Monday, July 31, 2017

Reindeer helps out....

Hej kompisar,

Drunk Fox here!  As mentioned earlier in the week Little Fox gave me the keys to the blog so I thought I would share a little more about myself.  One of my hobbies is answering crossword puzzle clues that people send to me in the mail but I also want to share another hobby of
Have any of you used this device in your cooking?
Now, I admit that I am no Ben or Sandy in the kitchen and I certainly don’t have the pallet that Jerry does but I wanted to share with you what I have eaten everyday since I retired from IKEA.

For breakfast I have some creamy peanut butter on brown bread.
For lunch I change up my diet and have crunchy peanut butter on non-toasted bread.
Dinner?  This is where I get my variety.  I have Crunchy and Creamy Peanut Butter on Buttermilk bread.  If I have the time I toast it, if I don’t have time I don’t toast it.  
Reindeer can I make you a sandwich?

Yep, I consider myself a pretty good cook.
***Reindeer intentionally clears his throat***
Reindeer: Umm, Drunk Fox don’t take this the wrong way but you could improve your diet a little bit.

Drunk Fox: Reindeer, I think you are wrong.  Peanut Butter is one of the best things to eat.  It has protein, vitamin E, and potassium.

Reindeer: DF, come on.  I think we can try and have a little variety in your diet.  Do you remember my costume for Jerry and Ben’s contest and my cookbook contest? I can help you in the kitchen.

Drunk Fox: Ok, I have been craving something with Goat Cheese and Orzo.  Any suggestions Reindeer?

Reindeer: I have an idea.  Let’s get to work.

Reindeer: OK Drunk Fox take the knife and start chopping the orange pepper.  Many of my meals start off with some vegetables.  
Reindeer: Next you need to boil up some Orzo.
Drunk Fox:  Cooking pasta, that seems hard. 
Reindeer: Mix the pasta, peppers, and chicken up in the bowl. 
Drunk Fox: Why do we need lemon?
Reindeer:  I use a little lemon to keep the pasta moist and add some brightness to the dish.
Drunk Fox: Huh.

Reindeer: The last step is to add the goat cheese.  This is a special goat cheese all the way from California.  
Drunk Fox: Wow Reindeer, you are a great cook and I have to admit it's a nice change from my usual routine of peanut butter sandwiches.  What is on the menu for tomorrow?