Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A unique gift from my roommates.

Sequoia and I were just sitting around talking about our adventures and where we are off to next year.  Hard to believe it's almost 2017.  I have been busy this year with a trip to London, a trip to LA,  and my archaeological explorations.

I realized there was a Christmas gift I never opened yet.  It was a gift from my roommates and the box just said "To: Little Fox".  Yipee!!! A gift for me.

I opened up the gift and saw some interesting things in the box.  Looks like a hat, a satchel and a whip.  
Upon further inspection I was right. Now, I have all the necessary items to become "Indiana Fox". 
All the items fit and they are my size.  How did my roommates know?
Now that I am better outfitted for archaeology I better finish my classes so I am ready for my next adventure. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas.

The Christmas, non-Christmas stuffies, and I wanted to get together for a picture this year.  Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 19, 2016

An afternoon out....

Hello Blogger Pals, It is I, Little Fox.  No, I am not on vacation in the Midwest although this picture reminds me of what a Midwest winter might be and I think I will take a "pass" on it.  My roommates told me to get my spare change and pack a lunch because we are going to the Casino.  If the Casino has a buffet, why do I need to pack a lunch?  Humans make no sense to me.
There is still some snow on the grounds of the Casino. I am not sure if you can see the waterfall in the background.  Maybe I will use this picture as my holiday card picture next year?

The casino had their decorations out in full force.
This bear was about 6 feet tall.  I wanted to hop onto his sleigh and open some of the gifts but my roommates discouraged that behavior since he was on a roped off platform. I don't know how tall Uncle Tibbs is but this bear was huge.

Now let's get down to business.  I have my change in a mason jar and I am ready to start playing the slots.  Let's see this one looks lucky. 
This afternoon adventure was quite tiresome for me.  Casino's are built for walking around and little foxes don't have the stride length that humans do so I new I needed a break.  My roommates said they would get me a nice glass of wine to relax but upon further exploration this looks like water!
Santa Bear is going to hear about me.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The mystery of the Golden Chicken

I have been very intrigued to learn about the mystery of the Golden Chicken from the Operative.  I have done a little reading on the legend and I realized this might be an attainable goal for me.

As I am preparing for my trip I learned that the Golden Chicken is guarded by a horse.  Huh, this could be fun.

After a long journey I made it where I think the Golden Chicken is at.  The museum is going to be so proud of me.  Before I venture any further I must rest.
After my rest, I am ready to go.
There it is!  I just need to scale this mountain.
Getting closer
The whip is around the chicken and horse.
***Crash***  Let me rearrange myself and prepare my findings for viewing
I can't believe I found the Golden Chicken and the Cork Horse Guardian.  I am going to be a hero to the museum curator.  

Now the only question is what is next for me, Little Fox Archaeologist?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Little Fox, Archaeologist

Good Morning,
It is I, Little Fox Archaeologist, waiting in the shadows of the Wicker District.  The operative sent me a message telling me to be here in the early morning.
I have my whip handy and some cookies to take along on my adventure.  I don't have a passport so hopefully this adventure keeps me in the US.  

...Off to find the jewels...

Apparently, I am going to a very dangerous region and according to the operative I am on my own.
Could those be the jewels?  Wow, that was easy. 

Yes, the jewels!
Now, how am I going to get them back to the Wicker District?  I need someone who operates on the fringe of society, someone who is not afraid to make deals and someone who works cheap and can keep quiet.
 Out of the corner of my eye came the operative.

Operative: Yes, Little Fox I can sell these for you.  We will both be quite rich.
Little Fox: Perhaps I should donate them to the museum?
Operative: Little Fox, I know what the museum really wants, it's the Golden Chicken not these jewels.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Looks like we are in for a blizzard.  They are forecasting 1 to 2 inches - good thing I am safe at home.  Now, where is the hot chocolate?????

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A special meeting

Hello everyone,
For the last couple of years my roommates haven't been motivated by their low scores on their evaluations.  Since I have been "good" this year I have decided to forgo the evaluations and take my requests right to Santa Bear.

