Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A quiet day....

It was a rainy day today...not much for a little fox to do except stare out the window and wait for my next adventure.  I did hear some Canadian Geese and watched a few airplanes fly by but nothing really exciting happening.  Of course when it rains at home that means it usually snows at the mountain, maybe we can go snowshoeing this weekend?

It is hard to get a picture of just me looking out the window without my roommate in the background.  I think my roommate needs a new camera.

Then the mail came.  It seems that all we get is tax forms but wait....I recognize those two bears and the handwriting....could it be, yes it is.  A letter from Jerry and Ben!

This card apologizes for the belated birthday.  It's ok guys, my true birthday is a little sketchy and it's sometime around mid-January. I love all of the reasons for being the card being a little late...beary creative.
Look closely, I think I see Jerry or Ben waving from that mailbox. 

Besides the great card from Jerry and Ben my birthday gift to myself (this calendar with a handsome fox on it) came in the mail recently as well.  Overall much better mail than the tax forms my roommates have been getting.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the card Little Fox! That calendar looks....awfully foxy! hehe

  2. Yes, beary foxy one might say :)

  3. Yes, the rainy doldrums... sigh... I am getting desperate for adventures! Nice calendar and a cute card from Jerry & Ben!

  4. On a rainy day we recommend: a bowl of popcorn and sliced apples, a nice blanket and comfy sofa, and a great movie with pals. Jerry says he mixes honey with the melted butter, then dribbles it over the popcorn. Ben thinks this is a beary foxy idea!

  5. Don't forget a nice warm fire blazing in the fireplace!