Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter picture attempts #2 aka Hike around the lake.

It's Saturday and I figured we could go out today to find some Winter pictures of me for Julie Jane's contest.  I was hoping for snow but since the high is supposed to be 52F today I doubt there will be much snow.
We (Sequoia, my roommates, and I) went to a county park today to explore.  The park boasts 9 miles of trails, I hope we can do them all.  This is the stream that runs around and throughout the park.
This is lower falls (beary creative in the naming department eh?) but it's still beary scenic.  My new scarf looks beary dashing on me, there was also a bear and a rat with me on the hike.  The bear has a cool scarf that says "Oregon" on it and I realized I need my roommates to invest in an embroidery machine to embroider something on my scarf.  I am sure they will get right on that...
 I made it to the lake house, I hope they have hot chocolate at the restaurant behind me.  What?  My roommates said it's not a restaurant, just a place to rent out and have parties, that's Ok with me I am a social fox and  I am always a hit at parties.

PS - Happy Bearday Ben!

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Film Festival Reults

Thanks for the great submissions!  My team purchased this large tin of  popcorn to enjoy while watching the movies.  You can see we are beary interested in the popcorn (except for Kermit who is being over dramatic, as usual).

Let's see we have cheese corn, caramel corn, and some other type of cheesy corn....but you are probably not interested in the popcorn (except for Jerry perhaps) so let's get to the results.

Drumroll please.......

First place in the International Nature Category goes to Alexander Mckenzie Bear for his movie The Great Snowdrop Hunt.  Sandy also earned an honorable mention for his effective use of classical music and incorporating a Canadian institution, Tim Horton's, into the movie.  Great job Sandy.

Sandy's Movie

First place in the Adventure Category goes to Droopy W. Dogg for Crocodile Doggee.  Droopy earned an honorable mention for effective use of camouflage, kitchen utensils, and introducing the world to Al the Gator.

Droopy's Movie

First place in the Honey Related film category goes to Ajdin.  Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, and Ooogie earned an honorable mention in the selective category of acronym use:  H.I.V.E.  Honey Is Vital for Existence.

Ajdin's Video

Thanks again for participating and keep an eye out for some prizes coming soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Weather?

Hello Blog Pals,
Hope everything is going well.  I am so excited to enter Julie Jane Zebra and Elsie Elaine's Photo Contest that I wanted to go out today and take some good winter photos.  I hope all of my blog pals can enter although I think Jerry and Ben have a distinct advantage because of all the snow in their state.

Anyway, I wanted to wear my new scarf on today's adventure.  My roommates said it will be too hot on our hike today (59 degrees and sunny) so I will just model it in the house.

Being an optimist I think I am going to try and find some good pictures for Julie Jane and Elsie Elaine's contest anyway.  We are off to the coast.

The weather looks really nice today, the trail is not too muddy today so that is beary good for Sequoia and I.
Sequoia decides to pose for this picture.  
The hike takes us on a cape overlooking the Pacific.  I wonder if I will see any salmon or whales today?
Along trail I saw this interesting tree.  
Ah, I made it to the end of the trail and the start of lunch.

I didn't get the winter photos today to enter into the contest but the contest isn't over for about a month so I have some time.  

 I hope all my stuffy friends enter the photo contest. 

Thanks Julie Jane and Elsie Elaine for hosting the contest.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Movie Submissions....

Hello Blogger Pals.....are there any last minute movie submissions or can my esteemed team of reviewers start judging them?

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preparing Christmas Stuffies for Storage

It's that time of year again when the Christmas stuffies have to pack their bags and start heading back to the mysterious land they come from (also known as the attic).  I don't know what they do for the other 10 months out of the year but I have made it a mission of mine that no Christmas stuffy goes home without treats.
Ah, the reindeer.  These guys are picky eaters compared to us omnivores who eat anything.
Aha, I see the perfect items for them, they are going to love this.  This lettuce is right up their alley and it's organic.

Mr. Squirrel.  He's not such a picky eater.  I know I will get him some Nutella.  What?  Were out of Nutella!  Let me see what I can find instead.  Ah yes, Oregon Hazelnut spread.  Did you know that Oregon produces 99% of the USA's Hazelnuts.

This little bear seems to be all dressed for the Winter.  I like his sweater and scarf.  I know just the perfect thing for him.  *rumble, rumble rumble*.  Yes, this ought to keep him happy.
This little bottle of vodka ought to keep him sleeping through the Winter.
I better get the bear something besides a little bottle of Vodka, Ahhhhh I know exactly what he would like....Wild Caught Salmon.

