Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shopping at the beach

My roommates took yesterday off from hiking (how could they?) and went shopping at Ikea instead.  I think they felt bad about leaving me at home during prime wildflower season so as a token of forgiveness they took me to the beach today.  We went browsing all of the little beach stores and found a store with some interesting stuff.
These bears look beary nice, I bet they know which stores sell fresh salmon and honey.

What kind of polite, kind, neat, personalable, friendly, sly,  overall cool animal is this????? Oh wait, it’s a fox (and some nice looking raccoons in the back).   I wonder if my roommates will secretely buy this fox and take it home to my garden.  It’s made of concrete so he is beary heavy, I will have to supervise delivery and placement in the house (or garden) if they buy him.

They didn’t buy the fox (drat) nor these gnomes but they are still beray colorful. 

After shopping and fish and chips for lunch we went to hike along the bay near the beach.  The Scotch broom was out in force and then looking at the Bay we were walking along I saw this strange setup of material in a row on the bay.  There were no clues as to what they were, my roommates think they were some sort of fishing devices but the mystery remains. 


  1. Those bears look really neat (they are no relations of ours though). That cement fox would sure look nice in your garden (and it might keep away other animals that would eat your plants)!

  2. You are so right, i bet my roommates will now get me the cement fox. I hope he wasn't snatched up by another family.......

  3. Oh, that fox looks beary nice! It would be a perfect addition to your garden - might even scare the deer away! You know... instead of a scare-crow, a scare-deer...
    Those things in the water look beary strange... best guess... oyster farm.

  4. Oyster farm, ah yes that makes sense. I told my roommates to swim out there and get a closer look, needless to say it didn't happen.

  5. That is a beary cool picture of two handsome foxes. You could get a big one and a little one; give the big one to Drunk Fox and keep the little one for you.

    1. Ajdin, getting TWO foxes, what a smart idea. Maybe, I could even get my roommates to contact a sculptor to do a statue of Drunk Fox and I for the backyard (or a museum....)