Sunday, December 22, 2013

City Hike

It's Sunday and my roommates decided to take me along for a nice hike today.  We started at the hospital, they have a garden with lots of birdhouses but no birds in them today.  I hope I didn't scare them away.  Mmm, maybe I should have brought some bird seed?

The garden also had a topiary of a big bunny.  I made my roommates stop and take my picture in front of it.  I wonder if Jerry can give me any gardening advice on how to make a fox topiary in my back yard.  I think the topiary I would want would need to be a little smaller, more my size.
Next stop was the criminal justice building (don't worry I am not in trouble).  They put some artistic metal around the building to make it look nicer, I am not sure it's my style but that's ok.  What do you think?
I decided to rest in the park while my roommates took some more pictures around town.  I think this is one of those parks in the Summer that puts on free plays.  I wonder if they are doing any holiday related plays today?  Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Fox in Sox?
 Nope, my roommate said no free plays were happening today.  Rats, I guess I will just sit and stare for a while, if you look you can see city hall in the background of the second picture.  Now, my biggest accomplishment today was figuring out how to get my blog header picture a more manageable size.  Yippee, I think I did it!


  1. What a great hike! There are so many neat things to see! We do think, however, that you need some snow. Jerry thinks it would be a good idea to send you a big box of it, but Ben says you'll only get a box of water because the snow will melt....he's probably right.

  2. Hmmm, sending a box of snow is a crazy idea.....crazy enough to work! Maybe we could use a cooler instead of a box? Actually, it was pretty warm today, I think I saw a bank sign saying it was 57 degrees, normally it rains more this time of te year.

  3. 57?? Oh gosh, we have -22 wind chill today. We are staying inside with hot chocolate!

  4. -22, yikes. If you need extra supplies of hot chocolate, call me I will fed ex some to you asap.

  5. Great hike Little Fox! Is there really a movie called Fox in Sox? Or is that from Dr. Seuss???
    Yes... those blogger header pictures are a pain in the bum sometimes...

  6. Actually, now they say, -35 tonight. Too cold, even for little bears. Luckily, our sekretary has extra hot chocolate and Ben made "a few" Christmas cookies...