Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grand Teton + Information on Potatoes

After spending a few days in Yellowstone my roommates and I headed south to Grand Teton National Park to meet up with some of my roommates family. 
Hey, what is this????   Why aren't I in this picture????

This is better.

 It’s hard to beat the scenery at Grand Teton.  The mountains don’t have any foothills for some reason, when I asked my roommate why he just stared at me blankly. I will have to find a ranger to find the answer to my question.  Another cool thing about Grand Teton is that they have all of these lakes in front of the mountains so it’s beary scenic.  I even saw patches of snow on the ground at places (I should have asked Sebastian to fly out and visit me).  

This area is called Mormon Row, apparently because Mormon settlers settled it around 1850.  They were some of the few homesteaders who had success farming this region.
Again, where am I?  I might have to go on strike and protest!!!
Excuse the short interuption in this blog as I gently remind my sekrebeary that this is MY blog.  Any stuffies have suggestions to deal with difficult sekrebearies who don't want to follow the rules?

Ok after a long reminder of who is in charge I think my sekrebeary is back on the plan.

Not as much hiking as a little fox would prefer but there were other options out there.  I tried my hand at riding a bike it was beary difficult to focus on the trail and the scenery at the same time.  Of course if there was a bike that was my size it might have been easier.  

 I decided to hitch a ride in my roommates backpack.  The cool thing about biking was that I got to see more scenery than I would have normally seen on foot.  This might be a new avenue for me to explore…

We spent some time in Yellowstone as well as Grand Teton.  The parks share borders so an admission to one gets you in the other as well.  Here is a standard tourist shot of me handing out at Old Faithful.  

After watching the geyser I hit the bar for a drink and ironically the bar is called the “Bear Pit”.  It was a cool place I should have asked the bartender about holding the Stuffy convention there.

I was able to finagle a hike in.  This hike was not beary different.  I took a ski gondola up the mountain  (since foxes don’t really ski I am not sure of the proper name of the contraption) and hiked down.  This is the life!!!!  
 The flowers were out in full force.
It was time to start heading home.  I did one quick stop at the Idaho Potato Museum.  

Hanging around the scale at the museum.
My roommate worked in Eastern Washington and swears that the area he worked in Washington produces more potatoes than Idaho…..luckily he kept his comments to himself at the museum.  Besides the monster potato in front of the museum each guest got a free box of hash brown potatoes as part of their admission.  

****Note****I did some research and found out that Washington grows 21% of the potatoes for the US market while Idaho grows 28% of potatoes for the US.  Now that you know more about potato production than you probably ever wanted to know I promise not to have my roommate ever bring up this subject  again.



  1. Beautiful photos Little Fox! We need to visit there one day.

  2. Thanks guys. You should definitely plan a visit sometime. By the way thanks for the map and card. I didn't know there is so much to do in Minnesota. I need to visit there myself.

  3. What great pictures Little Fox. My mom went there many years ago before she adopted me. I think she should go there again and bring me this time.

    P.S. I like potatoes beary much.

  4. I am glad to hear you like potatoes, me too!

    I definately think you mom should take you there (perhaps she can take the whole gang as long as well). I am sure there would be many ponds for Ooogie to hang out in, lots of areas for Uncle Tibbs, Daisy, and you to explore.

  5. Oh, Mama says the Grand Tetons are amazing. Although she didn't know there was a gondola. The flowers look beary beautiful. She says she was there in May one year (back in the Middle Ages) and there was still snow on the ground in places. Nice to see that Old Faithful put on a performance for you!

    1. Old faithful finally performed, when I was at Yellowstone in 09 (not 1909) Old Faithful was pretty pitiful. That same year I got to go to Glacier NP (have you been to Waterton NP in Canada??) and I ran into a good deal of snow on the trail.

    2. Ah yes... it can be pitiful sometimes... Mama was there in '91... a beary long time ago - like... the last century! Heh-heh...

      No, haven't been to Waterton but it is supposed to be gorgeous!