Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday preparations

It's that time of year....time to decorate the tree and place my roommates gifts under the tree.  Good thing I got this stool from the garage to help give me a lift.
This is a beary old ornament, it is supposed to hold a candy cane in it, I wonder if my roommates ate the candy cane?  Maybe I should buy a couple candy canes tonight. 

Time to put another one up.  I think I have too many animal ornaments. It's hard to see but this one is a reindeer, I don't even want to MIT to how many bear ornaments I have. 

All done....

Next step, I will need to get the gifts. The boxes are awfully heavy, I wonder if my friend Big Bear can help me out. He really gets into the season.  In fact he always argues with my roommates on when he can put on the Santa hat, the rule is that Big Bear can wear the Santa hat on the day after Thanksgiving. Rules are rules after all (of course Big Bear disagrees when the rule are about him). 

Now that my roommates gifts are under the tree I can't help but notice that I should make a list to fill out the rest of the tree. I should do browsing of catalogs for my own gifts.
Ooh, Chicken, that's perfect for drunk fox and I. I better get some salmon jerky for Big Bear as a thank you for helping me move the gifts under the tree. 
Beer and Velveeta?
  My owners won't buy that for me, maybe they will buy some candy instead?  Hopefully some more catalogs come tomorrow so I can continue shopping. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. It's tough for a little fox to decorate so I always enlist the help of my friends.

  2. Nice tree! I'm not sure about beer & velveeta either... sounds... interesting. Look for candied salmon!

  3. I decided to ask for more practical gifts like salmon, chicken, and candy canes.

    1. Candy canes are not practical, they are BEARY essential, hehe.