Friday, December 5, 2014

Subliminal Message????????????????

I was catching up on my computer work today and I heard the doorbell ring.  I ran to the door to find that the letter carrier dropped off a parcel for me.

Could it be?  Yes!  My Holiday cards came in the mail.  I better do the return address first.
Sorry that this photo is upside down (it's hard to find competent help).  I am left pawed, are any of my stuffy friends left pawed as well?

My Sekrebearies are really working hard for their raise this year, when they saw me working on the holiday cards they brought me this nice mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Not a bad treat, it would be better with a peppermint stick like Jerry and Ben suggest but this is a good step in the right direction.  I wonder if they got the hot chocolate mix from Starbucks, now that would be a wonderful treat!

Hmm, wait a minute, this isn't Starbucks mix.  This is diet Hot Chocolate, DIET?  Seriously, DIET hot chocolate?   Are they telling me I need to be on a DIET?  They tell me it was an honest mistake and me being such a nice fox I am inclined to forgive them, just this once........


  1. Diet Hot chocolate??? Isn't that an oxymoron too??? Chocolate and Diet do not go together! Chocolate and milk go together... Chocolate and peanut butter go together. Can't wait to see your holiday cards! Assuming of course I'm on your mailing list... Mama says it would be presumptuous of me to presume that so... just saying... in case I'm not on your list... you know... maybe I could be on your list!! (Mama is now rolling her eyes muttering about precocious little bears).

    1. Of course you are on the holiday list. However, you, Beanie and Hammie might get them a little "late" because of the international post, but they will come.

    2. Oh well... better late than never!! I got Beanie's already so that is a good sign. Maybe they hired extra sled dogs during the Christmas season to deliver the mail quicker!

  2. Diet??? The only diet we know about is Dyeing something another colour...

  3. You are a good planner Little Fox. I still have not ordered holiday cards yet and have not gotten anyone any gifts yet either.

    It sounds like it has been a difficult year for your sekrebearies. First they drop you in the mud, and now this diet hot chocolate... well... that is disappointing. Good help is hard to come by.

    I am right-pawed fyi.

  4. Diet?!? We'd go on strick. Stuffies need to, ahem, bulk up, for the winter months!!!