Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

I was lucky to celebrate this Memorial Day with a surprise road trip provided by my roommates and Sequoia. 

At our lodging I had the chance to meet a local.  This bear was beary intent of telling me all of the good places to hike.  Interestingly most of the places to go hiking involved being around water (I guess that’s what happens when you take advice from a bear in fishing gear).
Our first stop was at Newberry Crater.  6,200 years ago this mountain decided to erupt and a sea of lava spilled out.  
Lava everywhere.
 It was pretty interesting walking around.  There were some potential for great views but the sky was a little cloudy and covering all of the mountains.  
Apparently, it’s difficult for plants to grow in lava something to do with the soil (or lack of soil) I fathom.  There were a couple of sparse plants in the lava flow area and a few are even blooming. 
After exploring the lava flow we decided to take a short hike before lunch.  The Deschutes River flows right through town and there are some good hiking trails.  The sun started to come out and with the sun so did the people.

When is lunch?


  1. It was although we had a late lunch without any snacks in between. Scandalous.

  2. That's a good question.. when is lunch? Another demerit on the sekrebeary evaluation...

  3. So true. I think they are trying to bribe me because they brought home a big bag of chicken, hopefully they will share :)