Sunday, February 2, 2014


My roommates woke me up early today and said "Get ready, were going to Stonehenge".  Now for a Little Fox who is afraid of flying internationally (I have heard horror stories of getting through customs) I was a little nervous.  Since my middle name is Adventure I figured it was worth a shot. I wonder what kind of things I should bring with me on a flight to Wiltshire England?  My roommates didn't seem too worried about packing (that's odd) and they hurried me in the car and started driving.  I started to get nervous when we drove past the airport and out toward to Columbia Gorge.  I soon realized they were talking about the OTHER Stonehenge, you know the one in Washington State, not the one in Wiltshire, England.

I haven't been to the real Stonehenge but somehow I think that you can't drive right up to it and for some reason I imagine the one in England busier...
 Recently (in the last 5 - 10 years) they started putting up wind turbines in the Gorge.  It's not too windy today.

Back in the car, where are we off to now?  It looks like the back of a winery.  What, I have to clean all of these barrels while my roommates taste wine?  No way!  I am going to explore instead. 

  Check out this old building with all of the cattle, I wonder if they tours of the ranch?

Finally, I found a place for a fox to relax.  It was beary sunny today and about 47 Fahrenheit (8.5 Celsius for my international friends).  Not bad for February 1st.  I was enjoying the view while my roommates were wine tasting.   It's no Starbucks but the view was pretty nice.
Just when I was getting restless to move on  I got a bearday surprise. My own bottle of wine to share with my roommates (I am confused since this is MY bearday gift and I am not sure why I have to share it) but it was still a beary good adventure 


  1. What a nice day out! Looks like beautiful weather too! Was there any chocolate cake to go with the wine? ...Jerry wanted to know.

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  3. Chocolate cake is a great idea....Sadly they didn't have any. Right now my roommates are making chocolate brownies for some sort of football game this afternoon.

  4. Brownies are beary good too! Yummy.

  5. Hmm.. that is beary interesting! Perhaps one day you will get the chance to see the Stonehenge in England. If you have any trouble with customs, just pretend you are a stuffed animal. That's what I do.

  6. Yes, visiting the other Stonehenge would be fun. Maybe Beanie could show me around? Good idea on pretending to be stuffed, that might work.

  7. Great adventure!! That Stonehenge looks a lot less... decrepit... than the one in England. That one has stones all fallen down and stuff like that. There is also a cool place called The White Horse which is beary nice... And Avesbury (which is sort of a mini stonehenge without all the tourists) is nice too. I can't say I have had any trouble getting through customs myself... Just smile and look cute!