Wild Caught Salmon
It is sad to see my Christmas Stuffy friends go but I am glad I was able to provide them with plenty of energy and hearty food until next year.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A much needed break

My Sekrebearies finally did something right.  It was one of my Sekrebearies birthdays a few weeks ago and I got invited on the birthday trip this weekend!  Where are we going?  Paris, Rome, Sydney?  Hmm, when I found it was the coast I was somewhat disappointed but I am not one to pass up a trip.

In my typical roommates fashion the trips location was a surprise.  We started off heading west to the beach and first stopped at a place called "Bear Creek Artichokes".  We didn't see any bears but sampled lots of good dips and other homemade items.
Next, it was off to Pacific City for lunch.  There was this big hill that I encouraged my roommates to hike it while I traveled comfortably in their backpack.

At the top of the dunes someone put a fence up to make sure no one got on the loose side of the sand dunes.  I think we were the only people on the proper side of the fence.  The waves were in full force, crashing against the dunes.  It was beary cool.

I decided to practice my movie making skills.  "Quiet on the set, ACTION!"

Day two we headed south to Depoe Bay, self proclaimed Whale Watching Capital of the Pacific.  Apparently, the orca's swim by Depoe Bay to their Winter home in Hawaii.  We stopped at the whale watching center where they had all sorts of telescopes to view the whales....all I saw was a kayaker.

City of Depoe Bay
I decided to have my roommates take an artsy picture of me with this bridge.  In the background is Depoe Bay, the smallest navigable harbor in the world (again, another self proclaimed title).

Despite all the self proclaimed titles I found the wildlife very accommodating for photos.  This seagull stayed still for my photo with him.  In fact, a woman was so intrigued to see a stuffy getting a picture taken that she said she was going to buy a bear in one of the gift shops to start taking pictures with as well.  I feel good that I have converted another human, I hope she finds our blogs.

Sequoia stayed at home with a pet sitter and I was a little afraid that he would forget who I was after being gone for three days but I was welcomed home by a dog who was happy to see me (at least that's what I inferred from his tongue sticking out).

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stuffy Film Festival

1st Annual Stuffy Film Festival
The famous Sundance Film Festival starts on January 22nd.  I think it’s time us stuffies submit our own films for the 1st Annual Stuffy Film Festival.  That’s right, submit your favorite films and our esteemed judges will judge and award yummy prizes to the winners (note: None of the prizes will include Diet Hot Chocolate, I have made it clear to my roommates that serving Diet Hot Chocolate is not allowed, ever!!!!!).

Meet our judges:

Little Fox: Favorite movie: The Fox and Hound.  Extracurricular Activities: Hiking, camping, cooking, and supervising projects around the house.
Drunk Fox: Favorite Movie: Foxfire. Extracurricular Activities:  Watching TV, crossword puzzles, and staying sober.

Little Bear: Favorite Movie:  Charlie and Hot Chocolate Factory (limited release).  Extracurricular Activities: Hanging out at Starbucks and eating salmon.

Reindeer:  Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Extracurricular Activities: Trying to convince his roommates to go vegetarian.
Kermit the Frog: Favorite Movie: Anything with a Muppet in it. Extracurricular Activities: Hiding from Ms. Piggy.

Scottish Bear: Favorite Movie: Braveheart. Extracurricular Activities: Practicing his favorite song, March of the Black Bear, on his bagpipes.Scottish Bear's Video

Ok, so now that you have met our judges here are the details.  Post a you tube link to the video in the comments of this post or send me (little fox) the you tube link to

When I get the link my sekrebeary will post  to the video on the results blog.    

Results will be posted around February 2, 2015.  Prizes awarded and mailed soon afterward :)

Invite your friends and feel free to submit more than one video.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Day Adventure

Happy New Year!

So it’s been really sunny lately but beary beary cold.  Although, for some reason the coast seems to be 20 degrees warmer than town and just as sunny, so you guessed it were off to the beach!

Hmm, I think I am an experienced hiker, let’s give it a shot. 

About halfway through the hike there was a nice bench waiting for me to hang out on.  I was a little ahead of Sequoia and my roommates so this made a perfect stopping point.

 Finally made it down to the beach.  Sequoia went off to run and my roommate decided to take this picture of the lighthouse, it’s no longer in use as a lighthouse but now it’s a mausoleum owned by a private company.  Ok, I think the state closed it down as a mausoleum but I don’t know what happened to the “residents” that were there.  Maybe I need to do some more wikipedia research, 
If you look hard enough you can see the lighthouse.  Apparently, it's now a refuge for nesting sea birds.  Glad someone is using it. 

Same picture location as the one above but no lighthouse (too far away). 

This beach was sheltered from the wind, I think they call it crescent beach.  Anyway, Sequoia played a lot on the beach, he got a new long leash for times like this.  He seemed to enjoy exploring…..speaking of exploring the beach check out the waterfall and short video. 

 Happy New Year everyone, I only have 364 more hikes to do this year to fulfill my resolution.