This year I would like:
**Healthy and tasty snacks on every hike (short or long)

**Trips and travels around the world

**Adventures suitable for a fox with snacks and desserts provided (I think Jerry is rubbing off on me)

**A free range chicken for Drunk Fox and I to enjoy (none of this farm raised stuff)

**Archaeology gear - hat and satchel

We'll see what Santa Bear delivers this year.  Keep your paws crossed. I best go, there are lots of animals in line for Santa.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jewel of the waterfall - archeology adventure

It is I, Little Fox Archeologist on a adventure in the woods looking for the secret jewels I read about online.  I am just doing a fact finding mission today, no whip, no other archeologist tools except a pencil and paper to make a map. 

The water is high today.  Probably hard to find the jewels when the water is running so fast.

My faithful (and food motivated assistant Sequoia) found the waterfall.  Agast, the water is running too high for me to search for any jewels. 
I wonder what secrets the waterfall holds? If it didn't rain too much over Thanksgiving perhaps the water would be moving slower and I could sneak under the falls to see if there is a secret tomb or door behind the falls for me to explore.  **Sigh**

Should I come back here in the summer looking for the jewels or should I continue my Archeology studies at the University and come back when I have earned passing marks on all of my classes?

Friday, November 25, 2016

A room with a view

Recently, my roommates took me on a  weekend overnight to a historic hotel.
We stayed in Room 13, which I highly recommend for Jerry and Ben to come out, stay in that specific room. Here is the view from that room.
Do you see the train?  It was literally across the street and the tracks were busy.  Freight trains and Amtrak alike.
Of course with trains outside your window comes a train station as well.
I look very stoic here don't I?  This information might be helpful.  Perhaps I take Amtrak to Canada next time, versus budget class on Canadian Goose Airlines.  
Now that my research is done, let's see what is around town.  I read that there was a farm that sells homemade apple fritters and has goats on display.

I appreciate how they have this animal listed as a "goat".  I didn't know that.
Local honey in the farm shop.  Is $6.99 a good price?
You could also buy bags of animal feed to feed the goats.  I bought some and told my roommates to feed the goats, they get very excited about the food (probably a nice change from eating grass all day).  Anyway, best I stay away from the feeding goats as I have heard they eat anything.
Besides visiting the farm my roommates thought we better go to the Wolf Sanctuary nearby. 

A couple of wolves in the settlements.  They eat raw meat (yuk) and get pumpkins for enrichment.  This sanctuary also has some wolf-dogs and coyotes in it. No foxes though.  

Being a little fox I must admit I stayed close to my roommates (very close) at the sanctuary.  Those wolves, wolf-dogs, and coyotes were big.  I was brave enough to hang out with this wolf. 

All of this sightseeing has made me hungry.  This place looks interesting, my only question is what should I get?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A secret meeting

It's me, Little Fox Archaeologist.  I received a special message from Droopy via the mail recently and he told me to meet his operative at night in the Wicker District for a special item that all archaeologists need.
The Wicker District is kind of scary at night.

"Psst" said a small bear out of the shadows in the Wicker District.  I turned around and knew it was Droopy's operative.  He pulled out this object, what is it?  The operative said "Droopy wants you to have this, all archaeologists need one." I was still confused, then it dawned on me when the operative started humming the theme to Indiana Jones.

The operative and I had a discussion about how to use the whip then all of a sudden sirens started blaring (you know the Wicker District is dangerous at night).  The operative turned to the right, then to the left and said he had to go.
One last picture of the operative heading back into the shadows of the Wicker District.  Who knows what messages or packages he will deliver next.
I must admit I do look fetching with my new whip and I certainly look like a real archaeologist.  Let's see how this thing works.  Whip it backward.  **Snap**

.  **Snap**  Whip it forward. **Snap**
Looks like I caught a ball. Not bad for an up and coming archaeologist. I wonder if they teach whipping and adventuring when students study archaeology at college?

Thank you Droopy for the cool whip (and other items soon to be blogged about in a future episode of Little Fox, Archaeologist).