Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jerry was right

Hello Blogger Pals,
I recently took the advice of a smart little bear named Jerry and displayed some brochures around the house.  I found this sombrero that's just my size....you know the brochures were from Mexico and now this sombrero.....could it be?  I wonder.....am I going to Mexico soon?

Wow, my roommates got a sombrero that is just the right size for me...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jerry's Advice

Recently, I took the advice of a little bear named Jerry on how to get my roommates to take more trips with me.

I sent letters off to various tourist offices and I received these brochures in the mail.  I wonder if my roommates will actually take me somewhere?

Let's see....should I take a sightseeing cruise, go fishing, or go treasure hunting?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Little Fox, Archeologist?

Lately I fancy myself as an amateur archeologist.  I haven’t found anything but I hope to find something soon (and maybe get a cool Indiana Jones style hat to wear).  What better place to find archeological remains than the beach.  We’re off.
I started digging in random spots at the beach hoping to find a cool artifact.  Sequoia was along and he was beary helpful as well with his digging skills.  He isn’t as careful as I am but with some coaching from me he can learn.


Nothing yet, perhaps if someone could move this log I could find an ancient Indian arrowhead or spear or something cool under this log.

This hole must have something in it, I bet someone has already come along and found the artifacts.

Hmmm, this looks like an interesting site, let’s explore.

So, this is the salt works.  The National Park is doing some renovations on the site but you can still see inside.  Apparently, Lewis and Clark ran out of Salt for curing meat when they made it to the Pacific.  Lucky for them the ocean is filled with salt so a couple of crew members boiled the ocean water, collected the salt, and cured a whole bunch of meat for their trip home. 

Lewis and Clark are beary important to this town, so important they erected this large statue.  I think I look very dashing next to it.

Well, my archeological hunt wasn’t as successful as I hoped.  My roommates noticing that I was bummed out (no artifacts, no Indiana Jones hat) that we decided to go for a walk.  Our goal was the shave ice stand (and we made it there).  Along the way I saw this weird display.  There was a bear in a dog kennel.  What’s up with that.  I think this bear would be perfect for a certain bear scout I know to save.  I was appalled but my roommates did some research and found out that he was a beary old bear and wasn’t in trouble or some sort of jail just that he was waiting for his new family.   I hope he finds a good family soon (and that he starts blogging).  

Monday, March 2, 2015

A proper adventure

I had my lunch packed (pb and j) yesterday with the anticipation that I was going to get an adventure.  I have taken Jerry’s advice and left lots of hiking books around the house in hopes that my roommates would take me hiking.

They decided to take me to Coyote Wall.  To start the hike one must hike on an old road for a 1/2 mile or so.  The road is near the Columbia River so it’s a pretty scenic road.

The weather was great and some of the early wildflowers were out.  This one is of a desert parsley. 

Here I am hanging out with the grass widows.
Mt. Hood was out for the day.  You can see if clearly in this picture.  

I prefer this picture instead (I wonder why???)

We had to cross a stream with a beary small waterfall.  It was about my size which made a good picture for me.  Hmm, a little waterfall I bet Spunky would look good next to it too.

Toward the top of the hike you can enter an old forest.  My roommate thinks these are oak trees but we don’t really know.
 As you can see Sequoia came along the hike today.  He is humoring me by posing in this picture, you can see that he really wants to continue his hike.

Hope your weekend adventures were fun.