Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A quiet day....

It was a rainy day today...not much for a little fox to do except stare out the window and wait for my next adventure.  I did hear some Canadian Geese and watched a few airplanes fly by but nothing really exciting happening.  Of course when it rains at home that means it usually snows at the mountain, maybe we can go snowshoeing this weekend?

It is hard to get a picture of just me looking out the window without my roommate in the background.  I think my roommate needs a new camera.

Then the mail came.  It seems that all we get is tax forms but wait....I recognize those two bears and the handwriting....could it be, yes it is.  A letter from Jerry and Ben!

This card apologizes for the belated birthday.  It's ok guys, my true birthday is a little sketchy and it's sometime around mid-January. I love all of the reasons for being the card being a little late...beary creative.
Look closely, I think I see Jerry or Ben waving from that mailbox. 

Besides the great card from Jerry and Ben my birthday gift to myself (this calendar with a handsome fox on it) came in the mail recently as well.  Overall much better mail than the tax forms my roommates have been getting.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A busy day

I went for a hike along the Oregon coast yesterday.  It was sunny and felt like spring.  Unfortunately, our continued sunny weather has put Oregon into drought conditions, and there are wildfires burning along the coast.  I got this one good shot before there was too much haze from the smoke for good pictures. 

I met a lady as I was taking this picture who thought I was very cute and appeared well-traveled.  She seemed very smart to me!

After hiking and cleaning up a bit I met up with my friend monkey for some crepes and sangria. Yum!

Monkey had the sangria ready when I arrived. 

But there was work to do.  Monkey thought she would have a banana and Nutella crepe, but I thought chicken and mushrooms would be better.   First thing - sauté the mushrooms. 

And make the crepes

And finally get some of that sangria!   The glasses were a bit big for two little animals.  We had to work to get it.  

Monkey and I also met a new little bear at the party and we all enjoyed some chocolate for dessert.  

What good food!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A sunny birthday hike

So it is still oddly sunny for January in the Pacific Northwest.  Since it is not snowing, we went for a hike instead ls snowshoeing.  It was a beautiful day!   

First stop was a large waterfall.  

From there we climbed to some great views of the Columbia River Gorge.   That big rock behind me off in the distance is about where we started our hike.  

The higher we got, the further the views.....

We finally reached the top and had a great view of Mt Adams.  

It was a beautiful day, a great hike, and a fantastic way to spend my birthday.  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birthday mail

I was working in the kitchen this afternoon cutting up some vegetables for my salad tonight.  It's a big night for my friend Drunk Fox. He is celebrating 5 years sober...I guess I won't have any wine with dinner tonight.

As Drunk Fox and I were chatting about the good- -old-days my roommates stopped by and dropped off the mail.  Guess what?  It was a letter from Ajdin.
I like the stamp too, phlox rhymes with Fox can't go wrong with that.  
I opened up the letter and what a surprise, it was a card with a drawing in it. Ajdin I did not know you were such a good artist.  
I don't know if you can see or not but there I am on a hill with a flag that says LF. I wonder where I can get a flag like that?  Then on the other side is Ajdin thinking about fish.  Thanks for custom art work and card. I hope 2014 is treating you well. 
Little Fox. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas friends getting ready for storage.

As all Christmas stuffies know there comes a time in January when it is time to start thinking of going back into storage. I gathered my friends for one last dinner before they go into storage to grill them on what they do during the rest of the year.  Interestingly they stuffed up when I asked them what they do, I guess it's a secret only Christmas stuffies know.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

In search of snow....

It's been a quiet Winter so far in my neck of the woods (sorry Jerry and Ben I bet it's really cold out in your area).  Ajdin, is your area affected by the large snowstorm the news keeps talking about?  If anyone needs extra hot chocolate let me know, I will break into the emergency stockpile.

I thought I better be more pro-active in my snow adventures this year so my roommates and I took a trip out Central Oregon to find some snow.  Look, I see snow, it seems far away but I bet I can hike there.
 I wanted a better view (and picture), so why not climb this tree.  It was worth it, although my roommate says I look like I have altitude sickness and can't sit up straight.  I think I look very relaxed myself. 
I like this picture below, it's my first attempt at a self portrait, I think I  look very dashing.  My roommates just rolled their eyes.  
Snow!  Lots and lots of it.  Now, if I can only find another stuffie to have a snowball fight with. 
Time to relax at home.  Hmm, what is the dark red drink, is it wine?  Yes, I am sure my roommates won't mind if I have a sip or two or three.  They are too busy watching the fire and football game.

 It's the next morning, I wonder if I sit and stare out the window if my roommates will get a move on it to the next hike?
It worked (I will have to remember that trick in the future).  We are off to a park near the river, not as much snow on the ground but lots of ice on the river.   

I think I made the smart move and slept the rest of the way home after consuming lots of hot tea with honey (trying to branch out from Hot Chocolate).  I think you bears are onto something with this honey you like soooo much.  To my pals back East and in the Midwest, stay warm!
-Little Fox.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surprise in the mail.

It was a quiet day since my both of my roommates went to work this morning. I have been used to them being home the last couple of days.  I decided to take a beary long nap and woke up when the mail arrived. What a surprise to see a card from Canada. I wonder who it could be from....Sandy perhaps?  Yippee, it is a card from Sandy!   It looks he has been busy: playing hockey, hiking, and visiting Beanie.  Thanks for the card.