Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

The weather forecaster hinted that it might be a wet weekend this Saturday and Sunday.  So, my roommates decided to NOT go hiking this weekend; so I have no adventures to post about.

Hmmm, wait let me think, yes I could post last weeks adventure instead.  As you see the weather is beary pretty in the Columbia River Gorge last weekend.

The waterfall looks beary powerful, but not as powerful as Niagra Falls when Jerry and Ben visited it a few years ago.
Posing in front of Horsetail Falls

 The plan was to originally go to Triple Falls but the trail was washed out but we could still explore.  The trail goes behind the waterfall, it was pretty misty and wet.  Our cell phone camera wasn’t able to get the lighting to show the waterfall and me in good light so we ended up with just the waterfall.

Throughout the hike there were little trickles of water off the side of the trail.  Sequoia seemed more excited to explore these than I did but I did get my picture taken with this small trickle of water so I am a lucky fox indeed.

What’s that you ask, why are there no pictures of Sequoia and I?  Well, someone is still learning to pose with his stuffy brother.  I think Sequoia needs to learn from Daisy.


  1. That looks like a nice hike - if a bit wet. Hopefully you didn't get dropped in the mud again! Getting animals to pose with stuffies is... problematic. Daisy is pretty good but Spooky and Rascal are pretty hopeless! Maybe Sequoia just needs to get used to the idea of having a stuffie brother? As opposed to seeing you as another toy?

    1. He is getting better as seeing me for who I am, a stuffie and not a toy. I didn't get dropped in the mud this time, beary thankful.

  2. a nice hike Little Fox! I took a walk last week and saw a red fox in the woods. Maybe it was you?

    1. I wish it was me, of course if it was me I would have waved you down so we could visit.