Monday, August 24, 2015

Snooping around the house

The last couple of days my roommates have been a little too secretive for my taste.  For example, they called a dog sitter, cleaned up the house, did some extra laundry and made sure Sequoia has plenty of extra dog chow.

Sequoia and I are a little concerned that they might be taking a trip without us so we decided to snoop around a little.  Sequoia volunteered to keep watch on the door.  He is supposed to bark twice if my roommates comes near.

I came across a large bag with a TSA lock on it.  I can't believe this, they are traveling on a plane and there has been no discussion of taking me.  Humph, I will show them. 
Shh, I think this pocket will fit me perfectly.  Bon Voyage. 


  1. Excellent detective work, Little Fox!

  2. Replies
    1. Shhh, not so loud. My roommates might hear you.

  3. HA!! Thought they'd leave without you, did they??? I DON'T THINK SO!

  4. Great snooping work Little Fox! You can also hire Sherlock Sandy (and Ben Watson)...they likely accept payment in cookies or honey.

    1. Good point, how many cookies per hour do you charge?

  5. It looks like you're making improvements in training Sequoia. He looks beary intent on his job. I was going to say great work Sherfox! I accept payment in honey... 100 grams/hour... not sure what the exchange rate is right now for Grams/Ounces...