Monday, September 26, 2016

A visit to the Oregon State Fair

Hello Blog Pals,
Time to visit the Oregon State Fair.  When is your local fair?  Do they have Provincial fairs in Canada?  Enough questions, let's get down to business.

I demanded my roommates take me to this building first (I can be very demanding when I need to).  Man, this building is going to be great.

Sooooo, apparently the poultry are only in the poultry building during the first week of the fair - no the second week (when I visited). 
Llama Llama have you ever been to the Bahamas?  Is this even a Llama (I am a city fox, not a country fox).
I think I can drive this safely.  Ok, now that I visited the agriculture exhibits it's time to see the award winning food, prizes, table settings (yes, they still have competitive table setting in Oregon), and jams. 
This was my favorite setting of tables from the fair - I wish they had real food at this competitive table setting event.
Prize cookies.  I should have invited Jerry and Ben to the fair, what was I thinking????
These cookies must be real good since they are locked up.  Oh my goodness, I should have brought the key that Jerry and Ben sent me.  It probably opens up the cookie cabinet at the fair.   Darn it!!!!!
These preserved foods look great.  Jams, honey, and other preserved foods.   Who knew the fair had so much to do.  Earlier I a stand selling chicken cheesesteaks - I think it's time for me to find it, buy a big chicken cheesesteak and wash it down with a milkshake.


  1. Looks like a fun time. Those locked-up cookies sure look tempting!!

  2. Did you play any games like win-the-stuffie?

  3. Cookie display?!?! Jerry is already looking into airline flights...

  4. Oh wow!! But seriously, competitive table setting??? We have Fall Fairs up here, and then bigger ones called Exhibitions. Don't ask me why, no idea. The VIEX, Vancouver Island Exhibition, was a few weeks ago.