Friday, August 22, 2014

Plane trip part two...

I got excited to see this plane coming into the gate.....I wonder if we are going to Switzerland????
  The mystery was finally solved, my roommates pointed to this schedule and I found out we are going to Kansas City, MO!  Huh, Kansas City?  Really?

After I mentioned to my roommates that there were many other cities to visit (I have been to Kansas City once before my blogging days) I succumbed to the fact that I wasn't going to have a say in where we went (typical of my roommates) and settled myself into the plane for the flight to KC.


  1. Kansas City??? While I would never have guessed that one! At least at the end of it, you can use that famous phrase "We ain't in Kansas no more"... no wait... Kansas City isn't in Kansas is it? Or... is it? Hmmm... beary confusing. Have fun! Maybe you'll got and see a baseball game!

  2. It does get tricky in Kansas City since there is a Kansas City, MO and a Kansas City, KS. They are right next to each other - luckily my navigators are skilled and got me around without problems.

  3. Little Fox, I think you could have snuck onto another flight. An international flight would have been an interesting adventure. You know, keep that in mind for next time. Just hop into a passer-by's backpack.

    1. That's a great idea but then if I leave my roommates who will snap pictures of me on vacation? Maybe I should learn to take selfies.