Saturday, June 20, 2015

Little Fox Construction Supervisor

Whew!  I have been busy today doing all sorts of things.  I had construction work to supervise today.  The first job I must supervise is patching the holes in the wall.  Hmm, some spackel ought to take care of this job

Ok, now I must get my roommates started on the painting the outside door.  
They seemed to have spelled the name Bear incorrectly.

Clearly, the outside porch needs painting.  My roommates have decided to hire out the other painting (this is good, less work means more time for adventuring). I fully support this idea, a professional painter will probably do a good job.
This must have been painted before I entered the supervision business.

Well, now onto the bathroom.  This looks like an easy fix.  All we have to do is repair the drawer and reinstall it.  Piece of cake.
I know this picture is hard to see but is that a brass fixture?  Brass....  Really?

Coffee break.

Sequoia came along to “help” out.  It was all good till he got paint on his fur and paws.  Ugh.

Wow, we got done fast, probably because of the great manager they hired  ***little fox with a gleam in his eye***This would be a good time for me to present the invoice.

With extra time in the afternoon we decided to head to the park.  We are at a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post called Fort Vancouver.  When my roommate went to school years ago (you know the middle ages) he spent many hours learning about Fort Vancouver and it’s importance in setting the state. 
When the fort was in full swing around 1840 they had a full English garden (5 acres) with decorative plants and lots of vegetables.  They had a smaller garden today.   This did have some wildflowers in bloom.
Oh my gosh, the train tracks were certainly busy today.  Hmm, this is an outing designed for Jerry and Ben (trains, gardens, sun). 
I like that color of orange.
I wonder if Jerry and Ben like sailboats?