Monday, August 25, 2014

Kansas City Adventure

Hello Blog Pals......we made it safely to Kansas City.  The plane ride was great even though the pilots did not let me fly the plane but they got us there safely so that's OK too.

Our first day we explored the Alexander Major's house.  For those of you who didn't study Missouri history (which I assume is everyone) Mr. Major's was the founder of the Pony Express and gave Wild
Bill his first job ever.  Currently, I am sitting in a standard mail coach from the time and if I had my team of horses lined up I would be ready to deliver the mail.

His office and house was pretty cool.  He had a barn with an old fashioned mail coach.  I think I could have gotten a job as a mail carrier way back when.

This saddle is not my sized (that's for sure) but us foxes are beary good at staying on horses and working around animals so I don't even think I would need a saddle, especially as you can tell I am having a hard time staying on it.

Mr. Major's house was pretty impressive.  I am hanging out on the spice rack here.  I wonder if they have any chicken or fish seasoning?

The kitchen is primitive to say the least.  I guess it got the job done.  Hmm, now that I think about it I wonder where the bathrooms are?  Maybe I shouldn't think about that.

The guide at the Major's house let me take lots of pictures and he was beary knowledgeable.  He even gave me this cultural guide to KC and stamped it.  I have a few more stamps to get on my KC passport.

I got some snacks and treats at the Quik Trip.  Have you ever been there before?  They have all sorts of goodies like pizza, hot chocolate, muffins, coffee, slushy drinks, and all sorts of different sizes (perfect for a little fox).  It helped me gear up for my next days adventure.
Harry Truman, our 33rd president, was born and raised in Independence Missouri.  It was time to explore Independence to see what I could learn about Mr. Truman.  The first thing I noticed is that he is beary tall. 

His house is in beary good condition.  Apparently, they built the fence around his house so people could not disturb his family when he was visiting.  I could sneak in the fence but my roommates certainly would not be able to follow and take any pictures.

In the garage in the distance you can see his car.  It is on jacks so I am not sure if it gets driven much anymore (it is from ancient times....1972).

The next day I decided to take a tour at the coffee roasting factory (note: they do coffee only, no hot chocolate...sigh).  It's not Starbucks but I did learn lots about coffee and they gave a beary good tour.

They gave lots of free samples and let us explore their production floor.  I tried to see if they had any free samples for me to take back home, sadly you had to buy those samples on your own.

I did learn how to taste test coffee.  It involves lots of slurping and you can't add cream or sugar to it either.  Once you slurp your coffee then you get to write notes on it indicating your thoughts, dreams, and just kidding you write notes about the coffee.

Wow, who would have guessed that there was so much to do in Kansas City, MO (we didn't even explore Kansas City, KS).  I need a nap, hmmm this dog looks friendly.  Being that we are both part of the canine family I think we are going to be good friends.  I wonder if she likes to hike?

I woke up from my nap and my roommates had my bag packed and told me it was time to go home.  We had a good flight from KC to California and a 3 hour layover in San Francisco.  I think I will explore the Ghiradelli shop, since according to this sign it's beary close. I wonder if they have any hot chocolate for sale?


  1. What a great adventure! Looks like you saw some wonderful sites! Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Thanks there was a lot of fun things to do in KC? It's kind of close to you two, have you ever been there? They have lots of BBQ which I bet Ben would like and a great park system with a ton of fountains and flowers which I imagine Jerry might enjoy.

    2. We have never been there. We do like BBQ though. Ben's favorite sauce to use is Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ yummy.

  2. Great adventure Little Fox - you took some great photos and it looks like you saw quite a bit, although I'm sure there is even more to see. That Roastery looked pretty interesting. Too bad they didn't have free hot chocolate samples!

  3. What a fun trip Little Fox. I have never been there before. It looks like you made a new canine friend - what was his/her name? Maybe the fox and the hound can be friends after all.