Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A little adventure

Have you ever been to the biggest building in Tillamook, Oregon?  Well, if you were to ask me that question a few days ago I would have said "no" until my latest adventure.

What do you store in the biggest building in a small town?
Fine Wine?

When the building was built during WWII it housed blimps, yes blimps.  Now a-days the building is home to the air museum.  I would consider this a "museum in progress" as they are working to build their collection.  

The first plane I explored actually let you go inside the plane.  It was a cargo plane used for transporting some sort of cargo.  Probably fresh smoked salmon from Alaska. 
You could sure fit a lot of salmon in here. 
Besides the large cargo plane they had some smaller planes on display too.
This one looks in good shape.  Now how do I convince my roommates I need to take flying lessons?

Does everyone remember Jerry and Ben's friend Karl the University student from Canada?  I believe he was studying "Arctic Studies" at some college way up north in Canada.  I bet this plane is used in his universities fleet to study about the Arctic. 

Unfortunately the sun didn't cooperate for my photos but the plane says "arctic research laboratory"
Who knew a town known for it's cheese also had a nice little  museum.  Speaking of cheese I am off to the factory for some free samples....


  1. Great museum! We are pretty sure that Karl uses such a plan or air service to get back home back in the artic!

  2. That makes sense, I bet his plane has skis on it instead of wheels. Happy (early) Labor Day.

  3. Cool! That will probably be a neat place once they get some more planes. You've been to the cheese museum, right? Were you going to share any samples with your stuffie pals??