Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mail from Sandy

I got a post card from Sandy today in the mail.  Looks like he is having a great time in Prince Rupert.

I wonder if there is any fresh salmon in the future for Sandy?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Foxglove way.

My roommates, Sequoia and I decided to get an early morning hike in before the temperatures got too hot.

My roommates decided to take us to a place called Angel's Rest.  I petitioned that we extend the hike from Angel's Rest to Foxglove way.  Foxglove way is an out of the way trail that is overrun (in a good way) with lots of Foxglove. \

Along the trail there were other wild flowers.
I like this purple one. 
Another nice little grove of flowers along the route. 
Sequoia posing for the camera.
Through my direction and leadership abilities my roommates, Sequoia and I made it to the top of the trail.  Time to catch out breath and enjoy the view. 
Now, we're off on the less populated trail to find Foxglove way.  According to the notes in the book my humans and I were up here in June 2014 and the Foxglove was amazing.  I am hoping for a repeat performance from the Foxglove.

Umm, this trail is a little overgrown. 
The salmon berries have taken over the trail, so far.   Sigh, none of the berries are ready yet. 
This isn't Foxglove. Three years ago the Foxglove was abundant this time of year.  Perhaps I am on the wrong trail?
Nope, according tot his hand made sign I am on the right trail. I haven't been to Devil's Rest and it's higher in elevation than Angel's Rest.  Go figure. 

Is the Foxglove not out yet?  Was our winter too cold for this plant?  Do you think this is pre-season Foxglove?
It may not be a mystery for Sherlock Sandy and Dr. Ben Watson to solve but it's sure strange that there is no Foxglove.  Can't blame this one on Congress or the House either - perhaps the easiest solution is for Sequoia and I to come back in a few weeks to see if there is any blooming Foxglove.   Stay Tuned. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mail from a couple of bears

Big Bear and I were hanging out on the sofa today when Sequoia delivered the mail.  Sequoia was less than interested in our mail and more interested in something going on outside.  

That's OK.  Looks like our friends Jerry and Ben were keeping a secrebeary busy on a trip to Cincinnati.  Did you two try any of the famous Cincinnati chili at the Skyline Diner or visit the Underground Railroad museum?

Can't wait to see the post from your trip!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A busy weekend for a Little Fox

Hello Blog Pals,
Whew! I am tired, it's been a busy couple days for Sequoia and I.

First off we went to the beach to check out the ocean.  Yep, it's still there.  These rocks had some big waves crashing into them but I couldn't get my picture with a big splash of waves behind me.

Sequoia enjoyed his time on the beach. 
We did a total of 7.5 miles on the beach.  Whew, we were tired but after a long drive home Sequoia was itching for a walk.  So he got another .5 miles in (but not this fox).

After a good nights sleep Sequoia, my roommates, and I decided to check out this monastery that has a hiking trail.   These monks are pretty enterprising:  They have a book bindery, a wine warehouse, a managed forest, and they bake fruitcakes for the holidays. 
Other monastery enterprises in the state include monastery chocolate by a different set of monks nearby.
 There is also a group of nuns near Mt. Angel, Oregon that produce different varieties of mustard, called....that's right....Monastery Mustard.
No chocolate, no fruitcake and no mustard for Sequoia and I on this hike but lots of peace and quiet.  
and a couple of wild flowers. 
This little fox needs a nap. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Garden Update

Hola Amigos,

I can't believe it's June!  The garden has been planted for a few weeks, let's see how it's going, er I mean growing.

It looks like I am in a forest of cilantro.  People either love cilantro or hate it.  I love it.  
I am lost in the arugula.  Leafy greens grow well in the cooler springs of Oregon.  
Onion. Yep, they are coming along nicely.  The bulbs are ready to pick but they are getting there. 
This year we got a winter pansies.  It survived the winter and is doing awesome.  Not bad for $1.99 at the grocery store. 
Now, I need to look at my recipes to see what I should make with my arugula and cilantro. Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A day at the coast part 2

My vacation from a vacation has been great.  It's the second day at the Oregon Coast and low tide has allowed me to get to some areas covered by the waves.  
This rock was uncovered when the tide went away and there are a lot of shells on this rock and a few live fish.  Do you see the green thing?  What is that called? 
Looks like a secret low tide cave. 
The wall is awfully steep. 
My rock climbing skills aren't too sharp.  I think I better summon my roommates to help me up the wall. 

The waves were crashing on the rocks near the cave.  I didn't see any fish in the ocean but I know they are in there.  I might need to get a boat? 

A little further down the beach was a kite festival.  Don't I look good against the backdrop of all of these kites? 
Time to head home to work in the garden.  Goodbye Oregon Coast.....for now....

Friday, June 2, 2017

Adventure at the coast (day 1)

My most recent trip to Seattle was beary tiring.  I did a ton of things and had lots of fun.  I think I need to relax.  One of the best places to relax is the Oregon Coast. Let's go!

Hiking always relaxes me and this trail is just for hikers. Perfect.
Some nice peaceful views of a place called "Sand Lake".  Interestingly enough Sand Lake is only 2 feet deep. 
Yipee!  Wild rhododendron's, one of my favorite flowers (after foxglove)  
There were lot of wild rhododendron's but my roommates only had one picture of me and the flowers.

My roommates Sand Lake was only a warm-up hike.   Seems like we are off to another place, Munson Falls.

There is a stream along the trail.  I wanted to stop and enjoy a lunch.  No lunch for me but a nice break at the stream. 
We did have some fresh fish and chips for lunch - yum.  The weather was great and since we had Sequoia we had to eat outside (stupid health laws).  Anyway, I was fortified and ready for the 3rd hike of the day.

Off to Klitchis Point. They had a great bird blind at the end of the trail. 

The bay was nice too.  A certain hiking companion enjoyed playing in the water. 
Whew - what a first day.  I thought this vacation was supposed to help me relax from last weeks but I think I am busier.  A good nap ought to help out.
I wish there were a few more pillows on this bed.