Sunday, November 22, 2015

This blog has gone to the dogs.

I was happily reflecting on my trip to Colorado today.  I wonder if the mountain I was observing in this picture has more snow on it now?
My, that fox looks familiar...

Sequoia begged me to help him package some of the treats we made earlier in the year to send to his dog friends in the Midwest.
Who can resist this dog?

Blog pals meet Dylan (or Stella, I get them confused).  Anyway these two Greyhounds are getting a Christmas package from Sequoia this week. 
Hello World, meet Stella (or Dylan).  

Maebe is also getting a care package. 
Maybe I should get her a ball for Christmas as well?

Sequoia promised to reward me with a cold frosty beer.  Seems like fair payment to me.


  1. I do think you are going to be on Santa's "Nice" list this year. There's a certain cat named Rascal sitting here and crying... wondering when you'll make cat treats...

    1. Hmm, I better put something together soon - I certainly don't want Spooky and Rascal upset with me.

    2. Nope... they can hold a cat grudge like nobody's business!

  2. Dylan (or Stella) has his/her own stuffie!

  3. Very thoughtful gesture, Sequoia! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving, Little Fox!

  4. Thanks, I would have sent some your way but they weren't bacon covered :)