Saturday, November 29, 2014

Off to the beach....

It’s Saturday and I am finally getting an adventure.  I didn't get to go shopping on Friday and mysteriously all the turkey is gone as well.  For a fox, my Thanksgiving has been meager and bleak but today the weather is supposed to be beary sunny today on the coast so my roommates packed a lunch and we set off to find the sun.  

Huh, this seems odd, snow?  Ok, so we have to go over a pass to get to the beach but it’s only 1,500 feet or so, not beary tall.  There sure seems to be lots of snow for late November.  Actually, it was beary peaceful and a light snow…..not like the blizzard conditions my friends Jerry and Ben  experience.  If you look hard you can see the sun off in the distance.
My coat is all shiny.  Yes, I did get a wash in the washing machine after my roommates dropped me in the mud last weekend.
The weather at the beach was amazing.  Sunny outside, not too windy and not too cold.

Sunny but no swimming today, way too cold. 

Sequoia came along, as you can see I got a quick picture of him kind-of facing the camera.  Not perfect but better.

My training with Sequoia is paying off.
I was kind of hoping for a colder experience that way I could convince my roommates for a hot chocolate at an independent coffee shop, this beach town is one of the few deprived areas that doesn’t have a starbucks.  My roommates said “no” and treated me to spinach dip instead.  Really, spinach dip?  Little do they know I have secret stashes of hot chocolate, left over whipped cream from Thanksgiving and peppermint sticks at home so I can have a nice treat when I get back. 


  1. There was a bit of snow up here too! Vancouver apparently got a few inches but we saw the lightest dusting. Sequoia looks beary attentive - I wonder if he's in line for a treat? Speaking of which... while spinach dip can be beary yummy, I don't think it ranks up there as a hot chocolate substitute! Good thing you have supplies stashed away.

    1. Our snow was typical Oregon snow. It snowed, stuck on the trees then a few hours later it was gone.

      I have learned over the year it's good to have supplies of hot chocolate stored away in the Winter and lemonade stored away in the Summer.

  2. Lack of chocolate justifies "certain antics of a disruptive kind", if you get my meaning.....!!

  3. Is it just me, or does Sequoia have a big grin on his face?

  4. Yes, he was a beary happy dog at the beach. Beary happy indeed!

  5. Oh this snow is so pretty! You should get a hot chocolate! I think fluffies should always have hot chocolate, even in the summer!