Sunday, January 5, 2014

In search of snow....

It's been a quiet Winter so far in my neck of the woods (sorry Jerry and Ben I bet it's really cold out in your area).  Ajdin, is your area affected by the large snowstorm the news keeps talking about?  If anyone needs extra hot chocolate let me know, I will break into the emergency stockpile.

I thought I better be more pro-active in my snow adventures this year so my roommates and I took a trip out Central Oregon to find some snow.  Look, I see snow, it seems far away but I bet I can hike there.
 I wanted a better view (and picture), so why not climb this tree.  It was worth it, although my roommate says I look like I have altitude sickness and can't sit up straight.  I think I look very relaxed myself. 
I like this picture below, it's my first attempt at a self portrait, I think I  look very dashing.  My roommates just rolled their eyes.  
Snow!  Lots and lots of it.  Now, if I can only find another stuffie to have a snowball fight with. 
Time to relax at home.  Hmm, what is the dark red drink, is it wine?  Yes, I am sure my roommates won't mind if I have a sip or two or three.  They are too busy watching the fire and football game.

 It's the next morning, I wonder if I sit and stare out the window if my roommates will get a move on it to the next hike?
It worked (I will have to remember that trick in the future).  We are off to a park near the river, not as much snow on the ground but lots of ice on the river.   

I think I made the smart move and slept the rest of the way home after consuming lots of hot tea with honey (trying to branch out from Hot Chocolate).  I think you bears are onto something with this honey you like soooo much.  To my pals back East and in the Midwest, stay warm!
-Little Fox.


  1. Hot chocolate is indeed very good when you're doing hike in cold weather, or after a fun sledding outing! We do like honey on our toast in the morning, it's beary yummy. It's supposed to be BEARY cold here in the next day or so, -57 wind chill at night...that's simply too cold, even for little bears! Luckily, the days are getting longer, so spring can't be far away!

    1. I will have to try that honey on the toast breakfast you mentioned. Sounds good. Stay warm, Spring is right around the corner.

    2. Jerry and Ben - stay warm! Little Fox, those are some nice pictures. Stay warm also!

  2. Here in the Netherlands it feels like spring, it is to warm! But one of G.'s children said that he had heard that winter is going to start thursday but the other children didn't think so:-)

    1. You will have to let me know what happens on Thursday. Personally, I like a little Winter (b7ut nothing like Ben and Jerry's Winter). Maybe a little snow falling from the sky and a little bit accumualted on the ground.

  3. Glad to find your blog, Little Fox. Happy new year!