why I have to share it) but it was still a beary good adventure