Saturday, May 2, 2015

A nice hike on a nice day.

What a nice day.  It’s about 70 degrees in the gorge and the wildflowers are supposed to be out.

Before I can start my hike I should double check the instructions and the map.  Yep, I got it figured out, now it’s time to hitch a ride in the backpack.
This trail passes an old pioneer cemetery.  Most of the graves were from people who died in the 1880s.  This town is right along the Oregon trail so we assume that these pioneers were actual, real life pioneers on the Oregon trail. 
Once we passed the pioneer cemetery we followed a small creek to waterfall.  The flowers were out in full bloom and the grass along the trail was similar to what we assume a National Grassland must be like.  Has any of my stuffy friends been to a National Grassland?
 Once we passed the pioneer cemetery we followed a small creek to waterfall. 

There was a beary large amount of grass along the trail.  We concluded that this Is this similar to what we a National Grassland must be like.  Has anyone ever been to a National Grassland?
 The trail had a couple of old Oak trees on it and lots of flowers enjoying the shade of the old Oak trees.
Then I came across this strange looking specimen.  It looks like it’s a flower and I think this is a Ponderosa Pine tree so I assume it’s what pine cones look like before they become pine cones.  I must run to the library to get a book on tree identification to find out what this is.

Made it to the top.  My favorite type of plans, California Poppies are out in full bloom. 

The Lupine is looking good.  
A couple of Balsam Roots are still out.  Not as many as a couple of weeks ago (must be getting close to Summer).
Wasn't it nice to have this fence for me to pose on.  I look quite dapper if I don’t say so myself.   Actually, it was a little windy on the top of the plateau so this had to be a quick picture so I don’t fall off.

Back to the car the same way we came up.  My roommates mentioned that lunch would be in a restaurant instead of on the trail.  I wonder what we’ll have.  Fish tacos?  Salmon burger?  Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich?  


  1. Wow!! What beautiful flowers - you obviously had a great hike! I think those are the male pine spore pods... they sure do look like a flower!

    1. Ah, the male pine spore, seems to make sense. The flowers were great (it helps when the sun is shining on them), sadly wildflower season in the gorge is slowing down....but that means the mountain is starting to melt and flowers (and mosquitoes) are starting to come out.

  2. Wow, I've never seen a pine spore pod before. It seems like your Sekrebearies are trying to redeem themselves after their dismal performance review. Did they bring everything this time?...

    1. They are taking steps in the right direction, that is for sure. Alas, they forgot to bring the flag Ajdin made for me a while back. I am going to have to "encourage" them to find the flag now so we have it ready for next weekends adventure.

  3. Beautiful photos!. We vote for the salmon burger (but then again, we are little bears).

    1. You made the right choice with the salmon. One roommate got the salmon burger, it was a slab of salmon on a bun. My other roommate got the fish tacos, good but not as enticing as the salmon burger. I would have preferred some chicken (but then again I am a fox).