Friday, February 7, 2014

Mysterious Visitor

I woke up early today to see the fresh snow from last night.  My serene snow scene included tracks...I wonder if one of my friends is going to visit today? 
Then I heard a knock on the door.  Who could it be?  It was my friend "Little Bear".  I showed him the blogs of my friends and he seems to think there is a resemblance between him,  Jerry, Ben and Sandy....after further inspection I think I see it too. Either way I brewed up some hot chocolate so he could warm up even though he is dressed for the weather today.  

 We chatted for a while and then it started to snow again.  Use West Coast animals don't really do snow very well, but my roommates walked to to the store to pick up some more hot chocolate and marshmallows for Little Bear and I .


  1. Oh, your friend does indeed look like Sandy and Jerry...we and Sandy think we are all probably cousins (and Ben adds good looking cousins too!). Glad you have enough hot chocolate stocked up, marshmallows would be beary yummy. Ben likes to put a peppermint stick in his hot chocolate to help stir it and to give it a slight peppermint flavor. Will you be watching any of the Olympics?

    1. I have been searching the Olympic listings online and I can only find when the ice skating is going to be on TV. For some reason I can't find the other listings I am interested in like snow shoveling, picnicking, team sledding and competitive hiking. Do you know when they are showing those on TV?

    2. Hehe, well Little Fox, those are the sports we proposed, but we don't think most of them are really part of the Olympics. We do enjoy the skating, as well as speed skating, bob sledding, and snow boarding. Jerry would like to try snow boarding, but Ben thinks it's a bit too dangerous for a little bear...we'd better stick to winter hiking, and competitive hibernating.

  2. Oh, that Little Bear is definitely a cousin! I think our family reunions would be beary confusing - so many little bears all wearing similar outfits.

  3. Oh my. I am beary confused now. I have trouble telling Jerry, Ben, Sandy and Little Bear apart. Maybe you need some name tags? :)