Thursday, February 6, 2014


We have had such a mild Winter that I was starting to think about what vegetables to plant in my garden this Spring.  Wait, what is this?  Is it snow?  Yipee it's snowing!

I think we have about 2 inches outside already and the forecaster said it's going to snow all night long.  I know for some of my blog pals this isn't much snow but for where I live it's a blizzard.  Will my roommates school be cancelled tomorrow?  Will he take me adventuring in the snow?  Can anyone see me, Little Fox, in this picture?


  1. brrr! good thing you have a nice coat of fur to keep you warm Little Fox

    1. Yes, the coat always helps out (and of course some hot chocolate doesn't hurt either).

  2. SNOW! It looks beary nice, hope you get a chance to make a snow Fox!

  3. Oooohhh!! That looks like quite the blizzard! It's all relative you know... when you're a little fox or a little bear, 2 inches of snow is quite deep!

  4. 2 inches of snow is deep for a little fox (as well as for people who live in my town). We are one of those towns where people abandon their cars along the side of the road in 4 inches of snow. Ahh, humans, what can you do?