Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Double?

I have heard everyone has a "double" out there in the world, that is someone who looks just like them.  I couldn't help but notice that Jerry and Ben's double might be Sandy and Sebastain.  My roommates probably have doubles but I wanted to introduce my double instead of bore everyone with information about my roommates (although I am getting strange looks as I dictate this post to my roommate right now....hmm)

It seems my double has a job in TV.  This shot is of him on Grey's Anatomy a show I really need to start watching more of.....

This shot is from Castle (apparently Foxes do more work for shows on ABC than other networks).  Here Drunk Foxes double and my double are hanging out on set with a bunch of other stuffies.  I know it's not the most flattering picture of Drunk Fox and I but I hear that is how showbiz sometimes goes.

Do you think that we need an agent?


  1. Wow! Good eyes for spotting that double in Gray's Anatomy! I have to say... the Drunk Fox double looks a bit well-fed in that other show. Hmmm... maybe there are clones of us out there!

  2. I once heard something that the camera adds 10 pounds (or about 4.5 kg) to an actor. Maybe that's why he seems more "well-fed"

  3. Little Fox, I think you and Drunk Fox should head to Honeywood!