Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thanks J and B

Jerry and Ben are such lucky bears.  They got to escape the cold midwest winter and enjoy some time in sunny San Juan.

They look like they had a great time.  Warm weather, fruity drinks, and lots of explorations. Thanks for the card guys.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Little Fox, archeologist.

Hello Blog Pals, it is I Little Fox, archaeologist. I am at the Oregon coast looking for lost treasure from years ago.  What a beautiful day to get started.  The sun is out, the beach is quiet (for now) so let's see what I can dig up (archaeology humor). 
Permit?  Since when did people need permits to do archeological work at the beach.  Huh, I better play it safe and postpone my collection, 
What is this contraption? Can any of my stuffy friends explain to me what this does?  
My plans were squashed today but on the bright side the weather is great!  My roommates gave me bites of a cinnamon roll and an apple scone.  Score one for Little Fox!
After a long day at the beach it's best to rest up before a long drive home.
I think I will just relax at this spot for a while until my roommates come and get me. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hiking Season starts

Happy Spring!  As you can see I am waiting patiently for my roommates and my friend Sequoia to come hiking with me.
The trail is quiet for now. There were lots of people on the trail toward the end of my hike but for now I can think about all sorts of important things like snacks to take with me hiking.
Halfway up the trail I made it to the mansion. Sigh, no tours today but maybe in my future I will be able to take a behind the scenes tour.
We have had a ton of rain lately but the trail was in good shape despite what the sign said. 
Hmm, are these the snowdrops Sandy is always talking about?
Sequoia is keeping an eye out for traffic (he's ever vigilant).  
Not bad weather for a day where there was an 80% chance of rain.  The city from up here looks beary peaceful.  
I am excited to welcome spring.  Now I might have to get back home and start working in the garden. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sandy makes dinner for the gang

Sandy here, I thought it would be a nice gesture if I made something special for Little Fox and his crew.

Let's see, they have lots of cookbooks to choose from. I wonder if they have any Canadian cookbooks?
I don't see any Canadian cookbooks but I see one from the Florida Keys.
Nothing in that one, perhaps this cookbook from the Grand Canyon might have a recipe or two.

Nothing very Canadian in either book then Little Fox showed me a recipe from the Internet that might work.  Yes, Lamb Shanks in the crockpot is perfect.  I am not sure if it's Canadian but it will do.
Sandy: Little Fox offered to do the trimming of the shanks.  He has great knife skills considering the knife weighs more than him. 
Sandy: I took care of browning the shanks and cutting the onions.  I hope this is tasty. 
Sandy: Looks like it's done.  Just have to create a side dish.  Little Fox do you have any more cookbooks I can look at?
Little Fox: You bet Sandy.
Sandy: After careful examination I found a side that might work.  Creamy polenta with parmesan cheese. 
Sandy; Mama, aren't I doing a good job of stirring the pot?
Sandy: Now, it's time to eat. I better get Little Fox from the other room.
Sandy: Little Fox, are you hungry?
Little Fox: Yes, let's eat.  Hey Sandy, where is the food?
Sandy: Huh, it was here a minute ago, wait, I saw your roommates sneak off with all the food.  What are we going to do?
Little Fox: How about a Pizza?
Sandy: You bet, I will make a call.
Sandy: Oh, this box is perfect.  A pizza and a nice message for my friend Little Fox.
Little Fox: Sandy, thanks for spending time with me and the gang, you are welcome to come and visit anytime!!!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A snowy adventure with Sandy.

Sandy is a great guest. He is always up for an adventure whether it be at the beach, in downtown, or at the mountain.  Speaking of the mountain that's where we are going today.
Sandy: Ah, this is beautiful up here.  Little Fox, you know how to pick good weather.
Little Fox: Wait till you get on the trail my friend.
Little Fox: Theres sure are a lot of people out here today. Do you think there are any other stuffies?
Sandy: Little Fox, what does this sign say? 
Little Fox: Don't worry my amigo, we are not going in the backcountry today. 
Little Fox: As we hiked along we got away from the crowds.  The mountain stayed out for the most part but it did get cloudy at times.  Sandy kept commenting on how cool the snow on the trees looked.
Sandy: The snow on the trees is really cool.  I bet you Karl would like it up here.
Little Fox: So this is the White River snowpark and in the Summer it's a big rocky river.  You can see little glimpses of the river in these snow drifts.  Both Sandy and I decided to stay a safe distance from the melting snow.
Sandy: We look like two experienced explorers in this picture don't we?
Sandy: Better put a picture of Sequoia in the blog since he was our group leader today. 
Sandy: This trail is bigger than both of us.
Little Fox: Sandy, you are a great tree climber. 
Little Fox: Sandyyyyy, it's time to go.  
Sandy: OK, LF one more look at the trail.
My roommates suggested Sandy and I get one more picture on the mountain.  Who am I to disagree with that?
Sandy: Thanks for a great outing Little Fox.
Little Fox: Anytime Sandy.  Where are we going next?