Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day weekend exploration

I hope everyone had a beary relaxing Valentine’s Day weekend.  I got to take a training trip (my roommates wanted to see how Sequoia would act in a motel overnight) so we went about four hours south to find a place to stay.  Update:  Sequoia did well, but we stayed on the bottom floor and the footsteps upstairs aggravated him so we learned that we might want to stay on the top floor instead of the bottom.  I see a lot of traveling in his future…

Our first stop was at a winery and sheep pasture.  The farm had lots of cute sheep hanging around and eating the weeds near the grapes.  The wine was beary good and the sheep were beary cute as well.   
There were some black sheep playing but being typical black sheep they didn't pose for any pictures with me. 

Next stop was a short hike to stretch Sequoia’s legs.  We went on a river trail around a large park.  The winter has been beary mild, in fact the wildflowers were starting to peek out (daffodils are already blooming).  I hope my friends on the East Coast and the Midwest have lots of hot chocolate stashed away for the cold weather you often get.
After a relaxing hike, my roommates wanted to see another winery.  This one had lots of land (you know for grapes) and they decided to get a glass to enjoy outside in the sun.  Sequoia got a chance to get out of the car and explore the winery (on leash of course) but he was very intrigued by the pack of turkeys wandering through the grapes.  I am just going to sip, relax, and repeat. 
Hmm, I might need a straw.

After the winery, on our way back we came across this little restaurant.  I put my paw down and made sure my roommates stopped so I could explore.  I got my picture taken, they didn’t even let me go in.  Hmph!

Looks like a fun place and the hours are great!

Come on.....can't we PLEAAAAAAAAAASE go in?

Day two: 
Time to head back home but my roommates must have been feeling bad for not letting me explore the Fox Den so I got to go on a nice hike.  I am excited because I feel I have some good pictures for Julie Jane’s contest (have you sent your pictures in?). 

Which way are we going?  Tough call.

Our hike started out in the fog as we went through a clearing with some old oak trees. 
Should I send this one in?

The uphill section of the hike was nicely forested.  It was foggy when we started the hike but we figured it was early in the day that the fog might lift.
Made it to the top. 
It's like I am floating on air. 
Relaxing at the top.  Who brought the snacks?.

Three Sisters (the mountains....not people)  in background.  

Sequoia made it up without problems and we got this shot before he turned away or I fell down from the wind.
Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day weekend, stuffies and seKrebearies alike.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. Did Drunk Fox go with you? I'm sure he would have liked the wine...

  2. No drunk fox stayed at home, we try to keep him out of the wine. The weather was in the 50s, great for Winter. I hope you are staying away from all the cold weather I hear about in the NE part of the USA.

  3. Beautiful scenery! We are so jealous because our only scenery is snow! snow, snow and more snow. That Fox Den looks really fun!

    1. I wish my roommates let me go inside and hang out....sigh

  4. Little Fox, are you floating on the side of that wine glass? how did it not tip over and spill all over you? I have been examining the photo for quite some time now.

    1. I guess I am light on my paws, after looking at the picture I am not sure how I managed that :)

  5. Excellent adventure!! You look like you were doing a bit of levitation there... maybe you have a hidden magician within you?

    1. Magician, (stars in a little foxes eyes) maybe I should move to Las Vegas and start doing magic on the street?

    2. But of course... you have the black cape and the eyebrows to go with it... I can see it now... Count Foxula the Wondrous!