Friday, February 13, 2015

Mail Call....

Ah, finally the weekend and my roommates got around to opening my mail.  Paws don't make it easy to open mail so I am often at the mercy of my roommates and their kindness.

I had lots of mail to sift through.  First, I see the signature mark of two little bears.  But wait, two cards?   Why is that?
 Aha, one is for Valentine's Day and the other must be.....oh wait??? Yes, it's for my birthday.
The card on the left is my Valentine's Day card and the one on the right is my bearday card.  Thanks guys.  I was afraid that maybe Jerry and Ben would be sending me snow in the mail  It was 60 degrees yesterday, beary warm for a Northwest Winter.  
Nest up is a package from Ajdin.  This magnet is going on my fridge and the business card is beary professional Ajdin.  Nicely done.  I am so excited about the magnet, this is the first thing I have ever won.
Last but not least I (Ok, all of us stuffies and Sequoia) got a nice Valentine's Day card from my Grandmother.  I also got a great bookmark so I can keep track of the pages I read in my travel books.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Glad the cards arrived! We are supposed to get some more snow! Luckily we have plenty of hot chocolate!

  2. Cool! Stuffy mail is great - especially when it comes with stickers. I hope you got out for a few hikes in celebration of your bearth-day... By the way... did you know there is a fox in the movie, Wild??? Maybe that is all the encouragement your roommates need to take you to it!