Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mountain HIking

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to share some of my hiking wisdom on the blog as the first step in writing my hiking book.  I figured if I listed all my tips on the blog then it would be a piece of cake to write the book.

Our goal today was to head up to Gum-Ja-Wac saddle then off another trail to get a nice view of Mt. Hood.

Along the way up there were many times to stop and smell the flowers.

Along the trail the sun peeked out.  The trail was definitely uphill but with only a little bit of sun it was bearable. 

After we made it to the top of the saddle (our midway point going up) I came across this old informational sign.  Hmm, looks like Jack was Canadian.  Sandy, do you know of him? 

After resting and getting some water we continued up to the next stop on our hike (lunch).  
Sequoia ate his lunch fast and then explored the rocks while everyone else ate and enjoyed the view.

On top of the ridge Mt. Hood was beary clear and easy to see.
As we made our way down the ridge the Beargrass was blooming.  The flower is soft but the stalks are kind of spiky.
 Before we got off the sunny ridge onto the shaded trail I had to stop and smell some Lupine.  There weren’t massive fields of Lupine like I wanted but there were a few young ones out.  If I can come back in a few weeks I might see more Lupine.  **Note; remind sekrebearies to schedule another hike to the area**


Little Fox’s Hiking Tip #1.  Invest in a good backpack.  A good backpack makes carrying treats, snacks, and little foxes beary comfortable.


  1. Great hiking photos, and a great hiking tip!

  2. Replies
    1. REI is my favorite store. Do they have an REI near you?

    2. yes they do, but I've never been before

  3. You're going to write a book! Oh, that is beary good. The flowers look beary pretty. I saw some bunch berries the other day too. Have you invested in a wildflower ID book yet?

    1. Not really a book....more of top ten list of hiking tips. We need to get a wildflower book, the hiking book we have has a section on flowers but it's not the same as a dedicated wildflower book.